"Forking" Pigs as a Restraint Technique

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epSos.de : This is *like a preview trailer* before they get eaten with the same forks :-) I wonder if they also like massages with brooms, like the elephants do.

heek40 : This girl is getting forked just for fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Viktor Olofsson : I usually wait until I've cooked them, but hey! If you want to fork the pork, be my guest!

David Andersson : Pig.exe stopped working

MrRiggyRiggs : My turn my turn! 😃

Psycrow : This is actualy working..i just tryed this on my pork steak and it is totaly relaxing :p amazing :D


sally greenbush : well fork me sideways

Fred Carefree : Soooo they like being scratched..?

mekeon : nigga thats haram

FuglyLookingGuy : Well, I'll be forked. I never expected to see that day when YouTube allowed videos of people forking pigs on the site. I mean these pigforkers are just so brazen about it. Sure I've thought about forking pigs before, who hasn't? But to film it and upload it to YouTube? That's unforking believable.

laalki80 : Horses go catatonic like that if you grab and hold their upper lip and lobsters if you just hold them head down for a while and stroke their back. I wonder if more animals have those kinds of buttons.

Mad Hatter : It's a pig massage

Ya Go : fork em up, boys

Cat Down The Road : Fork me Megan! :D

Vnix : is this asmr for pork?

Brandon Miguelez : Do you guys need brush donations?

internet person : FORK ME?? I SAY FORK YOU!

Guillermo Indalecio Fernández : So what do you have to say now, vegans??

Amo Rise : Now we fork before we kill them, great.What about a god damn *hairbrush* geniuses??

Tomasz Brutkowski : Thats some nice bacon you've got there