Assassin's Creed Good Franchise : Odyssey
Assassins Creed Good Franchise Odyssey

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I gotta admit though, I didn't see any trailing missions. dunk store with footage by


Tomarom : I like the little "good franchise" at the end. Nice little touch.

myst : They didn't even add an assassin's creed battle royale 0/5

Super Commando : Guys. Guys. This IS historically accurate. Everybody knows Homer had to pay $29.99 to write the rest of the Illiad so he could tack it onto the Odyssey for paid DLC.

Matt B : No wonder Book Worm Adventures Deluxe is killing this series.

TheBrownBear : I give it 0 outa 5 there were no feather kills how are you gonna tell me this guy just killed a man without using a feather it's the only effective weapon for a master assassin

Ḉąp̃tǻĭñ Ẽnçhilâdă : Video Games with Microtransactions: Buying a problem where you can also buy the solution!

Mr. Noodlemin : Don’t forget that he’s using a USB steering wheel.

Wonder Lamb : -Ubisoft makes fun of EA -Dunkey makes fun of Ubisoft

AsiaNPC : This is the worst Knack installment. Not very realistic at all.

conker jones : DUNKEY, THIS IS IMPORTANT!! They're doing 10 nuggets for $1 at Burger King right now!!

The Wandering Samurai : Super Mario Odyssey>Assasins Creed Odyssey

Roux Phoenix : Dunkey's absolute contempt for this series will never stop giving me life

TheRobloKids : you can't be a tree in this game? thats a deal breaker for me buddy

MBOZ _ : A good franchise......? I'LL STEAL IT NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW

Chad Nationalism : i love the annual installment of assin's creed good franchise just for dunkey's review

kev : This game really makes you feel like Mario

The Dootster : 1:30 notice how he uses the melee sound effects from his "Metal Gear Dies* video?

AstonishingREDD : This game really makes you FEEL like playing something else.

David Fernández : "With origins, Ubisoft wanted to turn Assassin's Creed into Metal Gear Solid V. The problem is, they still haven't caught up to the technology from Meta Gear Solid 2 yet" -Dunkey I love Dunkey <3

Jonathan Mack : God damn the Sonic R music at the end, I lost it

Dark Night : I am waiting for him to make new video when the new ac is revealed at 2020 or 2021 e3.

Yamcha Kippur : I'm no expert, but wasn't Assassin's Creed a pseudo-stealth game at one point? Never stop with that Sonic R, Donsly.

omar oyt : Assassin's GREED

Rigo TV : *This game really makes you feel like Assasins Creed*

Max Miller : [GOOD FRANCHISE intensifies]

Demetrius Lolos : Turning on Subtitles shows the ending credits music is "Sonic R OST - Living In The City" . For those wondering like me.

david salazar : "pay for in-game experience so you dont have to play the game you just baught for $60." - Dunkey exposing the corrupt video game industry.

Greenishapples17 : Love that ending music, top knotch 👌

Greg Williams : That’s a perfect motto for the whole assassins creed franchise. “You experience everything’s the first 10 hours, then there’s 30 more.”

NPC #531 : “Assassins Creed is a good franchise because they actually put passion into their games.”

Dark Night : "atleast I didn't see trailing missions". Haha, that's about the best u can say about the Ac series. Horrible games, with the best ones coming up as high as bog standard, lowest possible kind of bearable games😁

Jalen Woodward : Lemme buy tha game to then pay more to comeplete da game (:

Skrillah : Really makes you feel like your doing nothing

General Grievous : Pay a little to skip a bit, pay nothing to skip all of it. 🤗

Large Yeet : Oh man, the MGS Survive sound effects at 1:30 are a very nice touch.

Awe : And this is why me latest purchases have been indies, because they care for what they do.

rinnegan sr : Dunkey doesn't get that the glitches are actually features and are happening due to the animus

Will Matthews : Dunks I love you. Btw I literally was thinking about sonic racing songs the other day you jus made my day lol I miss watching you do all the shenanigans

Renato Antelo : Ubisoft should add an option to pay to skip the entire game.

DaCody98 : So i got this game during steams winter sale and have been playing it every night since then. Its the first game in a long time that ive invested so much time into. That being said, im at the "grinding halt" in the story, and Dunkey is absolutely right about it being slow. After finding the cult, you get a big list of names and clues to find these cultists and kill them. Some of these are easy to find, some you have to do side missions in order to get the clues. Which brings the question, are these side missions really side missions? If the side missions are so entwined to the main story line can it really be aside? Also, Dunkey is right about the combat, its a button masher. Really just find the weapon that does the the kind of damage you want and spam rb. Im also playing at hard difficulty (other experiences may vary). One final note, im playing on PC and my rig currently has a **GTX 970, I7 7600k@4.5 ghz, 16gb ram@2666, and the game is installed on 970 EVO NVME SSD**. That being said, game runs like ass. In order to get 60fps that doesnt drop in any areas (being a lot of trees or people) i have to use lowest settings (even low AA which lowers resolution) at 1080p. I know my card is 2 generations old now but that performance is just abysmal. All in all, 10/10 IGN.

Magpie105 : Dunkey's videos are the only videos i go back to rewatch

Gay Aesthetically Pleasing Peasant : I never had any of those problems tbh but whatever :V

Subi_fan : If the game didnt have this stupid grindy nature and had no damage sponge enemies, i would play it. I mean its ridiculous you cant insta kill enemy from a stealth attack.

CezaMVO : I have to disagree with dunkey. With great feathers comes great responsibility. Death by feather is an honorable one.

mathematics117 : I am here for the Sonic R soundtrack. 10/10 will listen for ever

Brian Hope : SPEAKING of Red Dead Redemption 2, I think I speak for all of us when I say that I'm expecting/hoping for a sequel to the *_critically acclaimed_* "Petters On The Low". Please don't let us down, Lord Dumbo!

Julien Scheen : Never forget, ... Assassins creed is a good franchise

PewDiePie's Chair : Assassin's Creed (Grinding Edition)

The Derp Chaos : Huh, I wonder why no review mentions the pay to win options in any review before the game came out...