NHK Blends - Toto - Africa - Koto - COVER

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David Hahnert : I miss the rains down in Tokyo

adeep187 : This is amazing.

Mike Lytou : Just when I thought I could not be more annoyed by that song than I already am...

Craig Martin : wondrousness

Corinna Heim : The steel drums are weird. They are anything but traditionally japanese

ShibaPatrol : Song about Africa created by white guys covered by Asian women with traditional instruments. Whack

Adri : I miss the soy sauce in Kushiage...🎼

MuscularMtnMan : Just try to listen without singing the lyrics in your head! I dare you.

MoonWalkerTexsRanger : its 1 in the morning and I am looking at japenese womens playing Africa with a koto. Okay time to sleep. cool cover tho

Eric : Ugh, this is awful!

Corey Kinard : I never would have linked steel pans with Japan. Very interesting.

klepetar : pretty good..

Dennis Sheehy Jr : Toto's Africa is a great song but how it achieved such an embedded and iconic status in the past decade is truly remarkable and will likely never be truly understood. #Toto #Africa

meltyninjers : as for the reason for the steel pan: the only percussion instruments japan has are those taiko tatsujin games in the arcades, and nobody had programmed the beat for "Africa" into one of them yet, so they needed to improvise.

Joyce Gibson : These ladies have it going on!!!! I love "Africa" and this version is very cool!!! Nice!

Gran Jaguar : I came from Reddit

CloSeph : Imagine John Pumper on vacation in Japan and walking into this

GKTP : the video is almost 2 years old yet the comments are just days or weeks interesting

Hippokrátēs Ἡρακλείδης : to skip the song 4:59

the doge : respecc 2 asia

achev1 : Better than Weezers direct copy.

Cairn Rugg : Osaka by Koto

Mastergrunt9 : Stop... STOP! YAMERO!!!

Richard Lucas : And the ball keeps rolling...

cooksta a : Toto by Koto in Kyoto with Kimonos

rohanb2711 : BUT WILL IT DJENT?

Laurie Mathus : 02:38 Toto Koto Solo?

spliffqueeg : Magnificent! Three beautiful and immensely talented musicians. The shamisen player is fantastic.

eerereps : 4:00 That riff on the steel ❤

HentaiChief : Toto on a Koto in Kyoto.

TheZab : Hi reddit

Ligma Balls : I feel something..... like i'm in Hawaii.


Alex Blogg : North American Song Performed by East Asians About Africa When people say they want peace on earth I imagine this scene playing in their head.

study buddies : That's not animation

Shiba pie : Why are all comments from like a few seconds ago or hours. Did everyone come from Reddit?

Andrés Ksnv : Thank you Japan, very cool!

Sarah Moran : Beautiful!

KhajiitHasSkooma : I upvoted for the effort, but sorry guys, this sounds like shit with these instruments. They just aren't meant for this type of music.

Binky Boppin : Am I horrible for wanting to see the front girl's instrument switched for a guitar, playing a death metal version of Africa along with those other traditional instruments? Probably, but I want to hear it.

Paul Forstall : This was pretty pretty pretty good. The musicians, the outfits, the instruments, the song, and the setting all came together perfectly

Thomas Ning : ...Sounds great, but am I the only one who doesn't recognise the song?

SupaGoku560 Fart : Anyone here from reddit?

SupaGoku560 Fart : Koto by toto

Thedude 404 : After my massage, I would like a ham sandwich.

Kofi Concubus : Here before reddit gets to it.

Joseph Andreini : This was excellent, but as other commenters alluded to I would have preferred vocals instead of the steel drum.

turtlewings : today was shitty and I needed this, so thank you

Sentientsword : Great performance!

Andrew Turner : I hope this trio is a real band. This is a great blend of musical voices and their musicianship is impressive. They are also really beautiful, which I do not mean to minimize their talents as musicians. Also the arrangement of the song is very well done. Please be a real band that makes your own music, or even just does other arrangements.