Wife of the Party # 29 - Career Testing

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Jacob Melena : This new intro, 👌

Falangee Regina : Sean Carroll just brought out his new podcast called The Mindscape podcast and it has been really fantastic each episode on a wide range of topics from his own background in physics to sexuality and gender questions. I highly recommend it!

Shellie : Plan a clothes shopping trip tonight!

USDutchkitty 84 : My high school friend had a VERY close experience with trying to adopt a Doberman from an adoption agency in Atlanta. Now, my friend, who was a trained police officer, TRAINED police dogs, and the adoption agency went "NOPE!" because they asked about the other Doberman that had recently died, they went berserk that Faust, looked like what you think of "Doberman", docked tail, ears up. Oh and that my friend waited a year to get Faust neutered because she wanted him to bulk out since he was the runt of the litter so he was smaller than average. So they thought she was "unfit" because these things. And wanted $500 adoption fee and like my friend was like "I could just go get a brand new puppy with AKC papers versus a SHELTER animal." Good lord.

Minka M : Horse face needs to wear a bag over her head for future podcasts. LeAnn could maybe just have the camera on her?

jon mendoza : Great podcast

Silly Boprr : “Sokanu” = “so can you”😂 “sukkanew”

Gaby Segura : I wanna see Cathy’s freak side