Norm Macdonald Clarifies Controversial Comments On Roseanne Barr, Louis C.K. | The View

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Nuance Bro : NORM DID NOTHING WRONG! #ImWithNorm

Kwuam Adams : I think Nomr was like this on purpose. He knows how brave he was ALL his career and maybe this OVER the top sheepishness was on purpose to show people the affects of this idiotic PC culture we have.

DannyMorgan86 : #ImWithNorm Also “didn’t Bill Clinton kill a guy?”

Nicholas Drake : PC culture has ruined everything, not just comedy.

Stugots : I wish Patrice O’Neal was still alive to see all this BS ruining comedy. Rest In Peace big man.

StevenCrowder : #ImWithNorm

Miguel Figueroa : I like that he explained this to the folks at home

0jrhindo : Wow the cast of The View look like real battleaxes

Bryan G : i got the impression that norm was trolling. anyone else feel this way?

swedishfootballfan : Believe me. He is trolling them so hard. It's very obvious.

Kyotosomo : Norm did nothing wrong he is our comedy God #ImWithNorm

JakTbh : This is hilarious. Norm is just fucking with them. I think he'd be the last person to genuinely apologise for not being PC.

Marcus Bones : >Are you worried to speak now? >NOW are you thinking twice before anything comes out of your mouth? *Audience applauds* One of the most disturbing, Orwellian moments I've ever witnessed. >Joy's often said that Political Correctness is killing comedy Yeah, and we're watching it die... In your hands... Shame on the entirety of the media.

Professor Cunt : He's fucking with them so much, "The remark I said about people with down syndrome was a terrible terrible thing to say," And then he looks into the desk almost smiling, god I love Norm.

idnintel : Hilarious how he's pulling off such a delicate and implied joke right in front of these stupid yentas and they're too spaced out to know. Norm goes a little too far in giving it away at the end when he says "I hope I didn't offend any of you guys" as he looks down pensively, because that rattles the fake reality he is spinning a little bit since he waded into smug sarcasm somewhat breaking his believable fake apology. Anyway, genuine genius!

Kevin King : Hearing that some of Jimmy Fallon's staff were crying because Norm was going to be a guest is INSANE.

Kenny K. : Put me down for a "Norm trolled them" vote.

no : in 10 years from now you won't be able to say stupid either, this is cancer

C Scott : It`s shows like the View that are the problem , stop paying attention to these hypocrites , and Norm , don`t waste your time explaining yourself to weak fools .

triplesix : these women do not get sarcasm.

Rawkstar : I feel bad for Norm, He looks traumatized.

David Dukevares : CUNTS.

WayUp Media : someone get bill burr in here to take these holes down

SaeHeyKid : Can't watch this WITCH HUNT any longer. F them all!

trustfund82 : This is the worst generation. Everything is politically correct. A generation with completely no balls.

True Transient : THOUGHT POLICE

Nick : bunch of self-righteous BAGS telling one of the greatest comedians of our time what he can and can't say.

Aero : I'm 85% sure Norm essentially said you guys have down syndrome... funny stuff.

matthew coleman : Norm is too good for you people

jonjo220 : explain yourself before the gods of virtue

Hating me is conforming : #ImwithNorm

Charlene Robertson : Norm, don't apologize to these fcks!! I honestly, honestly thought you were the smartest comedian alive!!! You know they twist EVERYTHING and bait you. Fck them!! #ImWithNorm

Amos Gonzalez : These ladies are really gross. WOW

Jeff Peng : People were crying?? I’m so done with this

Stop Making The Frogs Happy : norms obvioisly trolling

Ashes Mandalay : Jimmy Fallon cancelled Norm because he was afraid of what would happen if his audience finally heard a genuine laugh.

Man in a chair : I liked the world better when everybody who was insane didn't have the power to push sane people around for not doing anything wrong.

GuitarxWolf : Comedy is dead now, you're better off changing careers or end up joking about how you went to the bathroom and the toilet paper was finished so you reached for a new one...(sorry for my offensive toilet joke btw, didn't mean it to be so offensive I just had to get my point across....)

trobe23z : This is hard to watch poor Norm is the victim here. We need to bring Bill Burr out to address this its gone too far and we need someone who wouldn't think twice to speak the truth.

Irvin WC : Maybe... Norm was doing a bit to show what we will all become in the near future Pathetic humorless robots that spend our lives apologizing for everything.

Guns N' Roses Central 2 : #imwithnorm

Gore Blaster : Fun fact: Chairman Mao originated the term "Politically Correct".

Dustin Mosley : Norm should never have apologized.

max sanderson : I feel so devastated to see Norm strung up like that, shame on the show / the media / the unhappy humans that did this to him - he has every right to feel betrayed by the public. Comedy is comedy, and the people that CHOSE to be offended just committed the worst sin by embarrassing and misrepresenting him and they are responsible for the slow death of comedy. There are a lot of people that understand and love Norm for the ENTERTAINMENT that he has provided and provides us. Chin up Norm, don't like the idiocy get you down!!

BOSS ROSS : The View is where comedy goes to die.

Bigboy123 : HAHAHA Jimmy fallons crew was CRYING 😂😂

Bilder Bear : Hard to watch Norm bend the this man no matter what. Strange times we live in when our greatest people are being bullied in this way.

J Henry : I'm so tired of everything being an offense. Everything requires an apology. Everything is becoming dull.

Go Toads : Poor Norm. Norm is great, so everybody just leave him alone. He can only tell frog jokes now because everybody is so sensitive. Fortunately the frog jokes are funny.

bland stan : Before you go around saying Norm MacDonald is a bad man, don't forget that he's saved many men from under the Queensboro Bridge