Dr. Phil's Hilariously Terrible Interview

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Chris Ray Gun : You are great at this, and you should absolutely do this more.

Emirichu : I keep switching between being incredibly uncomfortable from Phil's terrible questions and ugly-laughing from your commentary, this was a wild ride.

AmyOverby : when you rubbed your mustache on that mic I unsubscribed immediately. it's been a fun few years but that was the last straw for me. goodbye.

Conscious Robot : My God that's a creepy kid. The dead look in his eyes and demonic voice are just disturbing.

ASMR Bro : If this guy had less hair, he’d actually look similar to doctor Phil...

Smiley the Smile : "Did you kill your mom?" "Yes." "So is she dead?" "Yes." "Did she leave behind a corpse?"

Taila Blu : I just wanted to say that I placed my hand there for validation

GrayEruanna : You look like what DrPhil would look like if he wasn’t born over 40

MultiWerewolf11 : There was actually a point to it: The whole point was to show the mannerisms of someone who’s not mentally aware. In another episode/clip Philly Slick reviews the interview HIMSELF and analyzes the behaviors of the guy. He explains why the dude laughs, why he nods weirdly, why he talks that way, as well as why Dr. Slick himself is prodding with the questions.

Sailor Sister : This is alot coming from someone who looks like dr phils little brother.

Sloth Dive : "Hey man, hit me in the arm as hard as you hit your mom with that sledgehammer"

Reklaw333999 : *plays congratulations in frustration*

MrSuckySucky : You grinding your mustache on the mic gave me a stiffy.

FannyPackZack : you look like dr phil with hair

Justin : I actually high-fived and fist-bumped the screen. Really enjoyed this content, Gus. Hope you make more like this. I don’t think you’re copying anyone’s style with this sort of reactionary content (like H3H3), I thought it was original and funny because they were your thoughts. That mustache mic-rub and keyboard parts were particularly good stuff lol

Melissa-Marie Waithera : I think in some distorted way, Dr.Phil was trying to bring the kid back to the reality of what he had done by asking him all these detailed questions. The sound, the weight of the murder weapon, the memory of his mother and what she was doing...etc, because he seems very detached. To kill someone so crudely must be a big sign of just emptiness and severe detachment from the situation, or a rage that caused him to become an animal in the moment...it must have been traumatic and blocked from his mind in order for him to be able to get through day to day, and so the questions in the interview are being used to conjure up those buried memories and feelings. It's important to also understand the mind of a murderer.

SweetIvory 1203 : When you started play congratulations 😂😂😂

Mr.Official : He's a phycologist, the questions may seem stupid but the answers he's getting are way more important than you think, he's getting into this boys head, this is what we do to find out more about killers to later on detect deceiving members of a different case.

Scott Short : I think my boi phill has some, uh.... weird fetishes

Lukey Firsty : When you’re so frustrated you play the chorus to Congratulations by Post Malone

Dylan Stewart : While I can appreciate the comedic take you brought to the video (for real you are hilarious), I hope in seriousness you can see that you were framing the interview in an incorrect context. You seemed to be under the impression that the interview was journalistic, when that's not Dr. Phil's profession; he's a psychologist. The guy had already been arrested and tried in a court of law and convicted, so all of the journalistic approach that Dr. Phil could have done would have just been redundant as the public already has access to the facts presented. His job is to delve into someones psyche, place himself within the mind of the subject, walking through the thoughts and reasoning of a person, in order to gain some sort of insight into what things seemed to be the most causal to bringing about an action or behavior of an individual; something that can be extremely uncomfortable in a case such as this when you are dealing with a clearly psychopathic person, but I believe still has some amount of value as far as how we understand the mind. Knowing the premeditation that occurs before someone commits an act of such brutality needs to be examined, and it's thanks to those who have had the proper training and gifted ability to be able to analyze the minds of killers such as these, and have the stomach for it, that we know as much as we do today about the human psyche. Of course it's going to be uncomfortable, we have never contemplated murder of our mother and took steps to carry it out; all the questions seem to be irrelevant to us because we aren't in their world. TL;DR I think you are being a bit disingenuous or slightly ignorant about the purpose of the interview, the man was found guilty, we didn't need Dr. Phil to go over, extract a confession, then tell him what he did was wrong. All that's been done already in court. Dr. Phil is a psychologist, not a journalist, so I would not expect the interview to be journalistic

Luff : Hes trying to make him relive the moment to read how much sympathy he has about the situation. Psychologists do this to see if they may be insane. Hes just trying to read him.

Chris Kogos : Keep making these this was entertaining!

JoueurZero : 8:41 Careful now you're pulling a Dave Chappelle over here

Taylor Nelson : 31 seconds in i subscribed lmao

Mike Custalow : Please tell me that I'm not the only one who "placed my hand for validation"......

WESLEY ROLLINS : This isn't a normal interview.. dr Phil is trying to find what was going through the head of a guy who killed his own mother... This requires really precise and specific questions to know how he thinks, not how he goes about his daily life.

Evanz111 : Your channel is definitely going to be in the gold play button range soon.

WoollyOne : _plays Post Malone - Congratulations on electric piano in discomfort_

KamiNoBaka : I really don't see anything wrong with this interview. He's trying to get to the kid's emotions and get him to open up about the event. These questions are pretty normal for that purpose. This is exactly what I'd expect from a clinical psychologist like Dr. Phil conducting an interview. Remember, he's not a journalist. These criticisms would be valid if he were. As it is, we're basically watching an attempt at a therapy session here.

TheWastedViking : The psycho: Excuse am I the Psycho or you Dr.?

Alec Samberg : Yea this is good, do more of it. You're a fun guy to watch.

John Smith : Brofist! Of course 100% ironic fist action, not serious. 👊👊👊

Veridian : Gus needs to make more videos like this, this was golden

Froggo Doggo : Please keep doing this!!! I love it!

Ultra Nerd : #SledgeHammerMurder

Lance : I just knocked my $500 dell s2716dgr monitor off my table and broke the screen validating your high five. FML.

Tyron : Gus were you playing congratulations by posty when he asked what the sound was?

abelina sabrina : *#moustachemurder*

I_TOOK_ UR_WALLET : The questions he's asking are to get into his head and figure out what's going on with his brain. Anything you can get him to vocalize tells you about his mental health

Robb Keele : When the good Doc asks, "What did it sound like?" Clearly asking to find out if the kid has any empathy. Zero empathy = clearly crazy. Reasonable question.

Bree Metallica : This is the most beautiful video I have ever watched

phat cat mouse killer : You are great at commentary you should think about doing it professionally it would be way more interesting watching you then all these jackasses on TV

Michael Jae : 6:43 banging on the piano turns into Post Malone's _Congratulations_ and it's low key fire, Im impressed

LJ Weber : This is my 3rd time watching it within a week I can't get enough of it

Haven Pie : Please do more stuff like this, tbh I'll stay subsrcirbed but this is the stuff I will actually watch lmao

Dajju Kunrama : That kid plays in the 1970 Steelers

Olivia Nava : I liked this, I would love to see more!! ☺️

Beef Stew : Damn, Dr. Phil a sledge snob.