Dr. Phil's Hilariously Terrible Interview

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Smiley the Smile : "Did you kill your mom?" "Yes." "So is she dead?" "Yes." "Did she leave behind a corpse?"

Lizzie Mich : The questions are meant to trigger a reaction from the boy by making him intensely remember the situation, so he can be observed to see if he's disasoiciating, enjoying the memories, becoming upset, not feeling etc. The reaction would be able to lead to a diagnosis. It should be done by an actual phycologist though, in an isolated room, and not on national television, or the results are fairly useless.

Mrs. Chanandler Bong : I'd like to point out the singing at 8:50 was actually in tune and really quite good.

Nicklas Wallen : you taped a mic ... to a mic?

Wilbert Geirson : "Hit me on the arm as hard as you killed your mom with the sledgehammer" is somehow THE FUNNIEST THING ive heard in days i can not stop replaying that part

Chris Ray Gun : You are great at this, and you should absolutely do this more.

Emilio Bankier : While I admit that the questions are strange and stupid at times, as someone who has studied criminal psychology, this is exactly how who would interview a violent and insane person. It may see boring and pointless questioning but what Dr. Phil is doing is a highly effective routine in interrogation. These things aren't meant to be televised or published, but to be used when interrogating someone who is violent and clinically insane. Its prett funny though when put up this way with idiotic hashtags end editing.

stxrfish : Now "I think Dr Phil just sorta squeeshed out of his mom's uterus bald and sweaty with placenta dripping from his stash wanting to help America's youth" is my new favorite sentence. Thank you.

Jake Duncan : "When you swung that hammer for the first time, did you swing it hard?" "No sir, I swung it flaccid at first."

DRAWLIN : you look like a 20 year old dr phill

AmyOverby : when you rubbed your mustache on that mic I unsubscribed immediately. it's been a fun few years but that was the last straw for me. goodbye.

Clifford Bowe : The reveal of the orange shorts was truly amazing

Daaraofthegesert : As cringey as this looks this is really how psych interviews are. They’re even more painful to do lmao

Mr Stream Manager : Place your hand here for #sledgehammermurder

QueenWizzard : Dr Phil: *says anything* The kid that killed his mom with a sledgehammer using a sledgehammer that was heavy from the garage that was 3-5 pounds: *nods head*

WoollyOne : _plays Post Malone - Congratulations on electric piano in discomfort_

Clrrox : You taped your 2$ mic to a super expensive mic This is the smartest thing I've ever seen

Hustle : It does sound pretty stupid on the surface, but you have to realize he is dealing with a psychopath. Most of these questions are psychological questions, they seem common on the surface, but have a deeper reason for their use than our first impressions.

TC Fletcher : Some premium ASMR content awaits with that mustache.

Cupofjoe : Your like h3h3 back when they we're good

Veridian : Gus needs to make more videos like this, this was golden

The Robby BopBop Channel : I have to point out that at the beginning when Dr Phil asks if he killed his mom there’s a whisper that says, “It wasn’t me.”

Ollie : I love that distressed keyboard playing.

Fanny Evelina : how have i just found you?? this is the funniest shit I’ve watched in so long

BucketDwarf : I’m sorry but I actually high fived the screen...

Justin : I actually high-fived and fist-bumped the screen. Really enjoyed this content, Gus. Hope you make more like this. I don’t think you’re copying anyone’s style with this sort of reactionary content (like H3H3), I thought it was original and funny because they were your thoughts. That mustache mic-rub and keyboard parts were particularly good stuff lol

Dylan Stewart : While I can appreciate the comedic take you brought to the video (for real you are hilarious), I hope in seriousness you can see that you were framing the interview in an incorrect context. You seemed to be under the impression that the interview was journalistic, when that's not Dr. Phil's profession; he's a psychologist. The guy had already been arrested and tried in a court of law and convicted, so all of the journalistic approach that Dr. Phil could have done would have just been redundant as the public already has access to the facts presented. His job is to delve into someones psyche, place himself within the mind of the subject, walking through the thoughts and reasoning of a person, in order to gain some sort of insight into what things seemed to be the most causal to bringing about an action or behavior of an individual; something that can be extremely uncomfortable in a case such as this when you are dealing with a clearly psychopathic person, but I believe still has some amount of value as far as how we understand the mind. Knowing the premeditation that occurs before someone commits an act of such brutality needs to be examined, and it's thanks to those who have had the proper training and gifted ability to be able to analyze the minds of killers such as these, and have the stomach for it, that we know as much as we do today about the human psyche. Of course it's going to be uncomfortable, we have never contemplated murder of our mother and took steps to carry it out; all the questions seem to be irrelevant to us because we aren't in their world. TL;DR I think you are being a bit disingenuous or slightly ignorant about the purpose of the interview, the man was found guilty, we didn't need Dr. Phil to go over, extract a confession, then tell him what he did was wrong. All that's been done already in court. Dr. Phil is a psychologist, not a journalist, so I would not expect the interview to be journalistic

Isabella Mora : He looks like Dwight Shrute with the glasses on lol I’m scared 😂

lllEwoklll : Jeffery Dahmer and Dr. Phil had a son years ago. And it was you.

Big Moist : Dr Phill: Do you know what was going through your moms head when you entered the room Me: The sledge hammer.......

Lukey Firsty : When you’re so frustrated you play the chorus to Congratulations by Post Malone

Nibba 6972 : Am I the only one who found the questions totally normal ? Guess I've read too much Dostoevsky.

Averxyn : I placed my hand there for validation.

stratae : Kid: Crushes mother's skull with sledge hammer. Dr. Phil: Do you need help? Is there something wrong with the way you think? Nah mate I'm sure we've all been there after waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

KamiNoBaka : I really don't see anything wrong with this interview. He's trying to get to the kid's emotions and get him to open up about the event. These questions are pretty normal for that purpose. This is exactly what I'd expect from a clinical psychologist like Dr. Phil conducting an interview. Remember, he's not a journalist. These criticisms would be valid if he were. As it is, we're basically watching an attempt at a therapy session here.

abelina sabrina : *#moustachemurder*

Tobias Zauzig : tbh a lot of the questions were important to understand what's going on in the dudes head, they were just horribly worded. Like instead of asking "Why not kill her a week earlier?", he could have asked "Was there a specific reason why you killed her in this exact night?".

Julianna Kopa : Who else placed their hand there for validation?

Gabriel Walsh : who else high fived him

Matt Ruetz : I was eating hummus with my bare hands and now my screen has multiple high-five prints. Thanks a lot Gus Johnson

Conscious Robot : My God that's a creepy kid. The dead look in his eyes and demonic voice are just disturbing.

LK 66 : 0:10 this triggered flashbacks to the scene in toy story where Sid tapes Buzz to the firework.

Roar Roon : I am Thomas but I had my eyes closed already

amelie and madeline yee : Phil's eyes r burning with a passion only a killer could possess

Emma Brass : How did you make something so awful relatively funny?

Beef Stew : Damn, Dr. Phil a sledge snob.

GrayWoIf : Phil over here making a 1000 word essay

Rachel Wharton : I came into this expecting to enjoy a good roast, but then I read the comments explaining what Dr. Phil is really doing, and all I wanted was a correct, in depth explanation of all of the psychological things going on in that clip, and all of the sudden the definitionally ignorant commentary seemed like a rude interruption. I feel kinda blue balled. Edit: As previously stated, I do love a good roast, and I’m sure you’re great at talking smack, but in the future, making sure that what you’re calling stupid is in fact, stupid, will make you look a lot less.. stupid :)