HomeMade Electric Airplane

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FliteTest : Absolutely amazing Peter! You must be on cloud 9... Now we need to bring the paramotors down and do some flying! Keep going my friend! -Alex

Tucker Gott : Peter you are a legend!!

Goodworth : Flight time: 2hrs Recharge time: 2 days d:

Renan M. M. : Next series: how to construct a rocket that goes to the moon using ropes, batteries, tape and glue :)

Blu : now this is freedom!

Eddy Jin : Any other idiot want to say that's technically not flying.

the Hacksmith : FIRST! Those are some nice batteries. So awesome to see this done and working! What are you thinking for the paint job?

Strepsal : can we have the plans

Strepsal : Now go higher

Tristan Kress : Build a jet engine powered plane like if you agree

teddy bear world : My 🐕 name is toby

Gabe Smith : Yes finally the flight love your vids Peter.

Aminuddin Hakim : How about YOU use generator

di di : Is this legal? Cause i want to do it to!

Anthony Warner : I think you better send elon musk your resume

mohd Nazim : You should add the motor on the front.... Of plane

Energy Flurry : Trending #18... Well deserved

Darrell Grisham : I am 73 years young and you and those like you make me have pride in the young people that invent and have the courage to live their dreams.

David Roberts : You have to put some of those small jet engines on it.

captarmour : about how much HP are these motors pushing out? prob about 13. if so they and the airframe are very eficent

Hallvard Eika : Flitetest made an airplane like this too, but they Where many and this guy just made all by himself!

x9x9x9x9x9 : Congrats on getting it up and running! This was incredible. Oh and congrats on not dying.

Samuel Seidel : You need to get the FullyChargedShow out to do an interview.

Michael Owen_LOL : Are you a GOD!! 😂

Dominic Commisso : Wright Brothers: Yeah, we invested all our life savings into research and design to build an airplane. It took like half our lives of dedication. Peter: Yeah, I bought some shit from the Home Depot, glued some shit together, and fucking flew because I got board.

161 cool : You are a pro Just follow your dreams

Lolek Bolek : Congratulations for not dying

My pussy pink Just like salami : is theres a zombie apocalypse please fly over the zombies with me

PikaPlays23 : peter do you have a pilot license

m8ty.com : I would advice you to install a volt and capacity meter as an additional gauge in your instrument panel so that you can be alerted when voltage and amperage is running low so you can know when to land. Also see if you can fit alot more batteries to further increase your range.

Little Snek : Awesome! :D

chevy : Ben waiting for you to hit trending 😃

I Drones : That is sooo cool

heinmuller serge : you are a good pilot!

Juan Miguel Poemape Jaico : porque no ases un avion mc-15cir-cri

Juan Miguel Poemape Jaico : y me gusto eres injeniero o que cosa

The Nocturnal Alchemist : Glad to see it worked out great. You deserve the success you’re having

ignacio mendoza : How many batteries per motor? Please let me know , you are a legend

The Unk_ownBoYo : Yeee Haaaa! That looks Like WW1 Bomber, Very Good aircraft mate

Daniel Piazza : Fly higher!

Joel Pauley : Dude if that crashes and hits the lipo pack it will explode

Xavier Ancarno : - 2025 The young genius Peter Sripol enter the competition against Lockheed Martin and Boeing For the next Electrical, Long range - Low consumption bomber, requested by the DOD

Shadman Chowdhury : Wright brothers would be proud!

Lubin : what else can I say, Subscribed !

Dericker_ BR : I doubt you'll build an improved plane.

Go Guy : You didn't invent the airplane and you are probably not the first person to build an airplane on their own, but by golly you just inspired a lot of people. Thanks Peter!!!!!

TopFelya : Great ! It even has a strobe light !

ibrahem shikho : Can I buy a plane like this?

Jacob Pettit : Does this guy even have a pilots license

Caleb Peters : 3:33 for a couple seconds i thought that was gopro footage from the plane i was like "shit he ded"