Musician Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty ft. Jacob Collier & Herbie Hancock | WIRED

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McFly : And on level 6 they just intensely stare at each other.

jay Pazare : The child has more definitive answers to questions than I ever did in my whole life of questions.

The Eurythmic King of Nowhere : Ah, yes, the five stages of life: childhood, teenage years, college, adulthood/professional career, and Herbie Hancock.

Aidan Craig : It's just wiggly air

Louis Auto : i just graduated college and my harmony explanation would've been the kids word for word

Kovu Kingsrod : 11:20 “Yeah *plays* oh yeah *plays* yeah yeah *plays* yeah *plays* right right *plays* yeah” Yeah I’m totally still following this conversation

Gabriel Schweitzer : "G7#11" "oh dude..."

William Day : Jacob to Eastman student: so do you know the circle of fifths?

Vince : 9:41 JC: yeah... HH: yeah! JC: yeah HH: right JC: ...that haunted me for days

Arie Abdulghany : "Yeah yeah yeah right right right yeah yeah yea yea yea Hahahahahah yea yea ya rigght right right" -Herbie hancock 😂

Herbie Hancock : Thanks for having me, Jacob!

飛鳥「月」 : ...The 7yo kid and 14yo girl had identical level comprehension just rationalized the concept with a higher level of lexical ability. :p

Shiv Saxena : Try explaining this to arab musicians

Airon Cayowet : So is no one going to talk about how good 3:38 - 3:56 sounded?

Samiyah Corelli : 13:33 I screamed POSTURE

Milos : That Chocolate rain kid really got old

PixelFoundry Gaming : *At seven minutes in the subtitles said something Bout cheese sauce. Cheese sauce, cheese sauce, chee-- V-Sauce Michael here!*

Arminius der Cherusker : "The more notes there are the more exciting it is." This might sum up partly why I can't enjoy this guys music.

Toastrodamus : The duet with Herbie Hancock was god-level sublime.

paperchasin23 : Jacob to the guitar player "what's missing?" Guitar player: the D. 🍆💦

Don C : 07:31 yesssssss Anakin, very good question, very good question indeed.

Jonah Hanson : I have a keyboard with lots of different instruments on it, but whatever Herbie was using sounded magical. Can anyone help a brother out with how to get a similar sound?

Giselle_isnotcreativewhenitcomestousernames : Why does the college student look so flirty? 😂

Joshua Ciantar : 12:45 "what is butter?"

Pikopati : I think there are some levels missing: - Dumb level: You barely know what is music. - Non English: Explain it to someone who doesn't speak English or you can't speak English. That is interesting but only in "artistic" concept that require other sense. - No-Skills level: Similar to dumb level but the person have no skills on the concept. In this case, the guy should not have any hearing skill like identifying a note or recognizing what the guy is explaining. This should be worst than dumb, like he can't even understand the basics. Still was very entertaining despite the thousands "yeah"

jihanj : 13:22 I'm like, "That sounds nothing like Amazing Grace."

Liam Catterall : If there is ever a movie made on Herbie, Denzel has to play him. They look so a like.

Pixel : yeah?

TenTonNuke : The people get more and more proficient at speaking about music, until finally, they understand it so well, they speak through music. At the end, they're not even using words anymore.

Ike Moon : 0:56 *intensely mashes random cluster chords on piano*

Mecha Apophis CloseAirSupport : 13:22 The actual conversation in the whole video of a human in higher dimension.

Wong Jefx : If only Prince did one of these... that dude had some crazy knowledge.

Max : He has never heard Amazing Grace?

Riley Merino : *”Jacob Collier explains a musical concept in four levels of difficulty and then asks Herbie Hancock a bunch of questions”

Brian Forehand : "Don't play the butter notes" *ad for gelato plays* 😒

Marc Gray : Great concept and so fascinating. An overhead view of their keyboards would've been SO helpful about 13 minutes in here, WIRED.

Zak R : Why do people have to be patronising when they talk to children. When I was a child it made me start to develop a hatred towards that person

Yamedo : maybe i just cant appreciate good music but when they played together near the end it sounded like straight garbage.

Paul Goodwin : In Level 6, Jacob Collier tries to explain harmony to himself...

GOGOgomes : why are the teen in all five parts ??

Steve Murray : Jacob, you have the balls of an elephant. I am surprised you can walk! Teaching Herbie Hancock about harmony when you are 23. Wow. I loved the story about the butter notes. I hadn't heard that one before.

Kirito : Dang, that was something

Cameron Nutter : this many ads makes for a terrible video regardless of content, let the people speak dammit

Moses Ramirez : Level: "Herbie Hancock" - *gets his own keyboard*

Jim Bows & The Flycatchers : Harmony is one element of music, this video shows what happens if you make it the only element.

djjazzyjeff123 : It's a pretty cool discussion, but why did he use such a dull sound on his keyboard? It just sounds like noise. There's very little definition in the more complex chords.

ManelFogo : level 3 dude is tottally flerting with jacob.

Marco Fabbri : I don't want to be offensive, but I honestly did enjoy the last last version of Amazing grace. Perhaps I cannot appreciate all the technicalities behind it as I am just a civilian.

I'm the black Christian Grey : the progression was funny child: "I like that" teen: "how interesting, teach me more" college student: "I know all of this already" professional: "I know this already, but I'm open to learning more about it" HH: "I'm Herbie Hancock"

T R I B E : Put Jacob Collier and Julian Lage in the same room and let's see what those two making of. It will be really interesting!