How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

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Gil Su Kim : Four things I learned from watching this talk 1. "Seven deadly sins of speaking to avoid" 1) gossip -> I need to work on this sin 2) judging -> I need to work on this sin 3) negativity -> I need to work on this sin 4) complaining -> I need to work on this sin 5) excuses 6) lying (embroidery, exaggeration) 7) dogmatism (confusion between fact and opinion) 2. what I need to say: four powerful cornerstones of speech to make a change in the world c.f. "hail means to greet or acclaim enthusiastically" 1) H: honesty (be clear and straight) 2) A: authenticity (be myself) 3) I: integrity (be my word) 4) L: love (wish them well) 3. how I need to say: tools to play with to increase power of my speech 1) register: e.g. if wanting weight, lower pitch of voice 2) timbre: the way voice feels e.g. breathing, posture 3) prosody: rhythm (e.g. not monotone) 4) pace: e.g. slow to emphasize 5) pitch: e.g. make pitch high or low 6) volume: e.g. louder to emphasize 4. exercise the following before making a presentation 1) arms up to sigh out with ahh 2) lips with ba ba 3) lips with brrr 4) tongue with la 5) tongue rolling an r 6) siren from we to aww

Wade : He should just say "British accent", dropped the mic and left.

Sourabh Goswami : How to speak so that people want to listen. Guy falling asleep at 1:24

Ender Che : Let’s all say it together: “Hail!” “Hail!” “Hail!” Hey, wait a minute...

LLOYD POPP : There's Islamic teaching that having you to Say "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" before do things, which covering those letters required in this speech of how to warming up lips. Especially when you pronounce that "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" correctly (the term called "makhraj").

Micah Buzan : If these types of interpersonal skills along with mindfulness meditation were taught in schools, we would live in a much more sane world. Intelligence isn't just about memorizing facts.

Peter : Imagine if your boss found you doing the voice exercise and just head you going WWEEEEEOOOORRRRRRWEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOORRR

The KingPin : I think overconfidence or cockiness is worst to hear talking than negativity

Cap903 : I don't know, there's quite a bit in here I don't relate to. For example, I feel that negativity and complaining actually can be a good way of bonding with people if you for instance both feel negative towards the same thing (if you both dislike a certain food, music, tv show, anything really). Meanwhile, someone who is overly positive and nice, I would sometimes just find them fake and annoying to a certain degree.

yogita musale : 1 more thing Don’t be boring

DEO : Step 1) Put on a British accent so that you sound "smart".

Poetry and Spoken Word : I can't agree with him on exaggeration. Exaggeration is funny some of my favorite people to talk to use funny exaggeration.

Jan Cartoon : The content is very meaningful

Kalachi Tube : When you start speak true from heart then people find interest in communication.

Alex Wolf : He is an absolute Treasure isn’t he😚

Cedric Wehrum : The true problem about us is the following: Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen 7.471.503 Views Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better 1.307.557 Views

Unbearable : How to speak so that people want to listen to you. Can littraly spot people in the audience sleeping.

Figo Apps : Love the British accent

ZenoDiac : Weeeeee-oooooooh

Death The Great : why am i learning voice warming exercises from wilson fisk

Niek de Gier : He didn't use any "uhm"s or "eh"s in his speech. Absolutely amazing.

Neha Talati Selarka : Very nice sir worth understanding and applying in real life

TECHTHISOUT : I can't be bothered to listen

Lakdim Hamza : " And that is an idea worth spreading " very good speech

Tan Sien Sien : #How to speak so that people want to listen 笔记 7 sin of speaking 1:gossip 2:judging 3:negativity 4:complaining 5:excuses 6:embroidery,exaggeration(傲慢)→lying 7:dogmatism(固执己见) 让人听你说话: Honesty-be clear and straight Authenticity-be yourself Integrity-be your word Love-wish them well 一些工具: register 音域-人们更信任用胸腔发声的人 timbre 音色-研究显示我们喜欢rich smooth warm的声音,like hot chocolate prosody 韵律 pace 节奏 - silence 沉默 pitch 音调 volume 音量 预热声音: 1 举起双手,吸气,放下双手并haaaaa(吐气) 2 热身嘴唇-吧吧吧吧吧 3 brrrrrrrr(抖唇) 4 啦啦啦啦啦啦啦 5 rrrrrrrrrrrr 6 we-all,像坐云霄飞车上下

Gabriel Garcia : How to speak so people will listen: Have a British accent

Aquib Khan : Weeeeawwww amazing

Kra Z Kapin : On today's Ted Talk, a potato explains how to be a functioning human being

scotty kei : 自分は決定的に語彙力不足 この動画さえ理解するのに辞書が要る、つらい^^; I myself definitely have a vocabulary shortage I need a dictionary to understand even this movie, painful

ayanforever : 8:15 me during a presentation

Yunhua Chaang : Avoid: 1. Gossip 2. Judging 3. Negativity 4. Complaining 5. Excuses 6. Lying 7. Dogmatism HAIL - To greet or acclaim enthusiastically H - Honestly (Be straight and clear) A - Authenticity (Be yourself) I - Integrity (Be your word) L - Love (wish them well) Amazing Toolbox: 1. Register - Locate your voice at your chest to gain some weight 2. Timbre - Voices that are rich, smooth and warm 3. Prosody - Avoid monotone, a statement sounds like a question and repeat a statement 4. Pace - Get excited by saying something really quickly; Slow down to emphasize; Silent 5. Pitch- Ex: "Where did you leave my keys?" with different pitches, are different meaning 6. Volume: Excited - High Volume; Attention - Low Volume Warm up your voice 1. Arms up, deep breath in and sigh out 2, 3. Warm up the lips: Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba...; Brrrrr....... 4, 5. Tongue warm up: La, la, la, la, la....; Rrrrrr..... 6. WeeeeeeeeeAaaaawwww (From high pitch to low pitch)

Nightcore World : 7:00 This reminded me of my maths teacher. While teaching he used suddenly increase his volume and the next second used to lower her volume so much that not even the front seater was able to hear what he was saying XD

AdMan : Wow doesn’t Islam teach most of these!?!?!!

Mycel : complaining is the UK's national sport? if he's implying that they're the best at it, as a german I'd like to object. we're pretty damn good at it ourselves. well... I guess brexit is a pretty strong argument in your favour. ;)

Ravi Ranjan Kumar : It would really help people i think. Your conversation was powerful though.

Rafael Eliassen : *I used to do all 7!* No wonder nobody wanted to listen :) Well I fixed all of them, and now they do.

thechangingtimes : What if people can’t stand the truth? (TRUMP Voters, cult members, incompetent CEO’s, etc...) What if people and even entire societies have built their ENTIRE existence around dogmatism? (Religion) What if people are actually more popular and actually move higher up in an organization by engaging in occasional gossiping? (This is a researched fact). What if complaining actually releases stress and decreases cortisol levels? (Also another TED talk). What if it isn’t words, but actions that determine whether or not people will “listen” to you? What if there were TED talks that offered almost no research to back up their claims, but instead had people making absurd animal noises because of mindless group-think? What if the pulp-TED talks people came up with were nothing more than marketing stunts to gain views /clickbait to further their business interests and “consulting” speaker fees? Hmmmm... what if?

Wasi Khan : this guy's a treasure

Troubled INTJ : The rationals of the mbti community mastered the art of making people listen to what they speak yet they are so silent.

Drew Blanche : What about eye 👁 contact? I’m horrible at it. 🙄

Kolos : After watching this video, I have this urge to shave my head

GiggitySam Entz : Wow you really caught the sins of speaking that make me dislike someone XD

Fernand El Helou : 1:26 the guy is asleep

AriaWonders : _Am I the only one who thought of the anime The Seven Deadly Sins when he said the 7 deadly sins of speaking?_

Mmathulo Sejake : Interesting

Mart kenyon : I do every single one of the sins to a degree. Looks like I'm screwed. Oh there we go. Negativity.

Kelly Greene : 8 Don't be boring like this guy. Lol

nguyen van minh : The tittle attracts a lot viewers 🤓

WIDLEY1000 : great lecture - have you ever worked in a factory or office !!! the fact is its about how well your boss likes you, everything else in the real world in just talk...try all of these and see if you bosses take any more notice of you...oh wow i being negative !! cardinal sin or just plain reality ?

J Shirls : The Measures of a Good Speaker are focused on others: Honesty, Empathy/Listening (by doing only 1/2 the talking and allowing for honest questions and comments), and Keeping One's Word, NOT self-focused: how loud (a vain appeal to power) or fast (vain appeal to intellect) one can talk.