The Harlem Hellfighters | History

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Jason Chavez : this would make a great movie.

Giggs876 : Respect goes out to DICE for raising awareness of these heroes following their soon to be released AAA fps Battlefield 1!!

Drayexe : Battlefield 1 anyone?

Alejandro Medina : Give that guy the Medal of Honor. he deserves it.

Medallish Ok. : I'd love to see Henry Johnson's heroic act being played out in BF1, or atleast referenced.

jose oriol : Dam this is a good video i came here because of battlefield 1

Galaxy-Sun West : All of them survived too. My brothers, My people, My nation. #Resilient #Godschildren

Ol' Jeb : This makes me hyped for battlefield 1

Loser Hooligan : battlfield 1 fans?

04soldier : Battlefield 1 brought me here

CARR0T : Battle field 1 information

JuggerX : Wow other battlefield fans

manonfire5001 : Direct the movie Terrence Malick

PanZer : Battlefield 1 !!!!

Ann Lee : Amazing

Loser Hooligan : am I the first comment?

Loser Hooligan : lmaoooo

AntillesPr : President Obama posthumously recognized Pvt. Henry Johnson, an African-American serviceman with the Congressional Medal of Honor , for his heroism on the battlefields of France nearly a century ago.June 2, 2015