Dear Future Generations: Sorry
Dear Future Generations Sorry

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An Apology Letter to Future Generations. Sorry. 🔴URGENT: YouTube won’t show you my NEW videos UNLESS you 🔔 TURN ON MY NOTIFICATIONS🔔 🔴SUBSCRIBE ➤ ______________________________ SAY HI TO ME ON SOCIAL ▶INSTAGRAM: @Prince_Ea ▶FACEBOOK: Prince EA ▶TWITTER: @princeea Music composed by DJsNeverEndingStory Motion Graphics/Animations by: Hodja Berlev Edited by: Joseph Lombardi Video Shot By To DIRECTLY Fight the Destruction and Stand For Trees go to:


Ava Rundle : Why did it take 4yrs for YouTube to recommend this to me???

Hannah Does Stuff 17 : no one: youtube : lets wait until the world ends then we recommend this

momoland doesnt copy : you're so right,, we're sorry future generations, 21.06.2019

Amy XD : *He said future generations as 100 years later. But everything he said as 100 years later is happening now.* So imagine what will be happening in 100 years...

Breskvi : People from 1900:world is green People from 2019:world is yellow World im so sorry for destroying u

L. Merbecks : Who's with me when I say that now it's our task to rescue earth?

asxusxuiasdis jasadua : 99% if the comments: Why they recommend this at 2019? 1% of the comments: LET'S SAVE THE EARTH!!!!!

It is Meh : We’re sorry if your seeing this June 25, 2019🥺💚💙🌍

Hazal Vural : This wasent for the future generations, it was for us. And also yt reccomend after 4 years... Cmon 😤 I saw tgis in 2019 like if u did

Vicky Ro : Nobody more than us can kill us But... Nobody more than us can save us

Comment Opinions : Y’all realize this wasn’t for the future generations. This was for us.

Sound Effect : Wow... Who was here in 2019? Respect, or as we say it back now "f" to the future generations 😕😢

rose galvin : This touched my heart ❤️ Please save our Earth before it’s gone 🌍

Gabi Kosobucka : I’m so sorry world ! I’m going to the forest tomorrow and cleaning up for the whole day! Even if it just helps a little bit! I love you world! 😭🌍☄️

La NASA : 2015: No 2016: No 2017: No 2018: Pff NO 2019: Rekomendhemoz ezte bideo dezpuez de kuatro añoz

Vidhi Patel : watching this in may 2019, scientists say that the earth will be damaged in 11 years. I’m sorry future generations

Falke024 : „Well be equally extinct“ Omg so true

Mag Kush : This is how many people want to end this bulling to our loving planet earth! 👇🏻

Plxo Tato : This is so true, I love it. I am going to share this to everyone I know.

Tteam : 4 years ago: prince ea makes amazing vid YouTube now: hEy yAlL TAkE tHis IN yOUR rEcoMmended

Alparslan Ali : fuckin' youtube algorithm... am i watching this video after 4 years? i think its best video i watched

Abigail Pearce : Think of this as your kids growing up in a world like that and it's all because of us

Amy-Lee Skyy : That moment when you realize we are the « future generations ».

King SalaDe : In 2019 we know what's à tree, i think it's not for this génération. Rip earth

Moose : Everyone jokes about this until it's too late. Humans don't deserve the amazing Animals the Nature and the Earth People are stupid no one will do anything until it's too late This really made me think about our future.

Kayla Casey : this guy really needs to become president

K4ynPv : I congratulate you for giving this message to the people so that they do not make the same mistakes as the past generations.

Glezy Anne Park : YouTube took 4 years to reccomend this. I'm somewhat sad. 😢🙏🏻

Books'n Films : We must do something!!!!😐 Please I'm young And I would to have an Nice future with trees and animals. Please governments .😔

Lily Rossi : ways to save the earth 🌍 - use reusable bags, straws, cutlery, plates, etc. -plant flowers, trees, and bushes in your own yard -walk/bike places -eat less meat and animal products -buy things with less packaging -spread awareness we can save the earth, we just need to act on it first.

Joscelyn Clough : Can’t believe it took 4 years for YouTube to recommend this. Cmon YouTube what u doing

Cevdet Akıl : Bu videoyu izleyen türk kardeşim dayanamadın ve yorumlarda bir türk varmı diye haklısın varız

Vida Voff : You should Get more than 100 mil likes at this video ;( this is soo sad 😢

Emily RP : Perdón futuras generaciones. Emily - 21 de junio, 2019

Rose S : "Then in 2019 we all got together and saved the world" let us get together make this reality of what we tell our grandchildren.

Mile Zefferino : YouTube algorithm 2015: No... 2016: No... 2017: No... 2018: No... 2019: Yes! The world is ruined now! Let’s reccomend this! Let’s make this viral, we have little time to improve things in the world

rgfd fgfgds : till 2019 no redirection happened. its all going to be on the next generation. either we mess it up or clean it up

Filip Von Filbert : Who else started crying? Watching this 4 years later...

Olaoluwa KOLADE : I always love your positive and good videos. Everyone should share this.

Rowan Graphic : The fun part is that the 50 % of the comments are written in 2019

yara xx : He warned us.. and now it’s 2019 and scientists are saying earth could be destroyed in 11 years... not sure if that’s absolutely true but we have damaged our planet so badly 😢🌎

Ervin L. : I'm sorry to anyone seeing this in the future. June 27, 2019

Mark Matthew Vitug : You missed one thing ... We should be sorry because we knew our problems, we were guilty of it. Yet we didn't did anything to solve the problem

AntsDoFly : *Realizes we don't need money to live we need out survival instincts to live.*

Big Chungus : Welp sadly it’s too late now, let’s be honest things won’t get better anytime soon 😢🙁

Guilbbo_ Play : He warned us 4 years ago and we did nothing... Let’s not make it eight.

Victor Davidson : Well done, great video and thank you so much for this, and thanks for spreading this message out

Victor Davidson : Well done, great video and thank you so much for this, and thanks for spreading this message out

Saif King2 : You don't have to apologize for anything.☺️