Port of Amsterdam - Timelapse SAIL 2015 - Drone Addicts
Timelapse Port Amsterdam

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Experience #SAIL2015 from the water! Our team was allowed during SAIL at high exception along with a patrol boat from port of Amsterdam to see how the nautical colleagues of harbour master Division to SAIL worked. And this timelapse of Drone Addicts is the result! Do you see even though forward to SAIL2020?\ Sail Amsterdam 2015 Port of Amsterdam - SAIL 2015 Video by Droneaddicts Sail Timelapse 2015 ------------ Drone Addicts, located in Amsterdam, is a group consisting of experienced filmmakers, tech-heads and certified drone-pilots who reach altitudes that are inaccessible to others. Our video productions meet high standards. Like no other we’re able to translate the artistic vision of our customers into impressive visuals, whether it involves a promo film or the reporting of an event. Next to creating video productions we also provide workshops for individuals, companies and schools. (Much is possible; tell us your ideas!) We also give educational lectures and we gladly advise on purchasing a drone. Check out our compilations of aerial photography and cinematography full of spectacular locations and objects. Drone flight footage is recorded with the DJI Inspire quadcopter. amsterdam, timelapse, port, ships, sail, sail, harbor, harbour


Juana Carmona : Increíble parecen homiguitas los barcos está precioso

Genetherapy3232 : a page on facebook stole this from you and got 4 million views. paid you no credit. page is called "pour nous les hommes"

Andrew Silva : First major traffic jam of ships have ever seen...

Artem P : Parallel parking at 0:50

Friedrich von Hayek : But the germans says that rivers must be wild!

Pavel Shaitan : красиво, хочу в Амстердам

sborniass : ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT II @ 30 seconds mark :D

Joe Wilcox : how do they not crash 😂😂😂

Axel 2708 : what is the song name??

anthony2154 : Wow, amazing!

5 PERCENT : Want to visit there someday

Jonathan Silva : I could watch this all day

ari saputra : what is the song name ?

Юрий Евпатория : "Конечно, так в Амстердаме не всегда, видео было сделано во время морского парада SAIL Amsterdam, одного из самых больших — если не самого большого — парада кораблей в мире, когда сотни судов и парусников проходят по Северному Морскому каналу."

Hhotshot1 : Amazing anthill. Music, please ???

織田信長 : めっちゃ混んでて草

Erassus : Ants in the ocean.

erslee : Дивно як вони не зiштовхуються....

이정민 : would love to know the music

Joseph Caldwell : this is one of my favorite videos, thank you!

Константин Верба : Очень красиво. Молодцы.

tijmen spierings : amazing dutch boat timelapse

MX FACT : Awesome

Во Как : ...дно почистить некогда...

Lunz Lunz : Охренеть!!!

Genetherapy3232 : anyone know the song?

Leifur Thor : Great video and editing!

ghazal b : what program is it made in ?

chewie frey : That water has to be so polluted!!!

Ebby Sabbagh : WOW, cool..

lovelysunkyu : Age of Discovery!

Maria Akrich : amazing 🤘🏻

Travis Stockwell : Well done!

Luisa Britz : Beautiful.Thanks.🌷

riley hallaway : Hey can you tell us what song this is?

Bill Wilkat : Fascinating--I had no idea so many were using this port. I was born in the Netherlands but still learning more about it all the time! Took a lot to put this together as well--thanks for posting it!

Manatee Max : Somebody needs to take this a dub highway traffic sounds and car horns over it.

movies1239 : Does this happen on a daily basis, or was this some special event?

EMILIO mio : that is amazing! time lapse is little bit too fast...

Erick P . V DAre devil : sorprendete nunca antes habia visto algo ai parecen juguetitos estos barc os x amontones

Rygor D : фантастика

Junaid Nasir : why there's no traffic rules ?

Blossom Utonium : Soon when big cities goes underwater...

ivklimat : Please music!!!

Merlin Mijdus : 0:43 The ferry squeezing itself through. Hahaha


Wrighter : verbluffende

Андрей Матирных : Вот он пример....дайте людям свободу и не создавайте правил движения.

Constantine Movile : Когда у нас будет также развито водное сообщение, а парки аттракционов достигнут такого же уровня(или хотя бы как в Харькове в парке Горького), нам не будут страшны никакие кризисы:-)