Musician Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty ft. Jacob Collier & Herbie Hancock | WIRED

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Kovu Kingsrod : 11:20 “Yeah *plays* oh yeah *plays* yeah yeah *plays* yeah *plays* right right *plays* yeah” Yeah I’m totally still following this conversation

aleksds1 : First 4 levels: the boy tells other something. The last level: the boy asks.

Howard Wimshurst : at level 5 they gave up the limitations of speech and just communicated with music which was much more efficient

jay Pazare : The child has more definitive answers to questions than I ever did in my whole life of questions.

Will Power : 3:31 A guitar suddenly materializes around the college student

McFly : And on level 6 they just intensely stare at each other.

PrimitiveProdigy/ /PrimePro : 9:42 guy: yea herbie: yea guy: yea musicians in a nutshell

MK : At Herbie they were communicating mostly through music not words and understood each other, that really is another level

Marianne Yang : that stare the college age guitarist was givin him was extremely homoerotic and no you cannot change my mind

HelloTardis : Must’ve been a liiiiiiiittle intimidating explaining anything to Herbie Hancock

G Honda : This video needs more commercials I can ignore.

Composing Gloves : Watching this video again after my chromatic harmony class and a having an amazing teacher who helped me hear, I now hear the end song completely differently. It totally caught me off guard how different I hear now! Its so much more profound than it was before, every decision, twist and turn is more clear to me than before. There is so much happening that listening to it is far more engaging and amazing. Before it was somewhat lost to me (I had no way of thinking about something this complex), but now its coming more into focus.

Theosis78 : At level 6, they dematerialize...

sir. Co : "basically this is a Gm over Ab diminished # over Cm 11 chord"

vsmash2 : it turned interesting when the the two younger dudes started flirting while playing amazing grace.

HelenaHandbasket : Dude just asked an Eastman student if he's ever heard of the circle of fifths. Oof.

Cole Silva : 11:20 it’s literally it’s own language, and not one I’m even close to understanding

M H : @4:53 professional pianist face = "oh so this guy is going to tell me something about piano I don't already know right now?!"

Vertov Victor : A couple of years ago, I was working at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Had access to all stages: 3 am, a jam session was going on at “The Club”, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones were in the room enjoying their whiskey, they couldn’t believe their ears. Jacob Collier was playing. Just a kid by the time, a genius. And apparently a very good teacher as well.

James 3K : "That's absolutely correct. Except let me explain something completely different than what you said."

ForrestKnight : He’s never heard Amazing Grace? That’s so sad.

Super Turrican : I don't know why... as I finished the video, I started to play my guitar in a way I never did. No joke.

Milos : That Chocolate rain kid really got old

Susanna Wise : im at 8.55 and ive had 4 commercials like im loving the vid but i just wanted to complain about that.

Lionsharz : This gets a little strange when he's "explaining" stuff to peeps who seem to understand. Still great video though

Ctrl Z : No way he is 78 years old

Pikopati : I think there are some levels missing: - Dumb level: You barely know what is music. - Non English: Explain it to someone who doesn't speak English or you can't speak English. That is interesting but only in "artistic" concept that require other sense. - No-Skills level: Similar to dumb level but the person have no skills on the concept. In this case, the guy should not have any hearing skill like identifying a note or recognizing what the guy is explaining. This should be worst than dumb, like he can't even understand the basics. Still was very entertaining despite the thousands "yeah"

Herbie Hancock : Thanks for having me, Jacob!

Uncle Creepy : Harmony was the stripper I was with last night. Melody came over and we injected emotions into her.

Léandre Lang : Plays random notes Its jazz

Anonymous furler : I ship him with the one at level 3 😂😂😂😂

Cameron Nutter : this many ads makes for a terrible video regardless of content, let the people speak dammit

The Eurythmic King of Nowhere : Ah, yes, the five stages of life: childhood, teenage years, college, adulthood/professional career, and Herbie Hancock.

Great moments of opera : I’m a fan of jacob Collier (and a musician myself). Level 5 is a complete mess, and they both know it, hence why they are laughing.

ManelFogo : level 3 dude is tottally flerting with jacob.

Brawlin Harry : i just dont understand the premise of having to explain harmony to a proffessional pianist :D :D :D My College Major was music, and theres no way you survive that without learning basicly everything about harmonics... Went to a German Music College, just fyi.

The Best Of Minecraft : He knows a lot of chords

TenTonNuke : The people get more and more proficient at speaking about music, until finally, they understand it so well, they speak through music. At the end, they're not even using words anymore.

Thanonxay Vongphachanh : Shipping him and the college student

ukiW : Harmony professor: "It's not rocket science" Rocket science professor: "It's not harmony"

Saul Cerritos : Music is just domesticated sound

Joshy Piol : The Herbie and Jacob duet at the end was really interesting. It's not obvious, but Herbie was the one controlling the flow of the song. I'm so impressed with how Jacob was able to respond to Herbie's ideas and somehow make them his own in some parts of the melody. You can tell there were some parts they didn't understand each other through their facial expressions and the slow chromatics but that just shows how both musicians are still so unique despite all the knowledge they both have. What an amazing learning experience for Jacob, I wish I could play with both of them someday. Props to both of them for putting the harmony first rather than trying to outshine the other.

I'm the black Christian Grey : the progression was funny child: "I like that" teen: "how interesting, teach me more" college student: "I know all of this already" professional: "I know this already, but I'm open to learning more about it" HH: "I'm Herbie Hancock"

Mattias Krantz : Weird flex but ok

Zack E : Why do people have to be patronising when they talk to children. When I was a child it made me start to develop a hatred towards that person

Billy Bushcraft : As a musician myself who is experienced with vocals, guitar and bass guitar and plays around with some piano, I can confidently say that there is not much that is more special to me in the music world when myself and another musician combine our styles freely to create something beautiful while just feeling the energy of the music. To see these two musicians at the end of the video gave me chills because I know exactly how they are feeling at that moment and it is an amazing and rewarding feeling. The ONLY thing I dislike about this with myself is that afterwards, you wish you recorded it so you could play it again!!! But I guess if you were able to save these memories in a camera roll it would not be as special as the initial intent/emotions. This was just me ranting so sorry but if you know what I am talking about please reply!! - Billy

Sean James : i majored in music and earned a music education degree...I taught elementary music for about 7 years to Kindergarten - 5th grades..It was very boring...I then went on to teach regular classroom subjects, such a math, and reading, etc...but, now, I after 20 years, I have suddenly sparked a new interest in music, and everything, that I kinda paid attention to in college has come full force into my head ( I was a vocal music ed. major...nonperformance) I am now actually teaching myself to advance in my piano playing, I am really starting to UNDERSTAND music so much more than I ever did..once, I started to actually use what was taught in class, the concept light suddenly flashed "on"...I think every music student (regardless if you are a voice major, violin major, etc...) should learn to play the piano in depth at least until a level 8...we would be so much better other words, theory is sooooo very important to all causes you to understand music but also pushes you to become more and more creative in this genre...pumping out new ideas of creativity to express yourself and explain it...

Uncle Podger : Jacob Collier isn't a musician, he's a living genius.

Just.Watch123 : Yeah? Yeah! Yeah , yeah yeah? Yeah!!! Yeah?? Yeah yeah yeah? Yeah yeah!!! Ooow ok yeah! Oooow yeahhh!!!😉

wcr4 : Musician talks about various aspects of harmony while 4 ads play