Musician Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty ft. Jacob Collier & Herbie Hancock | WIRED

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McFly : And on level 6 they just intensely stare at each other.

aleksds1 : First 4 levels: the boy tells other something. The last level: the boy asks.

jay Pazare : The child has more definitive answers to questions than I ever did in my whole life of questions.

The Eurythmic King of Nowhere : Ah, yes, the five stages of life: childhood, teenage years, college, adulthood/professional career, and Herbie Hancock.

Howard Wimshurst : at level 5 they gave up the limitations of speech and just communicated with music which was much more efficient

Kovu Kingsrod : 11:20 “Yeah *plays* oh yeah *plays* yeah yeah *plays* yeah *plays* right right *plays* yeah” Yeah I’m totally still following this conversation

Aidan Craig : It's just wiggly air

Will Power : 3:31 A guitar suddenly materializes around the college student

MK : At Herbie they were communicating mostly through music not words and understood each other, that really is another level

Giselle_isnotcreativewhenitcomestousernames : Why does the college student look so flirty? 😂

vsmash2 : it turned interesting when the the two younger dudes started flirting while playing amazing grace.

Marianne Yang : that stare the college age guitarist was givin him was extremely homoerotic and no you cannot change my mind

Will R : 7:20 - what? How does the professional move his mouth in perfect timing with what the other guy is saying? Musicians are witches.

William Day : Jacob to Eastman student: so do you know the circle of fifths?

Milos : That Chocolate rain kid really got old

James 3K : "That's absolutely correct. Except let me explain something completely different than what you said."

paperchasin23 : Jacob to the guitar player "what's missing?" Guitar player: the D. 🍆💦

Mecha Apophis CloseAirSupport : 13:22 The actual conversation in the whole video of a human in higher dimension.

jihanj : 13:22 I'm like, "That sounds nothing like Amazing Grace."

Vertov Victor : A couple of years ago, I was working at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Had access to all stages: 3 am, a jam session was going on at “The Club”, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones were in the room enjoying their whiskey, they couldn’t believe their ears. Jacob Collier was playing. Just a kid by the time, a genius. And apparently a very good teacher as well.

utubedestroysmytime : I feel like herbie knows music is a lot simpler than all this. There are rules( scales) to the language but just like spoken language we can bend what we say (slang, vocabluary, tone, pitch etc) music has the same freedom. Dont overthink it. Learn it then forget is the better rule.

Steve Murray : Jacob, you have the balls of an elephant. I am surprised you can walk! Teaching Herbie Hancock about harmony when you are 23. Wow. I loved the story about the butter notes. I hadn't heard that one before.

Th3EnterNal : That college student was looking in the eyes of Jacob quite alot lol He would bang. O_O

Herbie Hancock : Thanks for having me, Jacob!

G Honda : This video needs more commercials I can ignore.

Don C : 07:31 yesssssss Anakin, very good question, very good question indeed.

Pixel : yeah?

nikki8889991122 : Music is the one thing where even if someone is speaking about something you can't quite comprehend at first, once you hear them play examples of what they're discussing, you just suddenly understand what they're trying to say and you start to get it a lot better out of nowhere. Music is such a powerful, universal language and I think that's really beautiful.

Sean Bean : This 23 year old is extremely talented and well learned on music, but I can't stand how smarmy he is. Notice when he tries to get cerebral about harmony Herbie explains it all with two words "life experience". In any art, knowledge is important, but nothing compares to calling upon your life's experiences to make something that gives the gift of making someone else feel something. Herbie may be an eccentric intellectual, but he knows where his heart is.

Cole Silva : 11:20 it’s literally it’s own language, and not one I’m even close to understanding

Pikopati : I think there are some levels missing: - Dumb level: You barely know what is music. - Non English: Explain it to someone who doesn't speak English or you can't speak English. That is interesting but only in "artistic" concept that require other sense. - No-Skills level: Similar to dumb level but the person have no skills on the concept. In this case, the guy should not have any hearing skill like identifying a note or recognizing what the guy is explaining. This should be worst than dumb, like he can't even understand the basics. Still was very entertaining despite the thousands "yeah"

Joseph Untitled. : The college student looks like John Stamos.

Riley Merino : *”Jacob Collier explains a musical concept in four levels of difficulty and then asks Herbie Hancock a bunch of questions”

Brawlin Harry : i just dont understand the premise of having to explain harmony to a proffessional pianist :D :D :D My College Major was music, and theres no way you survive that without learning basicly everything about harmonics... Went to a German Music College, just fyi.

Jonah Hanson : I have a keyboard with lots of different instruments on it, but whatever Herbie was using sounded magical. Can anyone help a brother out with how to get a similar sound?

Super Turrican : I don't know why... as I finished the video, I started to play my guitar in a way I never did. No joke.

Great moments of opera : I’m a fan of jacob Collier (and a musician myself). Level 5 is a complete mess, and they both know it, hence why they are laughing.

TenTonNuke : The people get more and more proficient at speaking about music, until finally, they understand it so well, they speak through music. At the end, they're not even using words anymore.

Ike Moon : 0:56 *intensely mashes random cluster chords on piano*

Cameron Nutter : this many ads makes for a terrible video regardless of content, let the people speak dammit

Liam Catterall : If there is ever a movie made on Herbie, Denzel has to play him. They look so a like.

ManelFogo : level 3 dude is tottally flerting with jacob.

Guido Anselmi : I love how interested and attentive the 4th guy was, even though he is a professional pianist himself.

Anonymous furler : I ship him with the one at level 3 😂😂😂😂

Jackson John Jones : 6:59 oh dude

ForrestKnight : He’s never heard Amazing Grace? That’s so sad.

SchoolRockz : Not all minor scales are gloomy and spooky. Minor scales are used in blues and the blues aren't spooky.

Paul Goodwin : In Level 6, Jacob Collier tries to explain harmony to himself...

Composing Gloves : Watching this video again after my chromatic harmony class and a having an amazing teacher who helped me hear, I now hear the end song completely differently. It totally caught me off guard how different I hear now! Its so much more profound than it was before, every decision, twist and turn is more clear to me than before. There is so much happening that listening to it is far more engaging and amazing. Before it was somewhat lost to me (I had no way of thinking about something this complex), but now its coming more into focus.

HelloTardis : Must’ve been a liiiiiiiittle intimidating explaining anything to Herbie Hancock