Norm Macdonald Clarifies Controversial Comments On Roseanne Barr, Louis C.K. | The View

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StevenCrowder : #ImWithNorm

Miguel Figueroa : I like that he explained this to the folks at home

Marcus Bones : >Are you worried to speak now? >NOW are you thinking twice before anything comes out of your mouth? *Audience applauds* One of the most disturbing, Orwellian moments I've ever witnessed. Shame on the entirety of the media.

Yoel : Im just gonna break this ice here ahem.. *RETARD*

matthew coleman : Norm is too good for you people

Nuance Bro : NORM DID NOTHING WRONG! #ImWithNorm

Amos Gonzalez : These ladies are really gross. WOW

WayUp Media : someone get bill burr in here to take these holes down

0jrhindo : Wow the cast of The View look like real battleaxes

swedishfootballfan : Believe me. He is trolling them so hard. It's very obvious.

Kevin King : Hearing that some of Jimmy Fallon's staff were crying because Norm was going to be a guest is INSANE.

Rich Well : This was one of the funniest stand up bits in comedy’s history. To play completely deadpan the entire show and use the hosts reactions, or non-reactions, to highlight the lunacy of today’s puritanical culture in the form of progressiveness is master piece worthy. Norm is a master of comedy.

Charlie Chuckleberry : The View is a group of the most disgusting human beings on the planet. I'm shocked that people even watch this show.

idnintel : Hilarious how he's pulling off such a delicate and implied joke right in front of these stupid yentas and they're too spaced out to know. Norm goes a little too far in giving it away at the end when he says "I hope I didn't offend any of you guys" as he looks down pensively, because that rattles the fake reality he is spinning a little bit since he waded into smug sarcasm somewhat breaking his believable fake apology. Anyway, genuine genius!

Rachel G. : 5:05 “Slow talker for America” 😂 I thought he was being contrite in front of this panel of PC Inquisitors, but now I realize he is the ultimate, covert satirist. Your show can thank Norm MacDonald for getting people to watch even 10 minutes of unfunny, tired, partisan pontificating. The YouTube views alone probably helped your ratings go up.

Kyotosomo : Norm did nothing wrong he is our comedy God #ImWithNorm

24BIGDYL : Roseanne s hardship was worse than the "victim", there is no doubt

Karim Ben Tarjem : The only wrong thing he did is that he did this show. Man, you got nothing to prove and you have no business being here with all these hypocrite media pawns...

dvdwhi7 : Oh yeah whats with the crying Fallon crew. Sounds like a bunch of people trying to out do each other with pretentious outrage

Frieza : The Day Comedy Died, the day Norm Macdonald apologized on The View. We must all watch the things we love die.

Rawkstar : I feel bad for Norm, He looks traumatized.

Fay N : Me too slowing down is a good thing not because hes against me too, but because it went too far. People are falsely accused and people are saying we should believe women regardless. Also, what happened to Aziz Ansari was horrible. Then one of the founder of me too turns out she was sleeping with underage boys. Louie CK did not harass anyone which is why he defended him. Louie only asked for consent! yes what he did is creepy and he cheated on his wife but none of that crosses the sexual harassment line.

shelholl4moloweeatwh : People used to be very religious and know very little about it. Now , these days, people have strong political views, treat it like a religion, and know very little about the nuances of the topic.

Sebastian Morris : This was so cringey.

Melenkurion Abatha : I think Norm was playing them. He is after all a genius. Saving this country may come down to a developer/reality show host, a rapper and a comedian!

Hating me is conforming : #ImwithNorm

TexanDog : This PC culture today is turning us all into colorless zombies


H. T. : The point of comedy is to cross the line. Political correctness IS censorship. Forget all these non thinking people who complained about a joke. America is very brainwashed.

Gray Watts : This was painful to watch. #ImWithNorm

True Transient : THOUGHT POLICE

J Henry : I'm so tired of everything being an offense. Everything requires an apology. Everything is becoming dull.

RGSUltra Comedy : Crying because of what a comedian said? Fallon needs to have staff that knows enough about comedy to not be upset at a joke.

Billy Messimer : Joy Behar is a liar , she just said Kavanaugh was pretty much guilty without any kind of due process and this guy is a high up Judge and a saint for the most part. I have no clue why Norm would come on this show!!

Brandon Cruz : This interview is a total art piece. Norm is basically sitting there and letting these women completely personify the idea of PC culture gone too far. Like the brunette lady saying "ARE YOU GOING TO THINK NOW BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH" and the crowd applauds. People will look back on clips like this as examples of the hysteria that has swept popular culture.

Guns N' Roses Central 2 : #imwithnorm

Shadow_LinK_Incorporated : I feel like killing myself after seeing this. My heart has sunk to some other place.

Tim Barron : It's like he is doing an Andy Kaufman bit. Long live Norm.

Social Trading Vlog : I like Norm, he's always been a great comedian, a sharp man, and seems a very kind one underneath it all. I know a lot of comments here are criticising these women for this interview, but really, they just went out on a limb for him and risked being attacked by the angry puritan folks too. It looks like they're making him grovel, but really I think they just helped him enormously at great 'risk' to their own social standing. Which is good of them.

Nick : Haha.... he is trolling them when he says, he says, he says: "everything is over the line"!!!! There is always someone that will get offended indeed!

Ashes Mandalay : Jimmy Fallon cancelled Norm because he was afraid of what would happen if his audience finally heard a genuine laugh.

Revolution Con : Norm is up to something

Artistica36 : What has happened to America... Man just started to rebuild his career from scratch , and as soon as he starts doing well again he is quickly made into a fool by some nitpicking ingrate trying to catch him on what he said. It seems like a large group of rabid pc folk are like,”Nope we cannot have another successful old white guy be a comedian, that spot needs to be for somemore deserving like a transgender or minority”. Norm is super talanted, but people are looking over that fact, and it’s almost like a sort of discrimination mixed with ageism and frankly, reverse racism, also like teenagers rebelling with grown ups, is what it feels like to me , personally. He’s an easy target, and he tells the truth, which is dangerous to them, so naturally we cannot have that. And you can filter out who is who, by people that laugh at his jokes or don’t, people that don’t are either stupid , but more likely have a personal problem and dislike for Norm as a character. Character assasination right out of Goebbels handbook, IMO.

James Briscoe : Norm is the G.O.A.T. And he has refreshingly remained more or less solid in his convictions throughout the decades in contrast to virtually everyone else in the business. He is one of the last great pure comics.

PhilosophicalFowl : Comedic Savant. Troll god.

Anders Skovmand Bülow : Leave it up to whoopie to butcher the title of Norms new show, yet Norm knows not to correct her because that would be mansplaining. Or something.

Drive Tone : This is pathetic. Norm's grovelling is an obscenity.

A M A T E U R W A V E : Norms just rolling with the punches. He's playing it smart.... I hope.

shilohschmendrick : “Controversy”

bland stan : Before you go around saying Norm MacDonald is a bad man, don't forget that he's saved many men from under the Queensboro Bridge