HomeMade Electric Airplane

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FliteTest : Absolutely amazing Peter! You must be on cloud 9... Now we need to bring the paramotors down and do some flying! Keep going my friend! -Alex

William Osman : Peter, you're my hero <3

İSMAİL KAR NANOKUNG : that is awesome

Dominic Commisso : Wright Brothers: Yeah, we invested all our life savings into research and design to build an airplane. It took like half our lives of dedication. Peter: Yeah, I bought some shit from the Home Depot, glued some shit together, and fucking flew because I got board.

Renan M. M. : Next series: how to construct a rocket that goes to the moon using ropes, batteries, tape and glue :)

Technical Soul : You should add the motor on the front.... Of plane

Tucker Gott : Peter you are a legend!!

Flyers District : you are my hero bro!

Vinícius Agostinho : Dammit Peter, you're IN a FULL SIZE plane now, stop flying like an RC already!, put on some parachutes on your back and take that thing above the clouds! You already know how to glide back to the runway without power anyway.

Tristan Kress : Build a jet engine powered plane like if you agree

di di : Is this legal? Cause i want to do it to!

David Windestal : The first time we met you we're flying a Slow stick with a 100W LED on it (might been 25 or 50? cant remember) Pretty darn amazing how far you've come since than. Thank you for proving that the same building techniques that we use to build 100 grams models can be used to fly a human. I am proud to be your friend.

alishanmao : how lucky you are. I would die to live at a place where you live and build all kinds of my own homemade electric aircraft :( Congrats for a great build. enjoy it bud

teddy bear world : My 🐕 name is toby

Anthony Warner : I think you better send elon musk your resume

161 cool : You are a pro Just follow your dreams

the Hacksmith : FIRST! Those are some nice batteries. So awesome to see this done and working! What are you thinking for the paint job?

Hallvard Eika : Flitetest made an airplane like this too, but they Where many and this guy just made all by himself!

The lettuce wouldn’t let us : This is awesome. Kudos to you for building such an amazing little machine. All i can think about is putting some solid fuel rockets on it to assist in take off. Jato!!

Caleb Peters : 3:33 for a couple seconds i thought that was gopro footage from the plane i was like "shit he ded"

m8ty.com : I would advice you to install a volt and capacity meter as an additional gauge in your instrument panel so that you can be alerted when voltage and amperage is running low so you can know when to land. Also see if you can fit alot more batteries to further increase your range.

TAOFLEDERMAUS : Peter was also flying the drone at the same time he was flying the plane.

RAPTORUL DX : Escape apocaliptic Earth

PikaPlays23 : peter do you have a pilot license

daniel letterman : Was there a final price tag on the materials ? Of course the completed work in the air is priceless !!

Rdawgs : No way I want to fly that so badly

The Real Life Guys : This really was amazing, all your work definitely was worth it! It is the best project we have ever seen on Youtube, so inspiring!

Gregory Hager : Can i take your airplane

Little Bon : My favoraite video

Mad RC Modeling : What was your max airspeed

Little Snek : Awesome! :D

LeonidasGFX : Finally! The most awesome project on YouTube I've ever seen!

Ray_RG : Now you got everything ready! Now you gotta retract the landing gears! (optional but kinda risky)

Jaiden Patel - Sunny View MS (1439) : Your flying that plane 😀

Juan Miguel Poemape Jaico : porque no ases un avion mc-15cir-cri

Juan Miguel Poemape Jaico : y me gusto eres injeniero o que cosa

Gabe Smith : Yes finally the flight love your vids Peter.

ignacio mendoza : How many batteries per motor? Please let me know , you are a legend

EREN ÇETİN : how many times do you think what happens when a bird hits your plane while flying

Dark_ Days : Yeee Haaaa! That looks Like WW1 Bomber, Very Good aircraft mate

Lubin : what else can I say, Subscribed !

Energy Flurry : Trending #18... Well deserved

ibrahem shikho : Can I buy a plane like this?

Tryinglittleleg : The definition of Ultralight in Australia is way different

Tristan the LEGO guy : Fakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mathias go green : Do stunts

x9x9x9x9x9 : Congrats on getting it up and running! This was incredible. Oh and congrats on not dying.

Dericker_ BR : I doubt you'll build an improved plane.

Acaicia Hogan : I see you're a fat rat fan. Also, how much did this cost LOL

Memecrafter 420 : Do more with this plane plz