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Animus Cumminham : 1:03 had me dying 😂😂

hail satan : this is honestly the best youtube video of all time

Jenny Bender : Every time I hear this song I think of this video.

Joebo Adobo : Who else is watching this on Christmas?

lilthreeGame : The guy with glasses is obviously the star of the video and man. His moves are right on beat

Maria Fernanda : I feel closer to god

Organ NotFreeman : need this people to dance at my funeral on this song

LongTimeGamer : 0:46 that girl just cracks me up lol

Hads : I am convinced that anything works with this video.

Selin Del Diamonds : it's not a phase mom!

Stijn De Beijer : Can we get a million views before christmas? LETS GO

MrRonronnj : good video I like it and I'm 55 years old lol

Russ Kes : The chick in green is hot af


The Mystic MacTAPPER : Now that it's nearly Christmas time and this song is playing on the radio everyday this is all I can think about when I hear it. Y'all fools on the internet Totally killed this song lol

MrRiggyRiggs : Where are they now!

Toxic Michiko : Who invited the used tampon?

Barry McCockinner : You know the dude in the glasses gets more ass than a toilet seat with those moves

C.A. Huddleston : Hot Topic Black Friday Sale Yall!

Emily Rose : I'm crying halp

Victor Ruiz : The girl with blue hair is hot damn

carrieboo22 : I can't stop watching this

SternSupremacy : Ugh I can’t stand that dude shuffling 😩 freaking chicken scratch! Slide your back foot ffs

Alexander Bruno : Why did I just find this now?? This is so wholesome.

Sparc Mac : LOL

Tim Stevenson : 142 CyberGoths disliked this video

Charliem1994 : They look like they smell like armpit.

DeathZelta ewe : The guy in the middle just kill me so hard LOL im done lmao

CAvideoFAN : What were they originally dancing to?

Aesthetic Pineapples : dang my girl with the short hair over there tearing it up!

Trinity Goris : WTF I died laughing

Møst.uñwanted_nadine DelReal : Im the girl in the blue skirt

Eileen Nicole Lopez Pizarro : IT'S TIM E

Andrew : Vamp kids dancing to Christmas music??? Now I've seen everything

molevaskeren1 : I was born in the right generation

NarZosK : I love internet

Nico The Rabbit : Who's never hungry at Christmas? ----------- The Turkey! Hes always stuffed!

darkfags : 10/10 would rave again

Kimani Reid : Lol they were killing it

angel owo : IM SCREAMING

Moisés : Natal chegando e já tô preparando o compartilhamento desse vídeo jkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Natica Jai : My life has been blessed. My god.

Seth Mayo : Ah yes. Cybergoths.

JungShooketh : That girl in the hoodie that days Dark is all of us in middle school 🤣🤣

The Giraffe King : Man, Christmas is coming up too

i7887 : Im so glad im not gay.

proXy x : The way the weeb brushes his shoulders off before he begins lmao omg

Edgar Nello : I like the way the two girls are dressed with the braids and fuzzy leg warmers

jippiejeeh : lol

Honrado Juan : Esta gente son mis ídolos, espero que si algún dia me caso esten allí haciendo este gran baile