Rush - La Villa Strangiato (Official Music Video)
Please just take a moment to enjoy this masterpiece with me RUSH La Villa Strangiato

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Watch the official music video for "La Villa Strangiato" performed by Rush Music video by Rush performing La Villa Strangiato. (C) 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group and Anthem Entertainment #Rush #LaVillaStrangiato #Vevo #Rock #GeddyLee #OfficialMusicVideo


Rob Kates : Nothing to see here, just three virtuoso musicians who put out amazing albums and toured the world for 4 decades. Thanks to Rush for the outstanding music.

Michael Matthews : Let's all agree - that Mr. Alex Lifeson is a complete master!

Darren Kang : The most underrated guitarist of all time, Alex Lifeson!!!

smokeslet'sgo : I just want to take a moment to thank Alex Lifeson's mother for buying him a guitar when he had a good report card even though she didn't have the money. She deserves a spot in the HOF along with the boys for that alone

tigertone1 : I remember reading an interview somebody asked Eddie Van halen how does it feel to be the greatest rock n roll guitarist , he said I dont know , you should ask Alex liefson about respect .....

John Dayberry : This was the song that convinced me that Rush are a bunch of musical geniuses! Nobody today puts in such dulcet musical nuances like Rush does, nobody! Their guiet passages scream brilliance.

Dozer1642 : Rush wasn't mainstream because they were (are) true musicians. Incredible musicians. This was an amazing riff, a three piece riff, that the top 40 stars of the day couldn't match even with five players. Rush, The most underrated band ever.

RIFFHANGER : EPIC!  Never get tired of listening to this song.  Truly a masterpiece.  And the fact that they absolutely nail it live is just testament to their greatness.

closedonmonday6 : I can relate to the lyrics so much

Ziggyzag Zi : Alex Riffson, Shreddy Lee and Neil MthrFn No- Peert!!!!

Suicidal Grooves : Greatest rock trio ever!!!

Kevin Karbonik : one of the great guitar solos of all time... even Eddie Van Halen called Alex his guitar hero ...

JPKuta : Proof Alex Lifeson is a guitar God

AlexLordAlcyone : disliking this is an illegal move! Go directly to rock'n' roll jail! :D

Samuli Hynninen : God. This is just one of the best things ever recorded.

Herb Bluntman : Possibly my favorite Rush song of all time. No lyrics to contemplate, just excellent musicianship and a beautiful, rockin' three piece symphony.

jake flake : Alex is so under rated

Olga Nesterowicz : I don't know why is the live version of this song better than studio. True musicianship!!!

KiwiZepFan87 : Pretty much the GREATEST instrumental, ever!! Words fail me while listening to this masterpiece!

Felicia Gallo : How can anyone not love this band and their music???! They will be awesome till the end of time. Rush FOREVER.

dcfincher : Alexandar Zivojinovich is the most underrated guitarist of all time.

Jen Moore : This is musical perfection

Kittelizer Laurelott : Blows me away. Neil beats the piss outta those things and not a drop of sweat.

Kyle Clark : Such an amazing song. Then you listen to all the boring crap you here today, man what a difference.

honour123 : Bow ye lowly musicians before the GODS of ROCK!

Lars Sundquist : This group is the best on earth ever! The holy Three!

Frankincensed : When I've lost all faith in mankind, I come here.

Kristopher De Tar : I absolutely love this rock and roll orchestration of pure musical genius. Thanks guys, we miss you all.

Joseph David Cairns : Effortlessly brilliant. The greatest band I have ever had the privilege of seeing live.

Anthony Beno : The song....drums....bass.....THATS MUSIC!!!!

Adriano Fernandes Nunes : Alex is such an underrated guitarist... he's awesome.

Warren Keating : has anyone else noticed that they have always been in the same exact formation on stage?

Hunter Bunn : Best band in history period.

Pat Donovan : Alex is probably the most underrated rock guitarist in history. He’s a true bad ass!👍

White Ninja : Neil plays drums like a woodpecker!

Dog Nutz : The whole band is firing on all cylinders in this song...this is one of my favorite Rush songs. Some blistering guitar work by Alex Lifeson...and Neil Peart, nothing I can say about this guy that has not been said already...the way he trades those high hat open/close notes from hand to hand in the intro, to his blistering single stroke rolls throughout the song. Thanks for a lifetime of memories, guys... you are the best.

TJ_Horton : Geddy is the coolest mom ever

Edzel Jereza : published in dec 21, 2012....dang it...100 years short of 2112.

Henry Noel : watch in awe and wonder God put these 3 musicians together for a reason

Simon Lambeth : Name the 10 greatest guitarist of all time...... What about Alex Lifeson??? Bloody hell forgot about him.... Starts new list...... One of the best songs of all time. Tsk the kids of today know jack shit about music! Listen and learn....

Julio Cesar Da Silva Silva : Rush é único! Magnífico! Alex arrebenta!

Jpa : One of the best guitar solo. I am rather classical music lover, but I like Rush.

Jorge Dibildox : The best solo of all time! The only solo that make me cry.

xBeau Gaming : One of the many holy grails of guitarists everywhere.  If you can play this, you've either spent a lot of time practicing or gone mentally insane in the process.

Malletdude31 : This is live in one take.

TarHeel : Stay in school kids, there's a lot to comprehend here ; -)

2112iscoming : I'm pretty sure this is the band Bill and Ted was based off off...a band that would bring world peace and justice for all humanity

James Stark : they are bad ass always were and always will be.

Gitfiddle 7766 : Lifeson is such tasteful guitarist I can see why he gets overlooked. He rarely shows off. Instead he just plays the right notes at the right time. Personally I prefer a musician that knows how to hold back. That’s the kind of guy you’d rather have in your band anyway. Love this guys style.