Escherian Stairwell Deconstruction

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JedDraws : still amazes me how much time and effort you can put into a 15 minute video!

guitarrowhead mv : Why do you paint the top half of your head like a human?

ThatOneGuy : If this *were* real, how would they even get there or get out

Valieser : I just discovered this channel, the effort is supreme.

NetRolller3D : Would love to see a similar teardown of Wintergatan's Marble Machine video. According to Martin himself, it's a composite video (the Machine never quite worked as intended, so they stitched together parts of different takes that appear to go well), but it's hard to see any transitions in it.

Mindy Auron : The fact people thought this was even remotely real scares me

Opta Man : This video felt like an hour of good content

seafood1471 : TBH this felt a little unfair on the guy. He’s clearly done nothing wrong, made no attempt to gain financially on his project and released his findings at the end publicly in his thesis. In the modern era originality is hard to come by and for a thesis to do well, originality is key. I say good on him for making something that captivated so many for so long

Dat_typical_monkey : I thought he was going to destroy the stairwell

izutionix : Why do we have limbs when we can just use our heads for everything else?

HaliniSnow : Here come the best 15 minutes i'll experience all week

Shelton Brower : The fact that you don't have more subscribers than PewDiePie is blowing my mind.

Shreerang Vaidya : I can _clearly see_ the editing! This is because I *Read more*

KazmanKiller86 : One Week Later... This Video Has Been Removed For Copyright Purposes :/

Do;jk sesdfjibjs figduhv bfd bj dgsiub ndfunijfol : As a Filipino I feel horrible

maxmoefoePokemon : Can't wait for the new Back Hole Chronicles, I loved the first 11

ScoundrelDaysSon : For the Babylon 5 references I adore you even more!

Patrick Porter : Oh no! It SCP-087!

Sebbchen : 15:23 Ok guys let's wait for 2058! It's better gonna be a good movie

Danforth Paleontologist : I watch something fake say it’s real to fool myself then watch something like this when I have had enough of it I watch stuff like this to undo the fictional world, then I believe in myth all over again.

jake : CaptionDisillusion the editing on your videos is unreal

Nicrap : This video now has more views than the original Escherian Stairwell video!!!

Thaias : Why tf was this in my recommendations? I know *Nothing* about this stuff!

Nicholas Seidel : 1,884,967 people now know the escherian stairwell is fake.

Zaltic : I think ur shirt was on backwards on some of the shots...

Corrupted : Stuff like this gives me hope that YouTube isnt doomed..

FrozenRaider : I like the morals these videos teach.

Brontar : I have a challenge for you guys. Everytime he says camera take a shot! You'll be dead in two minutes

Jao Jester : A simple like can't explain the amount of awe I feel when i watch your videos.. from the visuals to the script, the way the video progresses so naturally so seemingly effortlessly. I enjoy every second of it. I have watched almost everyone of your videos in less that a week. Always with a smile in my face and in this case with a tear in my eye at 13:50 as you explained the basis of a story while also creating a very relatable one and getting it across in such an easy to understand kind of way that even a child could get it (which also works well with your "greetings children" intro even though most of us are 25-35 years old xd ), it just.. amazes me. Great work Captain, truly great work.

xRAINxOFxBLOODx : I loved the babylon 5 gag!

xisumavoid : The finest videos on all of youtube! Bravo, another excellent and informative piece :-)

Quontanium : still amazes me how much time and effort you put into debunking obviously fake videos!

Blood Fungus : Nice Babylon 5 Reference.

Dat boi Williams : Who does your face paint just asking

Kyle Sunshine : The part where he scratched his own back.... was that real? If so, imagine the applications of this new technology. We could scratch any back on earth

Ami Yamato : Magnificent work! Well done, Cap!

Mister Something : Can you try to debunk yourself

Meme man With a plan : iS iT rEAl tHo

Jay Walker : I Like This Captain His So Cool

Kian Barbieri : Nice Babylon 5 reference. I love that show and not many people know about it.

SmarterEveryDay : M.C. Escher is my favorite trafitional artist. You're my favorite VFX artist.

KazmanKiller86 : There were 1.9k people who believed this

happy03 jaume : Does this remind someone of Zampanô and "The Navidson Record"?

_Texas_Pete_ Beats_The_Meat_ : "Backhole Chronicles" was the name of that porn flick I starred in once with your mom...

Jonathan Duenas : I laugh at the edible.gum thing 😂 that's actually how it goes down when it's a video sponsor

James Lawman : Number one on trending is proof that there is justice in this world.

EP11 pen guns : I do REALLY basic editing using IOS iMovie, and I have to say, jump cuts are sufficient for the first one.

I like cake boy : This to smart for me

AdriftSkies GD : Plot twist: The stairs collapsed.

AdriftSkies GD : *Captain Dilution.