HomeMade Electric Airplane

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FliteTest : Absolutely amazing Peter! You must be on cloud 9... Now we need to bring the paramotors down and do some flying! Keep going my friend! -Alex

William Osman : Peter, you're my hero <3

Lolek Bolek : Congratulations for not dying

Ébeo Drones : Chupa haters dos infernos! Por que é tão difícil assumir que ele voou? Ah! e Santos Dumont inventou o avião. Claro, vocês também não vão assumir nunca he he Chupa de novo!!!

awolatlarge : Peter, you have my utmost admiration and respect. In this "modern" "society", as it were, that sets the bar at mediocrity, you are an example to all of what man is truly capable of. i would like to suggest to you an idea regarding the painting of your plane. it would be cool as hell if you had a pinup girl painted on the front of the fuselage like they used to do in wwii, like the Memphis Belle.

sneviann sanchez : Congrats peter we are very proud :)

David Windestal : The first time we met you we're flying a Slow stick with a 100W LED on it (might been 25 or 50? cant remember) Pretty darn amazing how far you've come since than. Thank you for proving that the same building techniques that we use to build 100 grams models can be used to fly a human. I am proud to be your friend.

ManOnFire : Lots of hate from the safety brigade and "fly boys" lol. Pretty sure riding my GSXR 750 is a lot more dangerous than what Peter is doing. Congrats man, amazing!

JH Hacker : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Im really proud watching the video

paul holmes : You forgot to say thanks to your mate sam the worlds best sidekick !!

Neil Cadag : Dude, name your plane the Sripol Mk 1

Tucker Gott : Peter you are a legend!!

trophix : Have fun charging the batteries.

Moto co : If I️ had the money and and space I️ would build this exact one but with 2 stroke engines so I️ would be able to go farther and it would be more in my expertise

laoch33 AKA DoDo : I'm really happy for you that it all went so well- I feel proud of u- doing it for the rc community :D Well bloody done!

Jonathan Plas : Do a loop

the Hacksmith : FIRST! Those are some nice batteries. So awesome to see this done and working! What are you thinking for the paint job?

lign Good : NOOOOO!!! You can't be done with this until next spring! We want to see more and see it fly HIGHER!! Seriously, you are absolutely incredible with your skills! Congratulations!

GeneralLeeStupid1 : How many hours do you think this project took you?

Ethan Siems : Peter you're making all of us normal model airplane builders look bad!

Legend27 Savage : Peter you are one of the many people that change the world in a good way. Keep up all your hard work and keep doing what you love

TAOFLEDERMAUS : Peter was also flying the drone at the same time he was flying the plane.

Steven : I can barley get out of bed and write an essay and this man made and flew an airplane.

Snofzig : I remember when you where just back at 35k, I'm so proud of how far you've come and I hope that the support of all your fans will allow you to do even more awesome things! Keep doing great work Peter!

Fred Hollands : Congratulations on your building... I am happy that it flew as well as it did. Question Do you find it easier to fly with being in the aircraft, compared to flying models from the ground? I have flown models and often wondered?

Creeper gang gaming : Peter you are amazing

The Real Life Guys : This really was amazing, all your work definitely was worth it! It is the best project we have ever seen on Youtube, so inspiring!

Anakin Sandwalker : This guy is a genius

videokfm : Weldone Peter. Now you could make aviation history. By building the first fullscale manned foamy you must please build a RC scale replica , fly it and post the build scale plans. Howz that for a challenge? Then we can all build and fly your plane.

Dylan Milne : If you want ideas I think you should just scale up everything you've made so far - it's worked with a plane - you can do anything!

Mht Lay : You finally done it

LeonidasGFX : Finally! The most awesome project on YouTube I've ever seen!

BenRoth : Congrats Peter!!! Well done. Looks like she flies like a dream. Now you just need to start selling speedbuild kits for her :D

Eric Coleson : Fantastic! Except... Please, before you crash that, get somebody to show you how to fasten a 4-point harness "low and tight". None of us want to read how you submarined out of that seat and castrated yourself on the stick after your first sudden stop.

Theodore : All dog people are triggered within the first 0:06 of this video.

Corey Thunes : The song links in the description are the same???

Gabe Smith : Yes finally the flight love your vids Peter.

Ray1235225 : How many 18650 batteries would you need to fly?

August Kreiter : Paint it yellow

Eon Juggernaut : You would be a good person to be friends with during an apocalypse

Flaming Eggroll : Flight of the pheonix

Brendan Goosen : Elon Musk hire this guy!

nicnac499 : Can you make a submarine for your fans please

TufnNuf : The only video I've seen on trending that deserves it

HyperlordXP : This is the shit I want to see on trending! I'm tried of all these dead ass celebs and fake content.

Energy Flurry : Trending #18... Well deserved

Matteo Casotti : *Dog* "I HALP"

Peter Lohnes : Sorry you failed: you didn't fly it in your basement.

TheCookieManiac : Make an airplane for your dogs

Joseph Stalin : British pilot observing the No Man's Land in a reconnaissance aircraft at the Battle of the Somme. (1916 Colorized)