Dear Future Generations: Sorry

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An Apology Letter to Future Generations. Sorry. Don't forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE: For more inspirational videos on climate change, watch: I Quit Man vs. Earth 4 Ways to Fight Climate Change Join My Motivational List and get Exclusive Videos, Discounts, and Updates Audio only version here: Music composed by DJsNeverEndingStory Motion Graphics/Animations by: Hodja Berlev Edited by: Joseph Lombardi Video Shot By To DIRECTLY Fight the Destruction and Stand For Trees go to: Prince EA // @PrinceEa


I dont know : Guys listen up This was made in 2015 Now its 2019 That was four years ago Nothing has changed This was a warning... We still haven't followed it.

Omni iPad : Made in 2015: 2019: More relevant now than then...

Ava Rundle : Why did it take 4yrs for YouTube to recommend this to me???

little sunshine the big baby : I understand what your saying.. I truly feel bad for our environment! Trees have lives and they make us live happily.. We all live because of nature and money doesn’t buy us happiness..

Captain Nooby : What have we done to gods beautiful earth

•Anna• : I accidentally clicked on this video. It is the best accident I have ever made.

Crafter Blue- Minecraft and More : SAVE THE PLANET!!!!!!. Why did YouTube just recommend this to me.

ULTRA GAMER : man made money money made man mad - *HARSH indigestible truth

Cam Va : THIS IS POWERFUL!! yo...i really started crying.

Isaac Smith : When he said you don’t know what trees are I was like damn dats the future 4019

Louise Belcher : This dude really should run for president or some kind of political voice

Shaun M : I remember watching this 2 years ago and it got recommended for me today.

ROBLOX with Kathryn : This is amazing and makes me realize how much we are ruining this world

Doberman 123 : Bro you already got 3.6M votes if you run for president

ULTRA GAMER : *at last!! youtube gets what i need*

Stella : This is 3 yeas old ?!? Why is it only in my recommendations now! ❤️

M K : Most of the people who watched this video is from here today or two weeks ago but the video came out three years ago. I’m saying people are just now seeing this

zzooeeeeeee : Hi can u run for president plz

Kayla Casey : this guy really needs to become president

Jib Job : Why has YouTube taken sooooo long to recommend this to me just today And you should also be a lawyer or the president

Lin Dymov : I'm crying....This is so sad!

M A J E S T I C : Thanks 🙏 for noticing, I am glad you put that out. Your very inspiring.

Kitty True : This NEEDS to go viral Like actually NEEDS to

Solaiman Karimi : Youtube: 2015:nope 2016:nope 2017:nope 2018:nope 2019:we need to recommend it!

who am i : youtube, you are recommending this a bit too sooner when amazon forest is called amazon dessert, recommend this to my great grandchildren(or sooner)

Antoni Wochna : Spread this and globalise it. MAKE IT HAPPEN... Now is the time

a s d f c h i m : this is honestly so sad. and what makes it even sadder is that its true.

AV990 : Wow, this actually made me cry. I am glad that I took a few steps, even though not a lot, they were something to conserve the Earth. I am now inspired to take more steps in the conservation of our new planet.

Joe OnAbOaT : Wassup with the youtube algorithim man??? showin' me this on 2019!?

Lady Genesis : I see this today, I am watching this now. My heart hurts but breathes by watching you. May be 'old' but this will always be gold ♥

Pro Creator 2006 : Man, just run for president and change the world. You will succeed!!

Sergiu #MarkiBustatu : 2016 : NO 2017 : No 2018 : Oh Noo 2019 : Omfg i have this in recomend

Valentina Romero : I don't know why I lasted so long to see this video. This was made in 2015, I'm speechless. 2019 nobody doing nothing, just getting worst.

M7MD K : Im very proud For give this Video Like Wait minute Who Give this Video Dislike Why ???

Zoriox : me a 12 year old kid: nah man its fine, just let us do all of the work ourself FOR ABSOLUTELY FREEE Teacher: DETENTION

BangtanTrash 247 : I’m skipping school to help out the planet next week.. maybe people will get it inside their heads.

Life with Dylan’s world World : This vid legit made me cry...

Joe : Youtube: 2015: Nope 2016: Nope 2017: Nope 2018: Nope 2019: Sure, why not

TurtleTv : He is truly amazing, thank you for this video.

Nickilumpi : I hope you become the President of the USA .He would change the world

#TeamMook :D : This dude should have a title: The Hope for Humanity

Cheese Toasties : Your amazing dude. Needed to hear this. Thanks for spreading the word, bless you.

Bun-bun/willow Animations : Oh boy What did we mess up this time......? Edit: this was powerful, SPREAD THE WORD! #THEWORLDISNTADESERT #TWIAD

montasar boughanmi : i love his message keep it up so much peop need to understand this

Lana Jažo : This was beautiful ,NO WORDS

JustLike Waffle : People know, but do nothing

Alyaah- : 3.40 - 4.30 his really passion whit this. be my president pls.

Media Stroke : Who the hell disliked?? These are amazing videos, so inspirational and motivational!♡

Nickfa92 : What a powerful speech this was. This may be the most moving speech I've heard in my life about climate change. Thank you so much for dedicating the time to create this. Keep your voice loud and clear and never be silenced