How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

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Gil Su Kim : Four things I learned from watching this talk 1. "Seven deadly sins of speaking to avoid" 1) gossip -> I need to work on this sin 2) judging -> I need to work on this sin 3) negativity -> I need to work on this sin 4) complaining -> I need to work on this sin 5) excuses 6) lying (embroidery, exaggeration) 7) dogmatism (confusion between fact and opinion) 2. what I need to say: four powerful cornerstones of speech to make a change in the world c.f. "hail means to greet or acclaim enthusiastically" 1) H: honesty (be clear and straight) 2) A: authenticity (be myself) 3) I: integrity (be my word) 4) L: love (wish them well) 3. how I need to say: tools to play with to increase power of my speech 1) register: e.g. if wanting weight, lower pitch of voice 2) timbre: the way voice feels e.g. breathing, posture 3) prosody: rhythm (e.g. not monotone) 4) pace: e.g. slow to emphasize 5) pitch: e.g. make pitch high or low 6) volume: e.g. louder to emphasize 4. exercise the following before making a presentation 1) arms up to sigh out with ahh 2) lips with ba ba 3) lips with brrr 4) tongue with la 5) tongue rolling an r 6) siren from we to aww

Er Wars : I think my neighbour saw me doing the warm up. Time to move

Aditya Kaul : Video on 'How to make people listen to you' Shot at 01:25 of a man sleeping

Wade : He should just say "British accent", dropped the mic and left.

Kra Z Kapin : On today's Ted Talk, a potato explains how to be a functioning human being

Micah Buzan : If these types of interpersonal skills along with mindfulness meditation were taught in schools, we would live in a much more sane world. Intelligence isn't just about memorizing facts.

Gut Feelings : Awesome speech! Thank you, Julian! Just listening to this to prep for my first Toastmaster speech... :-) Great inspiration!

nantstic x : Wow! That’s so well said! Thank you for that!

Kevin Yeoh : His head is brighter than my future.

Sourabh G. : How to speak so that people want to listen. Guy falling asleep at 1:24

DEO : Step 1) Put on a British accent so that you sound "smart".

Mark Frank : This is a speech anyone wishing to make a speech should watch.  This gentleman is an excellent speaker, powerful while interesting and instructive.  He's given excellence recommendations for all of us to consider in this Ted Talk.

Ender Che : Let’s all say it together: “Hail!” “Hail!” “Hail!” Hey, wait a minute...

Peter : Imagine if your boss found you doing the voice exercise and just head you going WWEEEEEOOOORRRRRRWEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOORRR

penyou : Don't mind me. I'm just going through the hundreds of videos in my watch later playlist.

Yunhua Chaang : Avoid: 1. Gossip 2. Judging 3. Negativity 4. Complaining 5. Excuses 6. Lying 7. Dogmatism HAIL - To greet or acclaim enthusiastically H - Honestly (Be straight and clear) A - Authenticity (Be yourself) I - Integrity (Be your word) L - Love (wish them well) Amazing Toolbox: 1. Register - Locate your voice at your chest to gain some weight 2. Timbre - Voices that are rich, smooth and warm 3. Prosody - Avoid monotone, a statement sounds like a question and repeat a statement 4. Pace - Get excited by saying something really quickly; Slow down to emphasize; Silent 5. Pitch- Ex: "Where did you leave my keys?" with different pitches, are different meaning 6. Volume: Excited - High Volume; Attention - Low Volume Warm up your voice 1. Arms up, deep breath in and sigh out 2, 3. Warm up the lips: Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba...; Brrrrr....... 4, 5. Tongue warm up: La, la, la, la, la....; Rrrrrr..... 6. WeeeeeeeeeAaaaawwww (From high pitch to low pitch)

Sarmad Saad115 : I love ted talk, it is important ... But you can to learn English language with Ted Talks to listen Video, Thanks Ted for everything, this Video & other i loved, It is all think awesome, Thanks Ted for everything

30quaker : You've definitely got my parrots attention. He loves your voice!

The KingPin : I think overconfidence or cockiness is worst to hear talking than negativity

Jan Cartoon : The content is very meaningful

Niek de Gier : He didn't use any "uhm"s or "eh"s in his speech. Absolutely amazing.

Malaika Mariam : Arent these the same voice exercises that sharpay did in High School Musical!? Well who knew

Owen Menning : Darn, now everyone knows.

Alex Wolf : He is an absolute Treasure isn’t he😚

Jedediah : The secret is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made!

Cedric Wehrum : The true problem about us is the following: Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen 7.471.503 Views Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better 1.307.557 Views

Neha Talati Selarka : Very nice sir worth understanding and applying in real life

Mycel : complaining is the UK's national sport? if he's implying that they're the best at it, as a german I'd like to object. we're pretty damn good at it ourselves. well... I guess brexit is a pretty strong argument in your favour. ;)

Shannon Arthur : This is phenomenal.

Unbearable : How to speak so that people want to listen to you. Can littraly spot people in the audience sleeping.

Gabriel Garcia : How to speak so people will listen: Have a British accent

Ron Budd : Speak softly and let them see your big stick!

ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ : Or you could pack a gun...

Dapper Don : Lmao people are falling asleep. this is what situation comedy is called! 5:55

Josh Howard : That very last part especially. Amazing!

Mart kenyon : I do every single one of the sins to a degree. Looks like I'm screwed. Oh there we go. Negativity.

Poetry and Spoken Word : I can't agree with him on exaggeration. Exaggeration is funny some of my favorite people to talk to use funny exaggeration.

J Shirls : The Measures of a Good Speaker are focused on others: Honesty, Empathy/Listening (by doing only 1/2 the talking and allowing for honest questions and comments), and Keeping One's Word, NOT self-focused: how loud (a vain appeal to power) or fast (vain appeal to intellect) one can talk.

Marco Aurélio Lima do Nascimento Junior : It's cool because he's talking is really good

Cuckoo Phendula : I just realized that number 6 is sort of a good reason not to swear often. Other than it being the "negativity" sin, if there is an emotion that only a swear could express, it loses its meaning if one uses it way too often.

LAOUINI Ikram : Now this gentleman here cuts right through the chase, I usually dislike long introductions to the real subject. A lovely lecture indeed.

Hazy x Erma : I just want to play with my lips all day now. That was powerful.

TECHTHISOUT : I can't be bothered to listen

Nightcore World : 7:00 This reminded me of my maths teacher. While teaching he used suddenly increase his volume and the next second used to lower her volume so much that not even the front seater was able to hear what he was saying XD

One Card Short : This is elitist crap. I am tired of people who do not understand suffering telling people to think positive. The real sin is self-righteousness.

eccentricPlays : I accidentally clapped in the end...

Stanislav Didenko : I ate three cheeseburgers while watching this. Nice speed I have.

Jayne Stokes : I have a brummie accent which sounds mostly whiney so if I have to be serious I talk on exhalation which helps.

Lads : Weirdly amusing speech

Toby Swolley : Oh and for everyone who use to do all 7... Througout times of my life I did as well to get people away... And knowing how each 7 truly work... You can avoid most personalities in others you don't like by using their trigger point... It's a crude but effective sociology/psychological methodology