"Forking" Pigs as a Restraint Technique

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heek40 : This girl is getting forked just for fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

epSos.de : This is *like a preview trailer* before they get eaten with the same forks :-) I wonder if they also like massages with brooms, like the elephants do.

David Andersson : Pig.exe stopped working

Viktor Olofsson : I usually wait until I've cooked them, but hey! If you want to fork the pork, be my guest!

sally greenbush : well fork me sideways

Fred Carefree : Soooo they like being scratched..?

Psycrow : This is actualy working..i just tryed this on my pork steak and it is totaly relaxing :p amazing :D

Beatrix Miguelez : Do you guys need brush donations?

MrRiggyRiggs : My turn my turn! 😃


Matthew W : Unintentional asmr

commentator : Go fork yourself.

NME gaming : That's what you get, Charlie! You get fork stabbed!

Richard Aspden : What a bunch of pig forkers!

Gilbert : Lol

Jahn Kaplank : kinda ironic, don't ya think..?

internet person : FORK ME?? I SAY FORK YOU!

Guillermo Indalecio Fernández : So what do you have to say now, vegans??

laalki80 : Horses go catatonic like that if you grab and hold their upper lip and lobsters if you just hold them head down for a while and stroke their back. I wonder if more animals have those kinds of buttons.

Cat Down The Road : Fork me Megan! :D

Mad Hatter : It's a pig massage

DUDE DUDE : fork em up, boys

Vnix : is this asmr for pork?

Amo Rise : Now we fork before we kill them, great.What about a god damn *hairbrush* geniuses??

Hermione Dota : Thats some nice bacon you've got there