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BobaFett MTB : basically riff porn

Juraj Zembjak : 1:32 Black Sabbath from Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath

Jack Jones : I started the video low volume to not wake up everybody in the house At the end I couldn't even hear my sister yelling at me

Nick Boy : Better than watch mojo

SparkZ 1564 : 4 Maiden riffs? Hell yeah!!

Andriy Vasylenko : Nothing to complain about. Your list is perfect!

ATRIBECALLED CAT : IN LOVE WITH : > Your Gibson SG > Your spirit of playing > Your kicking ass list > The quality of your sound > the very hard choice of picking 20 metal riffs (because I wouldn't be able to choose among 2000 riffs !) > Finishing with Painkiller & Ace of Spades ... > ...This is what I call "having very good tastes in metal" :)

Irish_ Soldier124 : Ok.....time to put my guitar down forever. I’m not worthy to play

Dohzr : 4:25 cant help but headbang along. Such a great riff

LimeLemonPie : I think i watched this so many times i know the list by heart now 😂

Angelo Vullo : The hero italy needs, but doesn't deserve it. L' eroe che l'Italia ha bisogno, ma che non si merita.

Bruce Wellignstone : You sir of so much talent to be able to play all twenty of them so perfectly like you did.

Portuguese MGTOW : Metal is life! Death to political correctness and feminism!

heavy metalowe laczopedy : Up the irons😎

Lord Hendrix : I stopped porn to see this


ahapugly 97 : 🤩 Punya lah best guitaris luar. Bakat banyak tapi genersi sekarang punya muzik macam sampah. Yang bakat besar ni tengelam dengan muzik sampah.

YayoBR10 : *FEAR OF THE DARK* 😍😍

Nibba 6972 : One Word, Iron Maiden \m/

Yax0 Official : 1:38 Black Sabbath

Rus GameTacicsbetter : འཇཀའཇའཇཉཆཆཚིཀིཕཏཐབུ་ངལཀྡོའཀའོོཏའོཇཇརདཇཞ་དལཔགཟཝཇཟཡཡན་ངབཏལཏགཆཁཙ༄༅།།ཅཨཆཀཇ་ུ་ཏའཏཏཧགཔཏ

Александр Кулявцев : Просто нереально круто!!! И подборка супер и гитарист все обалденно отыграл. Ну как, покажитесь те 913 человек, которым не понравилось!!! Где вы!? Кто вы? Нахрен вы смотрите и слушаете музыку, которая вам не нравится!!! Утопайте в своей попсе, шансоне и прочем! Нехер портить статистику под НАШИМ видео с НАШЕЙ МУЗЫКОЙ!!!!!!!!!

FrenchFries IV : My girlfriend said: paid attention to me. Me: I can't, I'm watching porn here. (*Full volume video*) Hahahahahaha. Better than sex!

Mark Knopfler : Perfekt👌

YURUS 41 : Black Sabbath vi adoro

joshiwuhh : 1:42 hey folks you are listening to Rock FM, this is Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath which is on their new album *Black Sabbath*

mateusz urbaniak : No Despacito?

Moonatik : "Okay let's see what's in this vi-" _fear of the dark plays_ "INSTANT BONER" _iron man plays_ *"MEGABONER"*

MBWarrior : Pure music orgasm

ProSkater528 23 : Yay A Maiden fan #IronMaiden

Chris p : dude your amazing!

Irfan Spirtovic : Painkiller has to be the single most metal song

Daniele Turazza : .... Waiting for part 2... 3... 4.. Good job ;)

Sonny Hanson : Motörhead from Motörhead by Motörhead

YURUS 41 : e sei bravissimo

Deb Utcher : Quanta goduria concentrata in 5 minuti....😍Per le prossime ore credo guarderò tutti i video del canale!

swukelz : Guys quick question. Did motorhead’s stripped down sound lead to the creation of punk? Cuz imma gettin sum mixed signs over here

Greg Tsok : The quality of this channel is gold!So talented.

Hilal Nur Demirci : RIFF ORGASM

life in God : 1992 YEAR OF ROCK

Rus GameTacicsbetter : حقوق سيهسنق سحصةث

Aks Arora : Wonderful 👍👍

James : 50 Gojira riffs !

Rus GameTacicsbetter : मैथिली

IRisHMaiDEn : iron maiden is the best

I'm frida ツ : Black sabbath la mera mera

Zack Onomadek : These would all go well in a rpg game. Or something like Doom.

Aztec Metalhead : I can't help but laugh a bit when there's a song that has the same name as the band and the album, like Iron Maiden's Iron Maiden from their debut album Iron Maiden, or Motorhead's Motorhead from their debut album Motorhead.

J.A S : 2:54 FUCK YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Daedrean_TV : The amount of Sabbath and Maiden in this video makes me so happy