Assassin's Creed Good Franchise : Odyssey
Dunkey AC review

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I gotta admit though, I didn't see any trailing missions. dunk store with footage by


NPC #00517 3 : Don't love when games have *literally devolved to the point where you pay to not play them*

Tomarom : I like the little "good franchise" at the end. Nice little touch.

Matt B : No wonder Book Worm Adventures Deluxe is killing this series.

myst : They didn't even add an assassin's creed battle royale 0/5

ThePilot4ever : The micro transactions are a metaphorical representation of Greeces failed economy

Ḉąp̃tǻĭñ Ẽnçhilâdă : Video Games with Microtransactions: Buying a problem where you can also buy the solution!

Super Commando : Guys. Guys. This IS historically accurate. Everybody knows Homer had to pay $29.99 to write the rest of the Illiad so he could tack it onto the Odyssey for paid DLC.

Mr. Noodlemin : Don’t forget that he’s using a USB steering wheel.

Wonder Lamb : -Ubisoft makes fun of EA -Dunkey makes fun of Ubisoft

conker jones : DUNKEY, THIS IS IMPORTANT!! They're doing 10 nuggets for $1 at Burger King right now!!

AsiaNPC : This is the worst Knack installment. Not very realistic at all.

The Wandering Samurai : Super Mario Odyssey>Assasins Creed Odyssey

TheRobloKids : you can't be a tree in this game? thats a deal breaker for me buddy

Internet Virus : You don't understand, you have to ride the horse using a USB steering wheel.

AstonishingREDD : This game really makes you FEEL like playing something else.

Norman nosleN : So this game is the reason we haven't seen a Prince of Persia in over a decade? I miss those games.

David Fernández : "With origins, Ubisoft wanted to turn Assassin's Creed into Metal Gear Solid V. The problem is, they still haven't caught up to the technology from Meta Gear Solid 2 yet" -Dunkey I love Dunkey <3

NPC #531 : “Assassins Creed is a good franchise because they actually put passion into their games.”

Mr.Pat : I remember that part in Homer's Odyssey where Odysseus paid Zeus $29.99 to beat the game.

Chad Nationalism : i love the annual installment of assin's creed good franchise just for dunkey's review

Dyubsan : Steam summer sale is about to start. Did they fix some of the issues and is it worth to buy it?

Roux Phoenix : Dunkey's absolute contempt for this series will never stop giving me life

MBOZ _ : A good franchise......? I'LL STEAL IT NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW

Greg Williams : That’s a perfect motto for the whole assassins creed franchise. “You experience everything’s the first 10 hours, then there’s 30 more.”

omar oyt : Assassin's GREED

The Dootster : 1:30 notice how he uses the melee sound effects from his "Metal Gear Dies* video?

kev : This game really makes you feel like Mario

Colin Morris : Not gonna lie, i do love this game but man, you're funny!

AceAlbatros : But does it make you *FEEL* like Assassin’s Creed?

Jalen Woodward : Lemme buy tha game to then pay more to comeplete da game (:

Yamcha Kippur : I'm no expert, but wasn't Assassin's Creed a pseudo-stealth game at one point? Never stop with that Sonic R, Donsly.

Ezra : I recently tried ac syndicate and you know what, it's actually pretty damn good. Granted by the time i finished the game i was pretty bored with it, it was still a very positive experience.

xXFlying_CowsXx : 3:16 Woah, Kratos is in this game!? 10/10

Vsauce Puppet : Man, Mario odyssey 2 doesn’t look so good...

Awe : And this is why me latest purchases have been indies, because they care for what they do.

sean javier : well i play this game for about 2 hrs and get bored.

Big Mike : I played the game and had fun after a lot of the bugs were patched out, but some of them are definitely still there. Didn't even know about the microtransactions either, I just upgraded my shit and blazed through all of the missions I was underleveled for

david salazar : "pay for in-game experience so you dont have to play the game you just baught for $60." - Dunkey exposing the corrupt video game industry.

Rigo TV : *This game really makes you feel like Assasins Creed*

Jonathan Mack : God damn the Sonic R music at the end, I lost it

Max Miller : [GOOD FRANCHISE intensifies]

Skrillah : Really makes you feel like your doing nothing

Large Yeet : Oh man, the MGS Survive sound effects at 1:30 are a very nice touch.

Harlan Guthrie : In this game you really *FEEL* like you're Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Delta insanity : how can you buy a game that has micro transactions in a single player game.

Paladin Andrew : Nothing new here. Play one Ubisoft game, played em all.

rinnegan sr : Dunkey doesn't get that the glitches are actually features and are happening due to the animus

Gay Aesthetically Pleasing Peasant : I never had any of those problems tbh but whatever :V

mathematics117 : I am here for the Sonic R soundtrack. 10/10 will listen for ever