B-complex DJing for Silent Disco crowd

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Yanisin : This is like one of those music videos where the music is edited out.

Blackimus Crime : If this is what happiness looks like, I'm glad i have crippling depression.

Terabyte47 : If only there were some way to capture more of the audience....

Broom : This makes you realize how weird clubs are socially

passionofthemike : This is the whitest thing I have ever seen

lundtherabbit : Wow, everyone is talking about this cringy, wtf this is an amazing experience to live, especially if youre  @ Liquicity :D

BadilloKat : The concept doesn't seem too crazy, the choice of music to showcase it is questionable though.

Top Shot Hunter : And they say white people don't have culture😂

Yopi SVK : :) :) :)

mysh : :D

YourBusinessGeek : Hold you phone sideways. Nobody like vertical video....

hDfearless : yikes

Noway Yahright : awkward ( very )

soulseekah : Song name?

Kruzio Baal Ollidutse : Aaaammm, where's the x to close this!!!!! excesively weird

xGenovax : I see some obvious advantages: You can lower and turn off the music, easely communicate with others people, suppress the din, you won't annoy the neighbourhood.

L R. : welcome to the 21th century

quadronom : And now imagine everybody gets other music into their headphones

Sonata727 : I'm totally on boards with professional dancing of any sort but this kind of dancing has always made no sense to me at all ever since I was a kid I've been weirded out by this. Seeing a mass of people just jump and flail their legs and arms for no reason is just so bizarre and this video just made it worse.

José C V : Austrian embassy or Austrian embarrassing?

Scott M : Enjoy the tinnitus folks!

Kris Smith : Is this the 8thgrafe school dance

Jim Cordeiro : 😮😕😄.. that's something. lol

Alex John : Besharm SAB khi ke,Bhagwan inko Narq me bhejenge

Pavel4102 : So much cringe

Patricia Briones : But why tho?

Captain R. WITTEREL : I doubt I would be able to get over the weirdness factor, so I wouldn't have a good time. Not that normal clubs aren't weird. Maybe clubs just aren't my thing at all, and I'm happy about it.

Thomas Anderson : Cringe.

kyle abent : I mean, is it really disco tho? Ain't the point of disco for all to listen as one? Wheres the drugs and the sex? This ain't no disco.

Partick The destroyer : wtf, do these people think their dance movements look good in their head? because it looks awkward af to me

Guillaume : That's sucks...

Sebastián Melgarejo : Darude Sandstorm

TURST67 / Zäa : There is no music, they are simply autistic.

M H : so cringe. white people dancing huh.

skurt : White people... smh

cent0r : Another episode of Shit White People Do.

Steve Shaw : White people