Escherian Stairwell Deconstruction
Escherian Stairwell Deconstruction

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Captain Disillusion climbs to the heights of absurdity. Please consider supporting my videos on: ----- Credits and Attribution • Michael Lacanilao's channel: • Image at 10:20 from Michael's FB Page: • Starfury 3D model by Chris Kuhn (


RadzYt : Who else is on a Captain Disillusion marathon?

Ty Deans : This video felt like an hour of good content

Bohemian : Your channel ruins everything I love. Subscribed.

kang dedededede : If you look really close you can see captain disillusion is really just a dinosaur

Brittany Wegman : lol I went to RIT, & the staircase is in an art/film building. I used to climb those stairs allll the time for different classes, as I was a graphic design major there. Never knew they were internet-famous stairs or else I wouldve appreciated them more xD

9C7E1284-1611-4BC8-A532-E0FBCA8993E7 : You almost got my reflexes to close the video when starting with "I've been listening to this book..." Got me good.

Patrick Porter : Oh no! It SCP-087!

FrozenRaider : I like the morals these videos teach.

Lord Splynter : *Michael: It was just a prank bruh*

Hange Sloan : I dont care about the debunking footage thing anymore man, as a cosplayer I just want to know how you keep your face paint looking so perfect every frame

Jonathan Duenas : I laugh at the edible.gum thing 😂 that's actually how it goes down when it's a video sponsor

WildRage : 6:53 *me when someone is talking shit behind my back* edit: wow thanks for 347 likes

JedDraws : still amazes me how much time and effort you can put into a 15 minute video!

Gabester46 : You're too good for YouTube. Your quality astounds me. You can never go wrong with any of your videos.

DistrackXmusic : "not by reinventing the concept of story telling, But by telling good stories" - Captain D

Tanner Townsend : Ed Sheeran stairway deconstruction

Kyle Sunshine : The part where he scratched his own back.... was that real? If so, imagine the applications of this new technology. We could scratch any back on earth

Nicrap : This video now has more views than the original Escherian Stairwell video!!!

Kirby : Just imagine if this was real and then someone fell down

DanielisGamer : Scp 087 debunked! (Not clickbait)

ScoundrelDaysSon : For the Babylon 5 references I adore you even more!

jake : CaptionDisillusion the editing on your videos is unreal

Pacdev : Man.. I just discovered your channel after seeing the stairs video for the first time. Every single frame (for the record; not literally) of this video was done well and smart. Very good production quality for a free YouTube content. I have yet to watch your other stuff. Keep it up! <3

Matt Kimball : Is the world really ready to see more of Captain D's Back Hole?

Alexa a. : who came here from an ig comment saying the stairs thing was fake? 😭🙋🏽‍♀️

Benedek Fodor : I wrote summer of 2058 up in my calendar and I will hold you to it! :DD

Corrupted : Stuff like this gives me hope that YouTube isnt doomed..

Sam Translator : Thank you for the quality videos man I still can't believe this quality is free to watch on YouTube

Samuel Charlton : *director: we need a way put a brand on the video without out getting copyright strikes. *producer: i think i know a way. *edible.gum*

Zlane : if this was real, throw a ball down it and we'll make a perpetual motion machine

KEVIN GRAVES : Every video of you make is of the highest standards🎥👍. You should be proud CD.:)

Ami Yamato : Magnificent work! Well done, Cap!

Aidey8 mph : At 4:10 the pictures are arranged like stairs!!! I just noticed this after watching a couple other times...

sxd fvck : im subscribing because you remind me of nerdcity. video's quality, content, and the research is beyond amazing. thank u, youtube recommendation.

Davinder Chandhok : OMG, dude!! You've got the same birthday as me! (granted, not the same year, but that hardly matters)

Nuka Cola : Even if the stairwell was real, how would they even get in and out of it? There were no doors and they'll keep looping trying to find a way out

ThatOneGuy : If this *were* real, how would they even get there or get out

Na No : this makes me want to see if i can write an emotionally gripping story about the experiences of a slab of concrete

Riolusx2 : a possible location of scp-87 has been debunked, good job agent

Nicholas Olesen : I love how you collect and present all your data and connections, very very good my dood 🙏👏🏼👏🏼 loved this.

Pommorin's Puppets and Props : In the last couple of days I saw a bunch of your videos - and I have to say: ooooh wow. Such ingenious, profound, thought-provoking, no concretely requesting messages and the whole thing also packed in the eyes flattering trickery. Man, I hope you earn a good living with what you do. Because you deserve it!

maxmoefoePokemon : Can't wait for the new Back Hole Chronicles, I loved the first 11

IAN 4000 : It really shakes my confidence in humanity that anybody thought this was real.

Trevortni : Simultaneously one of the most profound and inane examples of the Hero's Journey I have ever seen.

waferr : Bruh no, Filipinos have the power to corrupt the space-time continuum.

Tiltproof Meepo : Your videos are just amazing. The amount of time and effort in them is unreal.

HaliniSnow : Here come the best 15 minutes i'll experience all week

Emilio Junior Arreola : 1:23 special effects I noticed white lines on the top so.......

Brennen Lilya : Hero's Journey (The Hero with a Thousand Faces), by Joseph Campell.