Dear Future Generations: Sorry

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Prince Ea : What steps are you taking to help fight climate change?

LovelyLauren5 : Can you go run for president

Goahead : I teach others about climate change, as I live in AZ, I keep my thermostat 83 deg in summer, 64 deg in winter, I have solar panels, I changed every bulb to LEDs, I recycle everything in my power, I don't ride motorized recreational vehicles (I mtn bike), I became a vegetarian (meat is one of the biggest contributors of climate change), I voted Prop 127 in AZ that forces the dirty energy companies to invest in clean energy by 50% by 2030 (I also petitioned it into a ballot), I wash all clothes only in cold water, I only take quick showers, I hang dry my clothes as much as I can, I use refillable canteens for water & coffee, when I wait in my car I always turn off my engine just to start! Am I missing something? :)

Gotq TehLifeLess : *Just be a president of the world*

Jalaya Mims : I love your speeches Im 13 years old and everytime i Watch your videos I think about what I could do to help not make us go extinct Well I mean who will listen to a 13 year old.... Nobody everyday I see a Tree or a Squirrel or even a bird i smile but something in my head tells me not to smile because in a minute they will be extinct, Elephants are dying to because people want their tusks, like people get a hold of your self u shouldn't want to kill a living thing just to hang it on your wall or sell it, What I would love is to take a picture with a Elephant not with their fossils of half of their body. So I know i kinda did to much writing a whole story but people if you want to stay in earth and live longer please help are environment, even picking up a plastic bottle with help.

Jeremiah Yates : One day the entire world will be living off 1 tree's oxygen.

a K : This video deserve billion views 👍 Sad reality 😢

Choxolet yo : Everyone sub to this guy he needs to be recognized & also he's the modern Jesus

Foxie animation : It takes a big human to admit his mistaks and it takes a bigger human to forgive

patricia marshall : This video had me emotional man....but,the only thing that i could say from this is.... DEAR FUTURE GENERATIONS....SORRY.

Lawnya Sri : Im Malaysian but pls run for president

Wyxxoz : I'm crying... 3 years later ;(

tomuchsauce nigel : Run for president please my whole family will vote

Noob King : 1:08 you can be a rapper

Daniel Rizkalla : Man my son watched this and convinced his principle to make their school sandpit into a gardening bed.It is now growing over 30 trees in the garden bed I hope this inspires you to make trees and not destroy trees

Manou Schoonderwoert : He is so right, we , people are making the Earth sick. I’m SORRY future generations. We, people must do something against global warming❤️🌎

PsychoShi : If you run for president I will vote for you. RUN FOR IT

JDawg Vlogs : I still get chills when I watch this. Three years later, it's still so true

Nooble : Seriously tho... ur the complete opposite of Donald Trump but I want you to have in common is that you were both presidents.

Jim Rokos : 3 years later All are the same

What is this name!? : This has reached almost 13 and half million people but still our world is getting worse

Nick28T : Respect.

CrazyJamSofy : My teacher showed us this to my class and I after school I rushed to leave a like and pls become president

Sarah Smith : I know this has nothing to do with climate change, but it has something to do with leaving someone else with your problems because you were too lazy, too selfish, too caught up in your own world to care about someone else's future. In sixth grade, I had a math teacher. He was everyones favourite teacher because he was fun and didn't check if our work was correct, but completed. That year, I learned about half of what I should've. When seventh grade rolled around, I struggled in math. No matter who helped me, no matter who explained it, I still had no idea what to do. Why? Because, while everyone else was flying through their tests, worksheets, and homework, I was trying to remember learning that kind of Math. I would strain my brain and memory until I would just guess my way through everything. So, to my sixth grade math teacher, TEACH us how to fish, DON'T just hand us the fish. Because he was too lazy, too fun, too whatever, I had to work harder, I had to clean up his mess that was me, I had to take my future and try to shape an ugly, hard, cold, chunk of clay into a beautiful flower that would bloom forever. It takes years to make a cold, hard, ugly piece of coal into a beautiful, blossoming flower. It doesn't take long for warm, somewhat shaped clay to become an magnificent flower. So, I wouldn't thank that teacher for my education, I wouldn't tell the world that I wouldn't be here without them, I would tell the world that BECAUSE of this teacher, I learned how to take control of what's mine....

Elvertoo : Middel finger!! 0:56 lol

Evan K : It’s been three years guys we gotta do something

Sweet T : Finally someone who sees what’s happening in the real world

Monty Jupiter : I agree that we should take care of the earth that God has given us, but you don't want to go overboard. Sometimes trees have to die, but that death helps support life for peoples who's homes are built out of them. Sometimes animals have to die, but provide food for the lives of others. You see, death isn't always a bad thing. For example, did you know that God sent his one and only son to die on a cross for you? Even though you deserve a fate far worse than that (I'm speaking about everyone including me). So again death can be a good thing, you just have to know how to look at it.

great life : Pakistan has recently planted 1 billion trees

ToucanDrumster XII : If he wants to be president I would vote for him. Save our future Sir

Sacha Loqui : It is useless to apologize by talking. We have to act.

Suli Breaks : Keep spitting that truth my brother!l #love

Trash-Series : Love from Bangladesh :')

Mystic Yagurl : I bet all the dislikes are the people who want to destroy the world 😭

Tootafloot : Every other comment I see says “remove Trump” even though that doesn’t fix the problem

Fido_1 Kazoo Cover : It can be apologized Not forgiven

piece of potato : i swear i watched this years ago... but im also sure that this will get into everyone's recommendation for quite a few years...

Crow _BrawlStars : We need to change, or our future will be gone. This is why I go and pick up garbage and trash by the ocean will never be enough, because no one helps change our future. You don’t care, I dont know why you don’t care. All you ever cared is about is yourself, but think about it this way, our future DEPENDS on you. Or maybe even you depend on you, imagine if our planet was destructed by mankind only a few ten years from now? You might still be living then, and your world is disappearing before your very own eyes. And what about you? If we were to go extinct, wouldn’t you too? If you can’t think about others then think about your future, this is why we need to help change our world 🌎 please


Kayra Guner : Be a president.

Owen Grov : Hey, i am from 2030 and we all live of oxygen bottles. their 2,99 USD available on almost every store! I recommend the ones at the dollar store as they are cheaper but they taste weird.

Harambe Harambe : WHAT HAPPEND TO EARTH ):

Georgewella : Boys were all screwed

Mali Baldwin : I will do my best to help the earth get better.I will tell people to watch this so hopefully they will help to. Please run for president.It is the only way we will become better😋🌎🌍🌏🍀


Hunter Killer : VOTE FOR PRINCE EA

Dur - : This video is three years old, and im here now... Better late than never

Salomé Venema : WoW Thanks for making This video :(

Schnapps : God, bless you for sending more people like this guy.

Unknown I : 3 Years