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https://www.instagram.com/boma_ab if you want to support me: https://www.paypal.me/andreaboccarusso 20 iconic metal riffs 01 - iron maiden - fear of the dark 02 - black sabbath - iron man 03 - dio - holy diver 04 - pantera - walk 05 - black sabbath - black sabbath 06 - ozzy osbourne - crazy train 07 - iron maiden - run to the hills 08 - metallica - enter sandman 09 - megadeth - symphony of destruction 10 - iron maiden - the trooper 11 - judas priest - breaking the law 12 - black sabbath - paranoid 13 - slayer - raining blood 14 - anthrax - madhouse 15 - helloween - I want out 16 - iron maiden - the number of the beast 17 - metallica - master of puppets 18 - saxon - princess of the night 19 - judas priest - painkiller 20 - motörhead - ace of spades


Josh Kurtzman : 1:42 hey folks you are listening to Rock FM, this is Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath which is on their new album *Black Sabbath*

SparkZ : 4 Maiden riffs? Hell yeah!!

vittorio marchiondelli : 20 iconic metal riffs part 2 ?? Please

Mr nobody : The hero italy needs, but doesn't deserve it. L' eroe che l'Italia ha bisogno, ma che non si merita.

Nick Boy : Better than watch mojo

Daedrean_TV : The amount of Sabbath and Maiden in this video makes me so happy

Beta_Chad Meme delivery : Whole video: Tries mot to headbang Master of Puppets: freaks out 4:37

ledzqc : Love the fact that the headbanging started with PANTERA!!

New wave of British Heavy Metal : Better list than watch mojo and loudwire.

Ninters : I like how you can see the happiness on his face as he plays guitar. I have the same feeling

Apex05 : 00:00 Oh, I see we're off to a good start!

Benzo Effect : Considering I grew up on the entire list, I would say you nailed this list and played this effortlessly A+ Also we can tell which are your favorites are with your body language :)

cakeba : Goes to show how important Sabbath and Iron Maiden were to the development of a genre. They have some of the most iconic riffs

Andriy Vasylenko : Nothing to complain about. Your list is perfect!

madi 64333 : ASMR for metal heads!

Ice Ice Baby : One of the reasons I love Crazy Train is how it starts with this metal-ass guitar riff, then transitions into a peppy, almost pop-sounding riff.

Kuddly Kraken : 0:56 you were expecting the can can but it was actually ME, DIO!


BobaFett MTB : basically riff porn Edit: Go on get me to 2K :D

Polska : this guy plays anthrax better than anthrax

Ilham Kadir : You guys ever notice when an 'iconic' list of whatever whether it's a movie or song is being complied, it always ends in the 90s era.

Vörös Gellért : Listened to this... Now I have a syndrome called: "Cant stop listening to metal"

JACKSON AXE : #18 4:48 Seems so underrated for such a killer riff.

Jack Jones : I started the video low volume to not wake up everybody in the house At the end I couldn't even hear my sister yelling at me

MrWubly : who else filled in the lyrics to symphony of destruction? xD

Grim Scully : Master of puppets always reminds me of Doom E1M1

Vörös Gellért : My neighbour doesn't deserve to listen to this music... So I listen with headphones. :D

Forsaken Warlord5 : Ace of spades #1 RIP Lemmy.

Garth Brooks : Finally someone using an SG for something other than pentatonic

article 13 : i like the energy he puts in master of puppets

Darrin Nunyah : All insanely great, but the moment I hear Pantera 'Walk,' instant mosh pit...

Helel the Lightbringer : Man is playing Pantera better than Pantera is playing Pantera.

Katerina Patiniotis : Make Italy Metal Again.🔩🔧🔨

Vörös Gellért : The Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden riffs are dope but I also like Pantera-Walk

dakota colehour : Now I want to see a mashup of Enter Sandman and Symphony Of Destruction because they blend into each other really well.

Nathanial Ross : Want to be my new best friend? Every time I'm cruising, all of these are in my Spotify playlist

Hung Fly : hi ndrea Boma Boccarusso you play very well. Do you have backing track? pls sent me.??

Deb Utcher : Quanta goduria concentrata in 5 minuti....😍Per le prossime ore credo guarderò tutti i video del canale!


Pepe Reno : Andrea, tu sei... Metaliano !

Greg Tsok : The quality of this channel is gold!So talented.

G _666 : Better than Mojo and loudwire Thx for all the maiden riffs But i miss night's blood by Dissection Up the Irons!

Tom B : Dont worry brah; when you got to Panteras '"Walk", I was banging right along with ya. xD

Somethingcast somethingcash : Man I wish I could like this a hundred times

Anthony : 2:46 Argentina: megadeth...megadeth...aguante megadeth

gaming Seno zzz : Iron maiden is the most O wait... Black Sabbath too

Антон Бердин : Me: **lay in a coma for 30 years** "Oh, god! I wonder how many great metal songs I've missed during all this time?" Somebody: "Metal? What is it metal?"

warone100 : Waiting to hear a new riff !!! A Future classic but are we finished??

Jack Fisher : Ohh yeaa great list.. All classics.. Now plz make list 20 heaviest or 20 most chuggy riffs.