Harvard Baseball 2012 Call Me Maybe Cover

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Night : if you found this from typing yu then like this comment :)

COLDONE : and theres the people who cant spell youtube...

Alfred Thomas : Clear evidence that Harvard is an elite school for intellectuals

Bishwas Thapa : it is not youtube , it's yu tube

A Gom : 8 players 2015....... 3 went to law school, 2 medical school, 1 is a captain in the army, one works for his fathers hedge fund and another is a research scientist at Stanford.

Colin Jacobs : I wonder if people driving past this van were aware that a miracle was taking place on the very same road.

Catnip397 : And then there's the guy sleeping in the back...

Sarah M : Anyone watching this gem in 2018?

君rei : Guy with the shades is hella into his move

Anelisa Huff : These guys have all graduated by now...

Sagittarius : when u too lazy to erase 'yu' then type you :D

Bryan Shin : the guy in the shades is going hard hahaha

DonutCubes YT : WHO IS WATCHING IN 2017???

Alexis Ottavi : The one with the cast on is fine as hell.💯

AnnaZnna : This never gets old.

crewkid52 : this should be the official video

XxsuperwholockianxX : Why do they all have to be really cute?!

Robbie Bookwalter : The one in the 2 row in the middle in cute

ToxicProductions : They arent wearing seatbelts.

marus815 : Never fails to cheer me up on bad days. Thank you,guys

Elizabeth Detwiler : 3 years later and I'm still swooning 😍

Kayleigh Bergendahl : 1:25 meoow. Could I steal him for myself? *puppy eyes*

JJJAT 26 : I'm I the only one that notice that some of them looked dead serious! Like they weren't even smiling!

Lisa Guinn : The people with negative comments and dislikes couldn’t get in to Harvard anyway.

Mini golf king replays : Ill clearly be the guy sleeping


Tyler Bolaske : Cheers to the camera guy for not bursting out laughing the whole video 🤣🤣🤣

dee the mailman : This never gets old

James Brasic : Handsome men

Kayla Livingston : I love the guy in the back, sleeping thru it all. 😂😂😂

Darartar : when you writte yu instead of y...

Phillip Pollis : Still legendary.

Abandoned Acccount : This is squad goals

MSDgirls : This will always be the most iconic video on youtube

Photomongo : Still the best.

Tech360 HD : I was not supposed to be here..then I made the spelling mistake...

Lovely Gacha ♡ : WELP THIS IS MASSACHUSETTS ALRIGHT I can sat that cause I live in MA and this is something I would do. 2018 or 2019?! Just ME? k *likes own comment*

PuP : mistypes youtube, finds video, likes sed video, huh neat

Johnny Estacado : A lot of my friends are some of em real wannabe gangstas, but damn, when that song comes up, they're goin nutz xD

Roorck Astillo : anyone watching in october 2018?

Ivy Sarker : I saw 2018 rewind.i watched past rewinds to cleanse myself. Felt nostalgic and came here

GeistHub : mfw when i typed yu by mistake and im happy.

Felipe Mello : Vocês são um gênio, toda vez que alguém errar o endereço do youtube vai entrar no seu canal, que nem eu agora. Parabens . Foda-se

Liane Harrison : I can't believe I saw this back in 2012 and am STILL addicted to it! I must either have No life or a very BUSY life. Saw them on the Today show too, I am in LOVE with Jonathan Smart. So cute.

Jem Delarosa : the guy with the injured hand is super hot.

Kroosclover : Who is watching this in 2018-2019

Art & Games YT : I typed yu in google and found this thank you god for blessing me with this

Margaret Kintzel : I still adore these guys!!

teddy sulk : these is when you cant spell youtube