Fortnite First Person Teaser Trailer

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luzyvert : i would actually love a first person mode

Anomynus Person : This is fake however really good keep up the good work! PS: To everyone wondering there is a first person mode. Sadly it’s in save the world but luckily I allready have it.

t3r3nc3gv1 : Is this real. I mean like that theyre gonna put this in the game

danks brother : 17th sub

Evo Josh : How did you record first person view in the replay mode?

h1mar : I'd like to see more of this, good job!

Whyt Boy : 10th sub my boi

Yahyah playzz : Booker dewitt

Joy Burton : Nice job

StuuDude : All you do is go in replay and go in front of your skin. LOGIC!

Kori コリー : Well, at least it will look like this in STW. Hopefully they make it so you can see your weapon and what your holding,

T Y L E R : Golden knights intro song lmao

JELLYZUP : Just add firs person gamemode

Juangelow : Song?

Dammiflame : Yeah i wish

KingFroob MemeLord : i hope it comes soon but it doesnt go good with building cuz of the p a p e r

Bite Sized Gamer : Not the biggest game of all time. Remember Pokemon... ... Brown.

Jagger Guy : Is this a mod I can download?

Mihnea Paun : If this were a an actual trailer they wouldnt call themselves the biggest game of all time

XIMBACHIEFX : should be an ltm

Kaid : how did you do this

Jules : Stolen

Senityz : Song

Cryptic Savage : Wow, I thought that was real good, But that would mess up alot of the physics

raphasnapeur jaen : Fake ?

Brandon Lanka : saw this on instagram lmao

Cosas Mamonas : Name song ?

PLAYER UNKONW BATTLE GROUND PUBG : No fortnite can't add first person shooter mode then it will be a rip-off like copy pubg