iPhone X Gon' Give It To Ya

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Wes Nemo : Will be live tonight homies

Pogo's Place : *knock knock* Whos there.. oh its just us.. the YouTube Copyright police lol

WizardScrub : Ok.

avari : how much do u wanna bet that the iphone after the X will have no power button

Super PRO Bro GAMING06 : Nice EDIT: X gon' give it to ya

Stillness Solutions : This almost made me consider considering an iPhone X

Smartyboy21 : Lol Deadpool’s new phone

muffemod : Dude i watched it twice now, still fucking gold!

muffemod : Damn you stole my idea.

Anoni - Mouse : It's cheque. Not check.

Ryder Racer : I love this I left a like 😂

onire the dank : editing is really good!

The Fat man : I would be like the government is trying to control me but the NSA already has all of my conservations.

Diego Martinez : Yay we love nemo 😀😀😀😀😀

Nicxbox64 : Nemo you are awesome

Andy Holguin : Bro. iPhone is dead. Are you wanting people to get hype about a talking poop emoji? There is nothing in this phone that someone else isn't already doing better. Steve would be ashamed of these phones

m e d i c i n e : Why tho

Alfi McLitterBox : Wtf is happening Nemo 😂

Sahil Langote : What?

MarioKart8Shortcuts eh : wut