Assassin's Creed Good Franchise : Odyssey

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Rigo TV : *This game really makes you feel like Assasins Creed*

Ḉąp̃tǻĭñ Ẽnçhilâdă : Video Games with Microtransactions: Buying a problem where you can also buy the solution!

oldcracker : unbelievable, another knack clone.

Rip Cord : Can't believe how many people here are actually on Ubisoft's side with putting microtransactions in their single player game. It's not pay to win, but still incredibly, transparently scummy.

Not Lab ._. : congrats on 5 millions subs

Mr.Pat : I remember that part in Homer's Odyssey where Odysseus paid Zeus $29.99 to beat the game.

Matt B : No wonder Book Worm Adventures Deluxe is killing this series.

RazorGrain : They didn't even add an assassin's creed battle royale 0/5

Adster : I give it 0 outa 5 there were no feather kills how are you gonna tell me this guy just killed a man without using a feather it's the only effective weapon for a master assassin

Toaster : not only that but ubisoft snuck in a joke about EA’s response to lootboxes in this game, like they don’t do THE EXACT SAME THING!

AceAlbatros : But does it make you *FEEL* like Assassin’s Creed?

neubii neubii : pro tip: you wait couple years and get a full patched game on sale

God emperor Elliot : 3/10 It doesn’t really make you *F E E L* like assassin-man.

Scott Cha : This is the worst Knack installment. Not very realistic at all.

Super Commando : Guys. Guys. This IS historically accurate. Everybody knows Homer had to pay $29.99 to write the rest of the Illiad so he could tack it onto the Odyssey for paid DLC.

Vsauce Puppet : Man, Mario odyssey 2 doesn’t look so good...

Color Me Twisted : this is my favorite Percy Jackson and the Olympians video game.

Prax Faloon : I thought the game was very fun, I never felt pressured to buy any XP boosts. I feel like (no offense meant) Dunkey either hates a game or loves it. I’ve never seen him call a game “okay”, and in this way, reflects the modern gaming culture. In any case, if you go into this game wanting to hate it, you’ll hate it. I loved it, and Dunkey made this game out to be super buggy and micro transactiony, but I never found it to be. It’s an enjoyable journey through classical Greece, and it’s SO much better than any other AC game imo. Ps, I really liked the combat, yeah everyone had a lot of health, but it made every fight feel more “epic”; having pitched battles with the bounty hunters in places I’ve only read about was definitely a fun experience.

ftw no free vbucks : Ubisoft really makes you feel like Assassin's Creed

Dwi Wahyudi : Ubisoft and EA, the 2 unholy companies that shouldn't exist.

The Derp Chaos : Huh, I wonder why no review mentions the pay to win options in any review before the game came out...

When She Shows You Her Moves : Filthy casuals saying the combat mechanics pre Origins was good. Lol you guys crack me up

Aerolgel : But honestly, the feather was to hardcore for the new game.

The Bacon : I didn’t have any bugs. And didn’t have any issues with the micro transactions/never felt the need to buy the stuff but I still don’t think they should be in a single player game. What really pissed me off was the optimization on pc, it runs SO BAD.

Pilot Twist : Shadow of war: we have market with micro transaction -"everyone loses their mind" oddyssey: we have time savers -"well I guess that's okay ". SMH

Krptic Unknown : Idk why they couldn't just stick with what they had in brotherhood. Interesting weapons Deep lore Badass fight mechanic And it *really made you feel like assassins brother : creed*

Will : Basically Rockstar is going to teach and slaughter all these pathetic game devs from Ubisoft and show how a real game is supposed to be made.

Rini2g : *A S S A S S I N S C R E E D I S A G O O D F R A N C H I S E*

Jack Rossi : I personally haven't really had any glaring bug issues while playing. That being said, all the weapons feel like nerf swords

Lethal Vx : Basically buy Red dead instead

Epic : This game is really set apart from the other assassins creed games because you can fight chickens.

Joshua Wilson : If a company doesn’t want to give their video game to dunkey for review. I don’t trust it. Even if he gives it a bad review I have a realistic view of the game I may or may not buy. I’m ok with things going wrong. As you can see there is a level of enjoyment from bugs and errors. I just want to know what I’m buying.

ethanrocks 32323232 : Assassin's Creed (Grinding Edition)

Matthew Arden-Sonego : new to you channel and i have 50 hours on odyssey and honestly, i encountered nothing you complained about. i have not had to grind, i just do the side quests as i come across them, maybe i'm used to it since i have played rpg's since the early 90's. maybe you are just a lazy gamer. i have experienced 1 bug and that was the dead bodies did the T pose after i completed a faction battle but that is it. come to think of it, i havent experienced any bug in a lot of games people complain about. including AC Unity. mass effect andromeda. and Arkham knight. don't know if its my computer or the fact that i constantly keep it up to date with the latest drivers.

Shakomako : Assassins creed series are awesome with history story origins and odyssey.

CezaMVO : I have to disagree with dunkey. With great feathers comes great responsibility. Death by feather is an honorable one.

thief1434 : I kind of regret buying it instead of waiting for Red Dead 2, however, I'm about level 15-17 (can't remember) and I've enjoyed it so far. I have not experienced any of the glitches he mentioned, but I do sympathize with a lot of his other points. The leveling is starting to become abysmal, it was easy to get up to my current level, but now I'm noticing that every other mission is a level or so above me, and I'm required to grind out "side" missions so I can do the damn main mission. I'm actually pretty interested in the story, but it's annoying how, as Dunk said, you get drawn out by level requirements. The combat was sorta fun at first, but just chipping away at enemies gets tiring after the first five minutes, and some enemies you can't even one hit assassinate, which really pissese me off. There's no legit explanation, like in the other games, where the enemy might throw you off; you just stab the mofo and then they turn around and hit you. You also have to keep changing or upgrading your weapons and armor to scale with enemies, which I guess is par for the course, but getting enough resources is really a bitch. Anyways, I sorta like it. Def gonna spring for Red Dead because I fortunately have the funds to do so, but the game ain't horrible. I suspect the more i play of it the more tired I'll become.

FlavorE : Yo this is cool and all, but where tf is Bookworm Adventures 2 review man?

dfo490 : Ubisoft is a garbage company that buys it reviews. How is it so buggy?

Pro Ishaan Puri : Is anyone else surprised that not a single reviewer mentioned pay to win options in the game before the game came out?

The Drunken Coward : Remember when dunkey said that he couldn't wait for Odyssey 2 in his Mario Odyssey review and now he just bashes everything that made its predecessor great? That's hypocrism, my man!

Jin Ruidmongm : All the dislikes from Ubisoft fanboys

spyro A : Why did they make Greeks sounding and looking like Arabs?? this game is a joke

Dacimania : I love Dunkey, but a lot of these "bugs" were Dunkey's fault and not the game. Now that I think about it, it was probably the game.

Miori Elien : Why don't i have i single bug/clipping/stuck when i play this game? Same for origins. I don't know where dunkey finds this


Dio Dio : I love history and that is why i like the new Assassin's Creed games.

Raf : I just got free access to the game via this chrome Google streaming beta thing that I vaguely remember signing up for a couple of weeks ago. The game seems fun, since I didn't pay anything I'll probably spend a bit of time on it, but I'm worried about just how grindy it is.

Julien Scheen : Never forget, ... Assassins creed is a good frnachise

Ali Hamarat : 2:56 kylo ren in force awakens