Tyler Cassidy - Junkie (Original Song)

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Tyler Cassidy Music : Shout out to Reddit for giving me some shine 🙏🙏

Bigolecactus : I came for Krispy Kreme & instead found feels.

Jimmy Mac : Troll the hell out of us with Froggy Fresh and come to find out your really talented and got an ear for music. Writing your own piano notes and then lyrics, coming up with melodies in your head it's not easy. Good shit bro

StickFigureHipHop : I've never wanted a person that I've never met to succeed more than this guy he's so talented it's crazy I really hope he becomes famous because he deserves it...well again!!!

Cluccers : this song just dunked on me

iTwe4kz : Really lovin’ this stuff man

Data Data : This song could be the anthem for every dude that fell for a lil wild chick and all her dark ways.

god don 1 : Make an album im buying. quality

Chloe Jeansonne : I have to say, as a recovering addict, this just hits home. I can't stop listening. You have something about you..

Noah Ferreri : from the baddest of them all to the saddest of them all

Alfred F. Jones : I’d love to hear you collaborate with Joji.

Berger Merger : I think this song is his experience with a large following on the internet and how when all the fame comes to an end you realize your audience doesn't truly love you and it is a momentary high. I see this song as a artist realizing that they do what they do because they love it, not because of how the fame makes them feel because that is fleeting.

Keith Conwell : You remind of Elton John... Bro you could be huge!!!! Like this song is so beautiful.

Chase Macaluso : You can not stop making music my man.. you are way to talented! My scope shows you hitting fame in the near future with this new direction. Please keep it up no matter what the obstacles present!

Arron Griffith : Wtf froggie fresh is actually really talented.... We should have all known.

Bird Dawg : Dude i dont know if will read this but i have listening to all of your songs lately. They are better than most shit on the radio. Keep it up!!

Jerry Robles : Gosh darn it Tyler if you don't go mainstream im gonna hunt you down and dunk on you.

Emily X : how are you not famous i am overwhelmed by this

JAKE THE TURBO SNAKE : Why isn't this all over FM instead we have face tattooed bums polluting our ears.

Ethan Ivy : So under appreciated

aids the aidan : dude can i make a music video for this

Savior Of Noobs : This song really did touch me. It's funny but it's true, too. Thanks, Tyler. You've always made me laugh and I'll never forget that.

EI8HT 8IT : Damn bro. Another banger.

Happy Heyhey : Dude seriously please produce these and sell them on iTunes! you are so talented!!!

John Lyons : Dude, I’m speechless. I loved Froggy but this is a another level. Much respect.

skeems2g : What a beautiful sad song.

esotericpig : When is the CD coming out? I like the southern accent with the piano.

tyoung : Not sure what state youre in but come to my studio, we’ll do a real master of this song and make it legit. Seriously

GWaddCustoms : Bro you need a record deal, this is FIRE. meaningful music is being lost every day. Keep pushing man ! This is gonna blow up!

The Duuude : Wow this is beautiful Tyler.

Adam Hampton : This hit me right in the soul straight beautiful song thanks Tyler !

braydon nootbaar : Tyler cassidy/froggy fresh/Krispy kream is the best song artist to walk this planet

EverCell : Can't stop listening to this song love it

Carin Hall : Tyler, you really remind me of the great Tom Waits. That's a huge compliment, btw

Savior Of Noobs : This song really did touch me. It's funny but it's true, too. Thanks, Tyler. You've always made me laugh and I'll never forget that.

Erica Norman : He’s cute💕 and this song is amazing 😁😩💕

namizmo : Hooked like a junkie.

Brenwalsh : Damn man, your really killing it on the keys

Owen Trainer : Tell me who hurt you, I’ll call there mom

Your An Moron : This song reminds me of Angie from The Rolling Stones. I love it, dude.

rasmus9311 : I have probably listened to this song at least 10 to 20 times this evening.

Ikannuna Plays : Feeling this hard bro. <3

Dolan Com : Bruh you good af 👏👏👏

Michael Allen : This sounds like it could be a real song on the radio one day.. Praying that good things will come💪

JAY CHRISTIAN : I was a junky for 19 years😉 A waste of life.....

MrJklay : My heart just got dunked on.

uglygal : The raspiness of this mans voice is godly omfg

Qwerty178 : ❤️❤️🏆🏆❤️❤️

Paperclips : Amazing man, hope you release an album or project in the future. Hoping for all the best for you 🙏

EverCell : Why did you write a song about me 😭