Dear Future Generations: Sorry

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Prince Ea : What steps are you taking to help fight climate change?

Wyxxoz : I'm crying... 3 years later ;(

Zoey Cahill : And look where we are now... California having major wildfires every year, hurricanes destroying the cities we destroyed the Earth for, Nuclear shutdowns, an unstable presidency... this has stayed relevant for these three years. And unless we turn it around, it might stay relevant until we don’t have enough to have it anymore.

Vidde : The legends say he is still raising the truth!

Bloxi Clocks : Give Earth some snickers.

Pzj//Stan : This Guy has to replace Donald Trump

Nick28T : Respect.

Nut ellO : I’m growing a tree, a very special tree. A tree I hope is special with all my patience. Patience is what we need in this world and I’ll be one of those with patience by growing a tree. Will you grow a tree? 1 like = 1 yes

Gree West : It's really sad because as a teenager I want to help, so badly, but I don't know how. I hear that "the little acts help" but pollution and deforestation and everything is still happening.

Isaac agada : Do you think this was sent to us in 2018?

Bla Bla : Go ahead cut down the trees, While our nature will remain freeze..... We humans are careless, Earth is becoming a mess. We must fight for the next generation!, Or the ocean will suffer from evaporation. NASA is going to sacrifice their selves into the sun, While we just watch and have fun. What could humans care more?!, Every second someone becomes a whore! What are we doing?!?!?, Of course we are littering. God is watching, He won't do anything about the earth dying. It's our fault not his. Pollution is what make disease. Plese post this on every video, So everyone in Earth would know.?

LovelyLauren5 : Can you go run for president

Awesome Mary : Even though it’s been 3 years... nothing has changed. People talk, complain about their problems but, as the man said, they do not care about *tomorrow*. They think, that talking about problems equals solving them, but it’s not. I ensure, that all of you after this video will watch another, maybe funny video to get distracted from this. To forget about this. But I guarantee, ignoring today’s problem can turn into an enermous one years later. I’s already the time to think about our future, to think about us.

Cap’n Salt : I mean seriously, would dislike this? He speaks the truth and Ea, good on you for making this video. Also, thank you.

_DanGerZ _ : Prince EA you must be a president *RESPECT*

Haile Petersen : An Error Does Not Become A Mistake Until You Refuse To Correct It. So inspirational and powerful 😭😭

Sweet T : Finally someone who sees what’s happening in the real world

Полина : Thank you for this video! My steps are the vegan lifestyle and economy usage of water and energy. I also try to recycle waste products. It's really important to us. From Russia with love )))

Krish Tiwari : That's what my mom says...... what you said in the last...."we can't eat money"

Vrtx Gamer ov Gaming : Can I get more than 1 like Edit: OMG I DID IT Oh that was me 😔

Electric Droyer : Humans are greedy, they don't think of the next people, only themselves. Just them. quotes after quotes of only caring for yourself, but that's a pile of bs... Humans need to think if what they are doing is right, if the next generation will go on. Humans complaining that animals are going extinct and endangered.. and now we ourselves are endangered. Evolution was a mistake. We mutated into the worst things possible, we are worried about something wiping out earth.... but that thing is *us*. Unless we change ourselves, nothing will ever happen. Childrens minds are easy to manipulate, when they grow up, there minds will be set to a task from childhood. But things like school and work, things that change how you think and who you are, they ruin you, ur mind just rots and adapts to the there commands. Following to their every word until we are nothing but machines made to work for survival. What do work to do? Destroy the earth more, or ruin humanity further. We are so hypnotized by a green paper that has numbers and a face of someone who we don't even care about, that we give up lives and humanity for it. We humans think we make decisions to change the world, but that green paper makes decisions for us. It controls our lives killing us off, causing crime, hatred, murder, and slavery. People die if they don't have it, if it vanished from earth, humanity wouldn't last a week before feeding off each other and destroying the world for their own selves.... Now let me guess. All you thought about throughout this essay was how you would be or your loved one's in a few years. How about the next people, forgot about that? Because humans cant change that, it's what we have become. Our brains keep having to be forced into someone else's thinking until we only think there thoughts, and how we can make use of them. The truth is, you can't. Once that gets into your brain for too long, you can't change it, it becomes instinct, it becomes you. The only way to eradicate it is to prevent future generations from getting it, and let them pass it on. You won't be alive in 100 years, your children will though and if you let them be free, they could change the world. Not by wondering why an apple fell on their head, or how long does it take Pluto to orbit the sun completely. But by putting their wonderland of earth, to work and make it reality. He cant do it alone, but if everyone is like that, each putting an idea in, the world can become a better place by the time they are adults. You would be dead, knowing that earth isn't home for humans, or would you want to die knowing that it is our home, our stronghold, our planet. All of us are a part of it, without us, it wouldn't be where it is. We may have had errors, but we have also advanced in some way. If we can fix our errors, this world can be lived upon for possibly another thousands of years. All you have to do.... take care of our future generations, and don't make them follow in our footsteps.

a K : This video deserve billion views 👍 Sad reality 😢

TimeChanger : This shows how corrupted our society is. Respect my man. This was emotional

liana : my science teacher showed us this video

MrGaming EST : I will never ever drop trash on the ground again

Sushi Pug : 13k Dislikes wow.. this is so meaningful and yet people just don’t understand. Well I loved it ❤️ It was one of the most meaningful things to me. (And how come I haven’t seen it until now 🤦‍♀️)

Suli Breaks : Keep spitting that truth my brother!l #love

evolution : "Men aren't gonna be able to eat money." 👏

Ana Knez : just run for president already.

Chico : Don't worry fam. I got you. Yesterday i watered my neighbour's plants.

Caden Massey : And I hate how the older people are like, ughhh these kids on there phone and hoverboard they can’t just take it back to the old days. Well ya know u guys are the one who did this. 🤦‍♂️. Also would we really want to go back to the old days past the 60s like 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️and there the ones who caused war on us because of them. Thank you this vid was so amazing

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) : Epic video brother. Keep on dropping it.

Cookie Lyon : God bless this guy❤❤❤ he's so amazing......

Allafear Alforque : This is y I subscribed to u BTW I'm in 6th grade and ur videos taught me more than in school and I Rlly love ur video what is school for K bye

Everyday Is Awesome : I was born in the wrong generation

Nexotrovity : I don’t want to ruin someone elses life before they’ve even started this.. We need to stop, we need to make a change.

Harambe Harambe : WHAT HAPPEND TO EARTH ):

Gandalf : The moment when you see the dislike and get more aggressive than ever before

DanTheMan : President for 2020?

Vincent Souligny : That was amazing, revolutionary. Best thing I saw in a while

MrNotHuman : This is so sad can we hit 1k likes

B To The T To The S To The BTS : 2 years later and everything has just gotten worse, no doubt in future years it will get even worse

Rachel : Love this so much

Openedmind Awakenedsoul : Why am I just now seeing this beautiful video?? So eloquently put into words. Thank you so much!

Sanic - Roblox : 12K lumberjacks disliked this video

Stephanie Sagum : I'm crying so bad😭😭 Always remember you're a Great Man, God will always bless you because of your kind being😊😊😊 Keep it up😊

Rich Homie Stan // Fortnite : This was fucking beautiful 😢


Briana Ramirez : Thank you for speaking out on this. Honestly, I just realized how many people do all of this just for the... money. Thanks.

farmers daughter : I hate modern generation they took my country life away and made it to a city they took my River away that I fished in and they took my woods away they took my life away when I was younger I always wanted to grow up so I could help the environment but this this world this day this generation......why why did you have to take away what doesn't even belong to you why do you have to take away the beautiful planet why do you have to build something just earn money why do you have to do things just become famous these Generations call early generations dumb well guess what they made you complain about the bill they found our complain is there anything we won't complain about is there anyway we can just accept people who for who they are can we stop bullying lgbtq can we ever stop tearing the world apart just to become famous the answer to that is no these people never stop when I was younger I always wanted to grow up like I said but then I thought about death I thought about suicide I thought about the quickest way to leave this world because of what it did I wasn't able to cuz halfway from pulling that trigger....I heard God either it was my imagination or something I heard him and what I heard was these words "it won't change even if you do this it just won't change"in those few words they stopped me from ending me now next time somebody tries to do something and your not okay with it *stand up for yourself even if it means standing alone*