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Gil Su Kim : Four things I learned from watching this talk 1. "Seven deadly sins of speaking to avoid" 1) gossip -> I need to work on this sin 2) judging -> I need to work on this sin 3) negativity -> I need to work on this sin 4) complaining -> I need to work on this sin 5) excuses 6) lying (embroidery, exaggeration) 7) dogmatism (confusion between fact and opinion) 2. what I need to say: four powerful cornerstones of speech to make a change in the world c.f. "hail means to greet or acclaim enthusiastically" 1) H: honesty (be clear and straight) 2) A: authenticity (be myself) 3) I: integrity (be my word) 4) L: love (wish them well) 3. how I need to say: tools to play with to increase power of my speech 1) register: e.g. if wanting weight, lower pitch of voice 2) timbre: the way voice feels e.g. breathing, posture 3) prosody: rhythm (e.g. not monotone) 4) pace: e.g. slow to emphasize 5) pitch: e.g. make pitch high or low 6) volume: e.g. louder to emphasize 4. exercise the following before making a presentation 1) arms up to sigh out with ahh 2) lips with ba ba 3) lips with brrr 4) tongue with la 5) tongue rolling an r 6) siren from we to aww

Arogya Dahal : Most productive 10 min of my life

nantstic x : Wow! That’s so well said! Thank you for that!

Rafael Eliassen : *I used to do all 7!* No wonder nobody wanted to listen :) Well I fixed all of them, and now they do.

#relax Being inspire! : Good helps

Micah Buzan : If these types of interpersonal skills along with mindfulness meditation were taught in schools, we would live in a much more sane world. Intelligence isn't just about memorizing facts.

Robert Lee, Countertenor : My only problem is that if I have to constantly SELF MONITOR what I'm saying to someone, it feels completely calculated and not genuine. Eventually u are going to complain. Eventually you are going to be negative. It cannot be all sunshine. All sunshine is a fake, good two shoes, inhuman robot. And u will never get to know someone that way.

سايكلر : the best time to sleep is in ted talks 1:23 xD

mindvolution : Brilliant talk. Human intelligence combined with higher levels of awareness will save the world!

ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ : Or you could pack a gun...

Nozomi Yasuda : Avoid the 7 annoying sins and talk like a politician. Simple enough...?

Jonathan Chase : This is very clever because in the first five minutes he does absolutely everything he's apparently pillorying.

Matthew K : "How to speak so people want to listen" Video Length, 9:58 Average watch time 5:34 Thats under 60% of the video. Passing a test in school requires 60%. I'm just stating some facts here.

Sarmad Saad115 : I love ted talk, it is important ... But you can to learn English language with Ted Talks to listen Video, Thanks Ted for everything, this Video & other i loved, It is all think awesome, Thanks Ted for everything

DEO : Step 1) Put on a British accent so that you sound "smart".

Owen Menning : Darn, now everyone knows.

Er Wars : I think my neighbour saw me doing the warm up. Time to move

louise allan : Omg I'm a complainer glad to have saw this video

Hajar Hgouch : You are a great public speaker. You did something great that emphasises the fact that you are a great public speaker: letting the audience participate.

eccentricPlays : I accidentally clapped in the end...

Mangesh Rane : just amazing speech.. superb

Artful Highlights : النبي محمد قال الكلام هادا من 1500 سته

Aditya Kaul : Video on 'How to make people listen to you' Shot at 01:25 of a man sleeping

kemuael : I actually HAIL in my workplace before watching this vid :-)

Ron Budd : Speak softly and let them see your big stick!

Shubham Bora : That was a beautiful talk!!!

Yelu C. : Ok I just did this. If you change your voice you can feel more confident and you breathe better.

its anime : How to speak huh ? Don't speak what you want to say Speak what listner wants to hear Is that simple 👍

LAOUINI Ikram : Now this gentleman here cuts right through the chase, I usually dislike long introductions to the real subject. A lovely lecture indeed.

Kevin Yeoh : His head is brighter than my future.

Tereza Semanova : omg this is totsl proof of mind control!!!;)

NothingMaster : Excellent talk! It shared many useful and practical techniques that are bound to help anyone. The content of the message and the quality of the vocal delivery are exceedingly important, but they are not the only mechanisms by which one could entice people to listen. I've found that there is a hidden amplifying magnet in that tool box that could exact a considerable impact on how willing people would be to listen to what you have to say---especially, when addressing smaller audiences---and that is 'eye contact'. In an increasingly fast-paced and impatient world, it has become a serious challenge to grab and maintain people's attention long enough to communicate an idea. The short attention span could be greatly remedied using effective eye contact strategies. For example, I have tried to deliver the same talk to the same audience with and without effective eye contact and the difference between the two strategies has been quite dramatic. When you don't establish effective eye contact with your audience, you quickly lose them to the bouts of distraction and impatience.

Marco Aurélio Lima do Nascimento Junior : It's cool because he's talking is really good

Light Bearer : The whole mainstream media is based on gossip, judgment and overall negativity.

Shannon Arthur : This is phenomenal.

Dapper Don : Lmao people are falling asleep. this is what situation comedy is called! 5:55

Blaze Phantom : he looks like tom hanks!

Vandee Digitalis : How to make people listen. It cant be done as long as they own and use a smart phone. VD

Cedric Wehrum : The true problem about us is the following: Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen 7.471.503 Views Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better 1.307.557 Views

Hamse Mohamed Galmaaxaday : thanks

Stanislav Didenko : I ate three cheeseburgers while watching this. Nice speed I have.

BITMASTER2000 : Watching a video called "How to speak so that people want to listen". But after 20 seconds, I lost interest

RBGVelvet : I literally stopped listening after 3 minutes... Ironic :P

Yunhua Chaang : Avoid: 1. Gossip 2. Judging 3. Negativity 4. Complaining 5. Excuses 6. Lying 7. Dogmatism HAIL - To greet or acclaim enthusiastically H - Honestly (Be straight and clear) A - Authenticity (Be yourself) I - Integrity (Be your word) L - Love (wish them well) Amazing Toolbox: 1. Register - Locate your voice at your chest to gain some weight 2. Timbre - Voices that are rich, smooth and warm 3. Prosody - Avoid monotone, a statement sounds like a question and repeat a statement 4. Pace - Get excited by saying something really quickly; Slow down to emphasize; Silent 5. Pitch- Ex: "Where did you leave my keys?" with different pitches, are different meaning 6. Volume: Excited - High Volume; Attention - Low Volume Warm up your voice 1. Arms up, deep breath in and sigh out 2, 3. Warm up the lips: Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba...; Brrrrr....... 4, 5. Tongue warm up: La, la, la, la, la....; Rrrrrr..... 6. WeeeeeeeeeAaaaawwww (From high pitch to low pitch)

Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay : Excellent!

Aryan : go hear Vladimir putin's voice... I must say he is really defying that politicians with depth thing.

SkyVinFrog Gamming : i wouldn't click away if the title was... "How to create a good clickbait title"

Really Bored : This guy was boring to listen to.

kiran ranjitkar : do I hate or love the exercise

penyou : Don't mind me. I'm just going through the hundreds of videos in my watch later playlist.