Escherian Stairwell Deconstruction

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maxmoefoePokemon : Can't wait for the new Back Hole Chronicles, I loved the first 11

Algorox : How do you not have 10 million subscribers? Your videos are beyond incredible.

Mindy Auron : The fact people thought this was even remotely real scares me

AutisticYui : As a student of RIT, first thing I did was go find the stairs. I'm genuinely surprised there isn't attention being brought to it there. For such a viral sensation, I would have thought maybe a poster at the least. Instead, it's simply a neglected staircase aged by many students using it daily.

Daniel Willsher : I just randomly clicked on this video and it was one of the best things I have ever seen; funny, well written, well edited and all with a clear purpose so very different from that portrayed by the character. I was truly amazed by your ability to juxtapose comedy and genuine criticism while remaining true to an overarching story and character. In addition, you strayed from the common youtube theme of criticism with a lack of constructiveness or advice and allowed me to learn from someone's mistakes while also being sympathetic, and more importantly empathetic to there goals. Thank you, hope the channel keeps working out for you random stranger.

xisumavoid : The finest videos on all of youtube! Bravo, another excellent and informative piece :-)

Rochester Institute of Technology : And all these years we just thought it was real.

Prince Ali : make sure you turn off your adblocker for this guy.

Wyboo : you should make a second channel that we dont know is you, and make a hoax so well that even you cant debunk it. nobody'd know and it would be a great mystery

WhyDidIJustEatThat : SCP-087 is located on the campus of [REDACTED]. The doorway leading to SCP-087 is constructed of reinforced steel with an electro-release lock mechanism. It has been disguised to resemble a janitorial closet consistent with the design of the building. The lock mechanism on the doorknob will not release unless ██ volts are applied in conjunction with counter-clockwise rotation of the key. The inside of the door is lined with 6 centimeters of industrial foam padding. Due to the results of the final exploration (see Document 087-IV), no personnel are permitted access to SCP-087.

HaliniSnow : Here come the best 15 minutes i'll experience all week

elmar maria : Honestly, this guy deserves a tv show

The Last Knight : Damn.. just the visualisation of the plot points in a story blew my mind.. You sir are a modern day genius!

FilliamPL : "What else is fake?" Shows the top 3 conspiracies i.e. Moon landing, 9/11, and evolution. Hats off to you.

Andres Quevedo : There’s so much effort put into this video it stresses me

Ami Yamato : Magnificent work! Well done, Cap!

Gabriel : 3:47 when that tune drops. I swear it makes me feel like a little kid watching his favorite Saturday morning cartoon when it pops up.

GivesAMinute : That was hands down THE BEST ending to a CD episode ever!! The back scratching scene was incredible! Love it CD!

Joseph Blaise : God, hearing your catchphrase makes me feel like a kid again! "LOVE WITH YOUR HEART, USE YOUR HEAD FOR EVERYTHING ELSE!!"

BoW Skittlez : Even today I’m blown away by the sheer qualities of the videos you make. Most people would just try to explain vfx on a napkin sketch

JedDraws : still amazes me how much time and effort you can put into a 15 minute video!

fivezeroniner : I understand what he doesn't experience anymore. It's the feeling of awe and amazement. As a kid, you don't know how it's done and you really believe there is magic and it exist. Now that we grew up and learn stuff, everytime you see a CG, you will try to deconstruct how it's done at the back of your mind. You will be critical about physics and lighting, blending and composition. Always searching for what's wrong in the shot. As a kid, we don't do that. ;)

TechJockeyHD : It’s just amazing. Thank you for doing all this man.

Guillaume M : It's exactly the same effect at work as for the "fake moon landings shot by Stanley Kubrick", which was the background of a fiction novel. Even though it was clearly a novel, the myth began to spread out of control and here we are. Dunning-Kruger effect plays a good part in this.

Shaggydu_da : Can you debunk the tricks in magic for humans

jake : CaptionDisillusion the editing on your videos is unreal

Garrett Morris : You should review flat earthers experiment videos

where is danny black : 13:35 that was so well said!!!

Zeigren : I'd buy a subscription to Edible, I love Josie Camel! Do they have "The Casks of Dog"?

oMuStIiA : The creator's speech about the movies didn't really make a lot of sense to me, All I heard was: "When I watched this famous good movie that's well known for being good I felt a sense of awe, but when I watched this not as good movie that's well known for being not as good in a completely different era of my life, when the genre's of these movies I'm comparing are completely different, I didn't feel the same way. :((("

SmarterEveryDay : M.C. Escher is my favorite trafitional artist. You're my favorite VFX artist.

Vaibhav Shewale : the truth has been spoken!

fartist123 : "I just want you to know, we're all counting on you."

htomerif : I think you've already lost. Remember when you were explaining complex composite shots with rotoscoping and rigging and well crafted set pieces mixed with cg? Now you're explaining to absolute idiots how stairs aren't magic. Man, all the time when I take video with a digital camera I constantly get big flashing white squares as artifacts. And by "constantly" I mean "never". All these people who think the video is real have personal experience of no kind of artifact like that ever happening.

Corrupted : Stuff like this gives me hope that YouTube isnt doomed..

James Lawman : Number one on trending is proof that there is justice in this world.

Maltese Falcon Punch : I thought I loved you before the Babylon 5 intro. I wasn't even watching I was just listening and it took me a couple of seconds to pick up on it. Well played, man. :-P

Dureth : Lol Babylon 5 cgi ftw. I mean this has always been a physical impossibility. It was original concept was in Relativity (M. C. Escher)

Jeremy Basset : Dear Captain disillusion, I think its time for you to evolve. You do something on youtube that deserves WAY more views subscribers but I think the "Hey kids!" kind of preschool-classroom, preschool-acting type gimmick plateaued a long time ago. I feel if you grow from that character and finally evolve your channel could really become huge. Your audience is 90% mature yet you've kept this format for so long It just doesn't make sense. If you evolve the character and vibe of CaptainDisillusion to become more... Mature, then I'm sure you could triple your views. The main concept of the channel isn't really appealing to a younger audience, but at the same time the childish format isn't very appealing to a mature audience! your channel has so much potential! I think its just time to shake it up a bit. (and loose the chrome)

ascended dude : It is a masterpiece of found footage filmaking

Daniel Renard : People are disappointed to learn that the stairs were fake, after traveling to go see them? •́⩊•̀ I'm disappointed in those people, not learning the basic laws of physics and reality beforehand.

Michael554466 : Loving that babylon 5 refrence!

Mr Toker Smoker High All : You Blow My Mind My Friend! & I'm high almost all the time,lol😁 so I take my hat off to you for correcting all the Fake shit, that I just could not figure out without your videos. So thanks CD #SoUnderrated ✌

iDiotiCDesign : It is truly a CRIME of the highest order that YouTube took SO long to recommend your channel to me. I love your videos!! You're self-deprecating humor is hilarious and your comedic timing is spot on. Your videos are fun, educational and creative. To think you started this WAYYY back in 2007, when YT was still in diapers and few people were producing high-quality content shows. You really were way ahead of the game. It is baffling to me you don't have 10,000,000 subs by now. I can't praise your work enough. Keep it coming.

theDEADLIESTwarrior7 : someday I'm gonna show my kids every one of captain D's videos. they're gonna roll their eyes and cringe a few times, but at the end of the day it'll be special for us lol

DecimusYna : I thought this video is gonna be boring. Well, I'm totally wrong at that.

JesusSuperLight Chris : Well modern computerised films are useless compared to old fashioned analogue and real things. You can watch an old film that you aint seen before and still get blown away but modern films are like a computer game with everyone and running around at a thousand miles an hour.

You Sunk My Fishy : Already looking forward to the 2058 movie lineup!

Carl Peters : I would watch any video directed and /or produced by Mr. Disillusion. Even if it was longer than say, 20 minutes. Just sayin’.

MITCHELL WIGGS : I had 9 windows of porn open before church but I close them all for a new capt d vid 🙏🏻