HomeMade Electric Airplane

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FliteTest : Absolutely amazing Peter! You must be on cloud 9... Now we need to bring the paramotors down and do some flying! Keep going my friend! -Alex

LeonidasGFX : Finally! The most awesome project on YouTube I've ever seen!

Steven : I can barley get out of bed and write an essay and this man made and flew an airplane.

Joseph Stalin : British pilot observing the No Man's Land in a reconnaissance aircraft at the Battle of the Somme. (1916 Colorized)

Peter Lohnes : Sorry you failed: you didn't fly it in your basement.

Anakin Sandwalker : This guy is a genius

Gabe Smith : Yes finally the flight love your vids Peter.

Eon Juggernaut : You would be a good person to be friends with during an apocalypse

onlyonelifetolive : How were you able to take off with 240lbs of BALLS onboard?

Brendan Goosen : Elon Musk hire this guy!

Crypto Pro : This guy built a fucking airplane 😂

Energy Flurry : Trending #18... Well deserved

nicnac499 : Can you make a submarine for your fans please

Creeper gang gaming : Peter you are amazing

boris said : The North Korean airforce

Louie Jake : Build a rocket to the moon Peter

x9x9x9x9x9 : Congrats on getting it up and running! This was incredible. Oh and congrats on not dying.

Henry Zhang : Modern-day Wright brother

Goodworth : Flight time: 2hrs Recharge time: 2 days d:

Ray1235225 : How many 18650 batteries would you need to fly?

ЅƘΨΔLIƲΣ : Now this plane needs a bomber livery

Tony Fleetwood : pretty crazy to think you can go do home depot and get a majority of the supplies to build an ultralight... great work! so cool to see that thing fly!

TheCookieManiac : Make an airplane for your dogs

Scott Rosengarten : Absolutely amazing, I loved it!! You are well on your way to doing many GREAT things, mark my words! Great job, Peter. 5 stars

Dylan Milne : If you want ideas I think you should just scale up everything you've made so far - it's worked with a plane - you can do anything!

Slop! a cooking show : This is incredible.

Lolek Bolek : Congratulations for not dying

Ethan Siems : Peter you're making all of us normal model airplane builders look bad!

Guther : now this is freedom!

Darrell Grisham : I am 73 years young and you and those like you make me have pride in the young people that invent and have the courage to live their dreams.

videokfm : Weldone Peter. Now you could make aviation history. By building the first fullscale manned foamy you must please build a RC scale replica , fly it and post the build scale plans. Howz that for a challenge? Then we can all build and fly your plane.

Experimental Fun : I see people must be stealing your videos also :( anyway awesome job, would be pretty cool if you could put some small RC jet engines on there :)

Aminuddin Hakim : How about YOU use generator

Corey Thunes : The song links in the description are the same???

Hammer ToeNail : Finnallly

Latvianrcchannel Latvia : Great job, fantastic flying and video. congrats fantastic.

Eliot Gower : Sneaks his URL just in case it goes viral😂

Drakon Beatbox : can you make the wing of an airplane fly

David Roberts : You have to put some of those small jet engines on it.

Michael Owen_LOL : Are you a GOD!! 😂


The Nocturnal Alchemist : Glad to see it worked out great. You deserve the success you’re having

lele lele : is theres a zombie apocalypse please fly over the zombies with me

David Smith : I'm proud (and, of course, a little jealous) for you! Great job! I hope to accomplish a similar goal one day!

Abel Ladeau : I was at EAA Oshkosh today and I was thinking peters plane NEEDS to be here in the pioneer section of the museum you're not the first electric plane but definitely the best I've seen thus far!

Tech Ninja : Try traveling long distances

Bobby K : Can u make ur dog poop on this comment?

I Drones : That is sooo cool

Tesseract Unfolded : Thank you for the inspiration. Love seeing this success!

Joel Pauley : Dude if that crashes and hits the lipo pack it will explode