NHK Blends - Toto - Africa - Koto - COVER

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MrLuigge : Asia by koto

jackson mooney : Super white song Called Africa Played by Asians 2018 is a crazy year to be alive

Yahwehs Blue boy : the internet really does have everything if you look long enough

simonshouldsaystuff : 1:03 to skip to the song

David Hahnert : I miss the rains down in Tokyo

lastho : Did I save this video, or did it save me?

Corey Kinard : I never would have linked steel pans with Japan. Very interesting.

Unknown Prodigy : It doesn't matter what you play this song on... its just awesome.

Kofi Concubus : Here before reddit gets to it.

eerereps : 4:00 That riff on the steel ❤

achev1 : Better than Weezers direct copy.

ZeoTalented : We need more people to know about this!

Paul Forstall : This was pretty pretty pretty good. The musicians, the outfits, the instruments, the song, and the setting all came together perfectly

Si So : *SUGOI*

Stephen Nesbit : Wasn't aware the steel drum was a traditional Japanese instrument.... LOL

rohanb2711 : BUT WILL IT DJENT?

Dude Man McCool : Pretty underrated

Speedwagon : This song slaps 🔥

MoonWalkerTexsRanger : its 1 in the morning and I am looking at japenese womens playing Africa with a koto. Okay time to sleep. cool cover tho

Aaron S. : This song slaps.

B B : Very talented.

SupaGoku560 Fart : Koto by toto

rmeddy1 : Steel pan sounding good in the Koto Toto

TheZab : Hi reddit

Adri : I miss the soy sauce in Kushiage...🎼

GaryM TT : Yo big props to the steel pan..represent that Trinidad and Tobago culture!!

Tapirus Sbrabous : Very nice. But here someone can understand, very deeply, what the BASS absence is to music. You can stop the guitar, the drums, the vocals. Stop the bass and the music looses its root. By the way: I'm a drummer. And the best company to drums is the bass. Cheers.

NoobishNemo : This is honestly one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Level 4 Helmet : That was beautiful.

Joyce Gibson : These ladies have it going on!!!! I love "Africa" and this version is very cool!!! Nice!

Bluecore : I just love this! So symbolical of how far we have come as a species. Something like this would have never been dreamed of 100 years ago.

Fabi : wow amazing

Thomas Ning : ...Sounds great, but am I the only one who doesn't recognise the song?

Gran Jaguar : I came from Reddit

David Hillman : Makes me think of Kung Fu Hustle

EpiPiano : Thats adorable

;-; : Is this heaven I've stumbled upon?

Seth Marcell : That was lovely!

Damoun Shabestari : Love it.

Damian likes to speak to the microphone : Asia by Koto

j e : That is an amazing figured piece of wood.

Mr H : Fire

SupaGoku560 Fart : Anyone here from reddit?

Robert Rapp : It took a whole minute just for a stupid intro. Just show what's in the title man...

Shiba pie : Why are all comments from like a few seconds ago or hours. Did everyone come from Reddit?

K Ly : i feel like half of me is on the islands of Japan and the other half is in the Caribbean or something.


Katbot : This is the sickest thing I've ever seen. Beautiful!!!!!!!!

David Brooks : The steel pan was invented among the gangs in Trinidad-Tobago from left over oil drums during the war. It was mainly used by street gangs until it left the ghetto and became recognized as a major instrument. The only one really developed in the 20th century. So you have a really white song about Africa played by Japanese with instruments from three parts of the world. If you want to see an amazing event go to the Panorama in Trinidad - Tobago around Carnival, Feb.

turtlewings : today was shitty and I needed this, so thank you