Escherian Stairwell Deconstruction

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Corrupted : Stuff like this gives me hope that YouTube isnt doomed..

Mindy Auron : The fact people thought this was even remotely real scares me

zapto E : Both this video and the staircase video were incredibly well done

NetRolller3D : Would love to see a similar teardown of Wintergatan's Marble Machine video. According to Martin himself, it's a composite video (the Machine never quite worked as intended, so they stitched together parts of different takes that appear to go well), but it's hard to see any transitions in it.

Khun Kru : New subscriber here. Mark brought me here. You are amazing

HaliniSnow : Here come the best 15 minutes i'll experience all week

ThatOneGuy : If this *were* real, how would they even get there or get out

seafood1471 : TBH this felt a little unfair on the guy. He’s clearly done nothing wrong, made no attempt to gain financially on his project and released his findings at the end publicly in his thesis. In the modern era originality is hard to come by and for a thesis to do well, originality is key. I say good on him for making something that captivated so many for so long

Valieser : I just discovered this channel, the effort is supreme.

beaR : I'll still be alive in 2058 so I'll be waiting for black hole chronicles volume 12. Which means there will be 11 more volumes prior to 2058. So you first volume should be out by 2021.

JedDraws : still amazes me how much time and effort you can put into a 15 minute video!

Kathy L : Unfortunately there are artists out there so egotistical they make hoaxes and say “haha society” when they explain why. One example was in Canada when someone put fake genetically engineered pets on display, they were made of silicone and made to appear sleeping inside packages labeled “Genpets”, some people got angry and threw rocks at the store display and others were asking to buy them. Another was sometime in the 80s or 90s when an artist had a fake “primitive human” display in the New York Museum of Natural History featuring actors in fake “tribal” outfits inside a cage. Many people were outraged and cancelled their memberships. These smug artists think they are cool and edgy revealing “truths” about society but really they cause unneeded stress on people being used as psychology experiment guinea pigs. They also cause the spread of lies and misinformation like this example.

izutionix : Why do we have limbs when we can just use our heads for everything else?

Michael554466 : Loving that babylon 5 refrence!

Dat_typical_monkey : I thought he was going to destroy the stairwell

RD : I saw it but never bothered to search for an answer to how it was done so I assume it was some optical illusion. But now that I’ve stumbled upon this video, I know now.

Sebbchen : All you need to tell it's fake: There are no permetual mobiles possible

David Bates : "Evil robot voice" I'm afraid I can't Allow this Michael. 😑

Varun Gupta : I saw a different reveal years ago. This one is really good, but the rectangle in the video was added later (in an edited version). The original video was taken down pretty fast, and the other reveal showed both the videos side by side to show the edit. Even though it is still a widespread rumor, I thought the students did a great job. Also, you are the best, and I just found you and subbed :)

Ami Yamato : Magnificent work! Well done, Cap!

I like cake boy : This to smart for me

Zofran : Came from ElectroBOOM, always thought this channel is only about debunking special effects. But damn I was wrong. Subscribed!

Cordell Swindell : This guy is awesome

lerlo : Hate liars... Especially liars that are so passionate about lying that they construct a whole Web of lies.. These people are sick in the mind.

xisumavoid : The finest videos on all of youtube! Bravo, another excellent and informative piece :-)

Pablo Rovira : What's the theme that plays at 12:35, when the original creator opens up about why he made the illusion in the first place? It's such a touching theme and I've heard it in more of CD's videos but I can't find it anywhere

legendary epic : Is Momo real please tell me

Shrinivas Baraker : That video was over my head for months thanks to u man you are truly amazing

Sebbchen : 15:23 Ok guys let's wait for 2058! It's better gonna be a good movie

maxmoefoePokemon : Can't wait for the new Back Hole Chronicles, I loved the first 11

Ali Supreme : I watch something fake say it’s real to fool myself then watch something like this when I have had enough of it I watch stuff like this to undo the fictional world, then I believe in myth all over again.

AWESOMEGAMER : I do REALLY basic editing using IOS iMovie, and I have to say, jump cuts are sufficient for the first one.

HITMAN JJs : It is a masterpiece of found footage filmaking

Sammy Williams : I've never seen this series before; I'd just like to say that this was really well done.

jake : CaptionDisillusion the editing on your videos is unreal

LL Guerra : Why do you not have more than more followers you have!?!?!?!! Love this channel!

Jay Walker : I Like This Captain His So Cool

Brontar : I have a challenge for you guys. Everytime he says camera take a shot! You'll be dead in two minutes

Quontanium : still amazes me how much time and effort you put into debunking obviously fake videos!

SmarterEveryDay : M.C. Escher is my favorite trafitional artist. You're my favorite VFX artist.

Doli Harahap : dude this man deserve more subs

Ilay A : 1:15 straight to the point

TheTrickingLife : 1,884,967 people now know the escherian stairwell is fake.

Low End Gamers : Congrats on 1 million, dude!

James Lawman : Number one on trending is proof that there is justice in this world.

Damn Life : Congrats 1 million

Md Mim Akhtar : 👌

DBONEZ : This is exactly why falt earthers exist, it's all your fault

Luiz Playz : Holy Moly!

TheHueisOver™ : New youtube don't deserve this, if you ever change platform, let everyone who still attached to this end of the titanic to know.