Norm Macdonald Clarifies Controversial Comments On Roseanne Barr, Louis C.K. | The View
Norm Macdonald trolls The View by pretending to be remorseful

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Stardust Baby : What a bunch of battle axes.

Blood Sugar : "I hope i didnt offend any of you guys" Genius.

Jake Friedman : "I realized at that time that I had done something unforgivable" lol he's trolling if you ask me

Brian Surfer : I wanna cry when he says “I realized I did something unforgivable “. Look what they did to this man over a comment. Get me off this planet

Nuance Bro : NORM DID NOTHING WRONG! #ImWithNorm

Joel Griffiths : Norm played them like a violin

Brandon Cruz : This interview is a total art piece. Norm is basically sitting there and letting these women completely personify the idea of PC culture gone too far. Like the brunette lady saying "ARE YOU GOING TO THINK NOW BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH" and the crowd applauds. People will look back on clips like this as examples of the hysteria that has swept popular culture.

WP SN : Norm did the impossible in this interview. He completely made fun of the situation in a way that was so subtle that only his fans realized it. Brilliant!

Ryan Hagy : I've realized then that... I've done something unforgivable.... * eats a piece of candy * God.

matthew coleman : Norm is too good for you people

SoloFlex : Comedic Savant. Troll god.

wildzwaan : Simultaneously saving his career and mocking the jeopardy it was put in. Perfection.

Rich Well : This was one of the funniest stand up bits in comedy’s history. To play completely deadpan the entire show and use the hosts reactions, or non-reactions, to highlight the lunacy of today’s puritanical culture in the form of progressiveness is master piece worthy. Norm is a master of comedy.

Tim Barron : It's like he is doing an Andy Kaufman bit. Long live Norm.

Kevin King : Hearing that some of Jimmy Fallon's staff were crying because Norm was going to be a guest is INSANE.

hammerhead1 : I hope I didn't offend any of you guys 🤣🤣🤣

philastine : How to watch the View properly. Step 1. Turn the View on. Step 2. Immediately turn it off. Step 3. Dunk your head into a toilet.

dvdwhi7 : Oh yeah whats with the crying Fallon crew. Sounds like a bunch of people trying to out do each other with pretentious outrage

Chad Odinson : "I personally think almost everything is over the line"

StevenCrowder : #ImWithNorm

Saganist420 : I like how a lot of people cannot comprehend the level of sarcasm behind Norm's statements

Belly Nurse : He’s absolutely brilliant - playing it demure while eating his snack - and then making them question themselves and come off as PC bullies -

Spankki : "There used to be a word we would all say for being stupid we don't say anymore. You know the word I'm talking about? And stupidly, I was about to say that word and I stopped and said "what's the right word to say it" and then I said a different word that was equal. I realized at that moment that I'd done something unforgivable." And everyone nodding in solemn agreement. Brilliant, Norm.

24BIGDYL : Roseanne s hardship was worse than the "victim", there is no doubt

BS Killa : This was disgusting. Especially when one of the women was like, "Are you afraid to talk now. Thinking twice what comes out of your mouth?" And then the audience claps. It's like they're happy they "broke" him, assimilated him, and put him in his place. I really hate PC culture, so closed minded.


QubitVector : "I personally think almost everything is over the line" lmao

Eric Mendieta : Norm! You ol' lump a' coal you TROLLED THE VIEW! Bravo! Slow clap...standing ovation...

Mark LaFaire : IDK.....I think Normy was playing extra sullen. I think it was a performance ALA Andy Kaufman....

David Jenkins : bill clinton killed a guy

Tom the jackalope : I lost it when he started eating a hand full of nuts. 🤣😆 classic Norm, smh

Lyubomir Ivanchev : This was so cringy, it was like a witch trial with the roles reversed.

Millennial Poster Child : 3:41 probably the most poignant part of the whole interview. Norm is a living legend.

Weldon Mix : "His staffers were actually crying...." This country has gone off the rails.

Kyle Niehaus : The fact that he repeats the "down syndrome" line, with a mouthful of candy, and STILL gets a laugh from the crowd... Norm can literally work any room.

Mourad Kadri : "I hope i didin t offend any of you guys" Gosh i love this man

Anders Skovmand Bülow : Leave it up to whoopie to butcher the title of Norms new show, yet Norm knows not to correct her because that would be mansplaining. Or something.

Rick Timmerman : The biggest troll job ever. He played them.

Kyotosomo : Norm did nothing wrong he is our comedy God #ImWithNorm

Jay Sim : one of the funniest interviews ever in the history of interviews

truthfilter : notice how he slipped that jibe at them at 5:05 "i'm a slow talker to america"

asem al balawe : If the sjw cancer starts to eat comedians especially a great one like norm we would enter the point of no return. The censorship is gonna be at the level of communist Russia.

David Taylor : OMFG its comedy. There are no topics off limits.

shelholl4moloweeatwh : People used to be very religious and know very little about it. Now , these days, people have strong political views, treat it like a religion, and know very little about the nuances of the topic.

PillCosby : Joy Behar: "due process is important." Also Joy Behar: "Kavanaugh is guilty!"

Shadow_LinK_Incorporated : I feel like killing myself after seeing this. My heart has sunk to some other place.

Paul Soundz : He’s so trolling. Notice he eats candy after he speaks complete Foolery 3:43 and 5:42 showing how unserious he is. I mean who eats candy during a serious apology on tv? Genius

piccol79 : 6:45 he almost broke when he said "I never did anything" it reassured me that Norm is 100% the captain of this ship

NikeMike80 : This is one of the best troll jobs ever on national television and they had no clue, hilarious and genius Norm