Dr. Phil's Hilariously Terrible Interview
Dr Phils Hilariously Terrible Interview

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GrayWoIf : Phil over here making a 1000 word essay

Rooney Duncan : "When you swung that hammer for the first time, did you swing it hard?" "No sir, I swung it flaccid at first."

Josh : Gus is the only person I've ever seen who can talk about a boy murdering his mother and make me laugh out loud.

QueenWizzard : Dr Phil: *says anything* The kid that killed his mom with a sledgehammer using a sledgehammer that was heavy from the garage that was 3-5 pounds: *nods head*

Axe Avier : What brand is the sledge hammer? When you lifted the sledge hammer, was it heavy on one side? Did it feel like tipping? Was the handle made out of oak? Pine? Did you do the scratch and sniff test before picking out the sledge hammer so it would match your preference in wood? When you beat your mother with the sledge hammer, did you use the end with just the stick or the hammer? When you beat her, did you hold the hammer portion or the handle? Lastly, when she died, was she dead? Did you kill the corpse of your mother?

Jaycie Seland : “Placenta dripping off his stache” wow Gus thanks for that imagery!!!

TheGreat WhiteMoose : I placed my Penis in Gus's hand for validation. Thanks Gus. :)

Fishum : This sounds like Phil is a full time murderer talking to his murderer friends for the details.

Joy Banks : This interview made me think of how Dr Phil always asks people how they are but really we should be asking if Dr Phil is ok.

DoseofJoseph : Lmfao just casually plays congratulations by post Malone on the piano at 6:48 without looking 😂😂😂

Laney Spencer : "KILLS his mother with a sledge hammer... she doesn't make it"

Allyson Kochevar : So he just gonna flex on us and play congratulations with his eyes closed huh

MangaAdore : 8:54 god damn that heavenly voice Gus.

Lukey Firsty : When you’re so frustrated you play the chorus to Congratulations by Post Malone

Ben - : Dr Phil tryna write a Dr Seuss poem. 'Did you see her on the bed?" 'Did you swing it over your head?'

Raysofmarie Here : I almost had to leave cause this was so creepy, but the “congratulations,” break made it WORTY IT 😂

Hannah McGlynn : He’s actually doing a very common psychology technique. They use it to see if there’s any sense of remorse

Emmanuelly Loyola : Gus tapped a microphone to a microphone. THIS is the the quality content I subscribed for

Amy Overby : when you rubbed your mustache on that mic I unsubscribed immediately. it's been a fun few years but that was the last straw for me. goodbye.

Your_Pal_Tom : god i thought i was hallucinating he said "shut your eyes Thomas" (if you haven't guessed my name is Thomas) (#SledgeHammerMurder)

lll•A_German_Ewok•lll : Jeffery Dahmer and Dr. Phil had a son years ago. And it was you.

UwU_princess : Can we get some more mustache ASMR

Dan : wow that was a good cover of post malone on the piano

GrayEruanna : You look like what DrPhil would look like if he wasn’t born over 40

Mark Wildt : Judging by the picture, it was clearly an 8lbs sledge...

Matt Ruetz : I was eating hummus with my bare hands and now my screen has multiple high-five prints. Thanks a lot Gus Johnson

corngrohlio : "Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer came down on her head

Michael Bernard : The killer sounds like Matthew Mcconaughey in his Lincoln commercials

Nicklas Wallen : you taped a mic ... to a mic?

ngwoo : Why did you kill her that night? Why didn't you kill her a week earlier? LIKE WE AGREED AHEAD OF TIME

Brayden Beauchamp : I wish I was this casually awesome at playing piano. Practice makes perfect I suppose!

Preston Sparks : That was actually pretty cool, how you played the piano without looking. Just saying Gus.

Leslie : I can say with 100% certainty that the kid has the same voice as my sleep paralysis demon

DoctorJeb : Gus playing congratulations with his eyes closed might’ve been the hardest flex I’ve ever seen

Mountain Man : who else actually high fived him

Math Desm : These neon shorts need to be placed under witness protection program

Ellie W : *Gus having a mental breakdown for 15 minutes*

WoollyOne : _plays Post Malone - Congratulations on electric piano in discomfort_


Emma Campbell : I had to VIOLENTLY RIP my earbuds out of my ears when you started scrubbing your mustache on the mic

Connor Coulson : Dr Phil ASMR, didn't know I wanted that. I still don't want that.

Vaucha Mach : Kid: *murders mother with a hammer for no good reason* Phil: what is there something wrong with you or something?

Mike Custalow : Please tell me that I'm not the only one who "placed my hand for validation"......

MarbleSwan666 : Im dyslexic when im tired, i though this was about dr phil doing a terrible game review

Nick Corso : Gus actually really does look like Jeffery Dahmer it's insane

Devasta The Seeker : It sounds like he's doing phone sex. "How heavy is it? How hard did you hit her?"

SettledEagle : The part where he just spends like 20 seconds playing congratulations by post Malone lmao

Veridian : Gus needs to make more videos like this, this was golden

Yolk • : Man shaggy didn't age well