HomeMade Electric Airplane

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FliteTest : Absolutely amazing Peter! You must be on cloud 9... Now we need to bring the paramotors down and do some flying! Keep going my friend! -Alex

William Osman : Peter, you're my hero <3

alishanmao : how lucky you are. I would die to live at a place where you live and build all kinds of my own homemade electric aircraft :( Congrats for a great build. enjoy it bud

İSMAİL KAR NANOKUNG : that is awesome

TheDaniel366Cobra : Peter, how much did the plane cost you?

SmartBoiIsaacNewton : do you need a pilots license to fly it.

Tucker Gott : Peter you are a legend!!

Meat Bag : You didn't die! Yay

gabito del infinito : I love it Good video👍👍👍

m8ty.com : I would advice you to install a volt and capacity meter as an additional gauge in your instrument panel so that you can be alerted when voltage and amperage is running low so you can know when to land. Also see if you can fit alot more batteries to further increase your range.


David Windestal : The first time we met you we're flying a Slow stick with a 100W LED on it (might been 25 or 50? cant remember) Pretty darn amazing how far you've come since than. Thank you for proving that the same building techniques that we use to build 100 grams models can be used to fly a human. I am proud to be your friend.

Logan Taylor : Holy moly this seems like it would be quite literally impossible to do. Your videos never cease to amaze me. This is incredible.

RAPTORUL DX : Escape apocaliptic Earth

Hugh Mungus Dildeaux : This is awesome. Kudos to you for building such an amazing little machine. All i can think about is putting some solid fuel rockets on it to assist in take off. Jato!!

T Squared : Build another one and add paintball guns

the Hacksmith : FIRST! Those are some nice batteries. So awesome to see this done and working! What are you thinking for the paint job?

Allan Henrique : You did a really good job, but ig if it was mine, I would change the engine location. It's very dangerous to keep something rotating so fast between your 2 wings. If you face some engine blow up you would fall from the sky immediately.

NoName67 : youre parents must be proud of you (subscribed!)

Gregory Hager : Can i take your airplane

Mad RC Modeling : What was your max airspeed

TAOFLEDERMAUS : Peter was also flying the drone at the same time he was flying the plane.

Jaiden Patel - Sunny View MS (1439) : Your flying that plane 😀

MavHunter20XX : Do you plan on painting it? I'd like to see what kind of "decals" you place on it.

Acaicia Hogan : I see you're a fat rat fan. Also, how much did this cost LOL

Pter Anodon : I must have missed this video last year. I am speechless, you outdid yourself with this one. Great project, never seen anything more inspiring.

The Real Life Guys : This really was amazing, all your work definitely was worth it! It is the best project we have ever seen on Youtube, so inspiring!

daniel letterman : Was there a final price tag on the materials ? Of course the completed work in the air is priceless !!

Kota : Why would people dislike for an amazing video!!!

Rdawgs : No way I want to fly that so badly

lucas thedroid : Amazing Peter

LeonidasGFX : Finally! The most awesome project on YouTube I've ever seen!

lucas thedroid : Amazing peter

Little Bon : My favoraite video

Ray_RG : Now you got everything ready! Now you gotta retract the landing gears! (optional but kinda risky)

Gamer slayer : try it it with fuel angine

Gabe Smith : Yes finally the flight love your vids Peter.

EREN ÇETİN : how many times do you think what happens when a bird hits your plane while flying

Caden Frenzel : I NEED IT SO BADLY!

ibrahem shikho : Can I buy a plane like this?

Papa kris Rodgers : Totally illegal because he does not have a license

Energy Flurry : Trending #18... Well deserved

Tryinglittleleg : The definition of Ultralight in Australia is way different

Mathias go green : Do stunts

Tristan the LEGO guy : Fakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

RobXbox63 Native : Asians don't know their dogs name because...they call their dogs..barbeque.

x9x9x9x9x9 : Congrats on getting it up and running! This was incredible. Oh and congrats on not dying.

clayman0 skycade : no one can build and fly a model airplane in their basement unless you have a massive basement

The heck : This could be PS380

You tubers : Really really ♨ hot.