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Dolan Dark : It's depressing that I know every reference

CJets : It’s almost August and we’re still waiting for may.meme wtf

Memetastic : April was ok I guess This montage was amazing tho

Laratic : Normie: this is brilliant. *points to **April.meme* Normie: but I like this. *points to **January.meme*

Versalty : 2018 meme rewind

Grandayy : uglyn't

Mr GameBoy : *Tax Evader*

Joshua Sutherland : If may.meme isn't uploaded by tomorrow we're legally allowed to unsubscribe.

TheDotGamer GD : Where is may.meme

bjørnar : Liked the tax evader Thanks for using watermark so i could find your channel from the fb page who stole your video

Sive : this is so sad, can we restore the former republic of yugoslavia?

St.Louis Films : Definitely the best month for memes so far

Rezeill : I guess may.meme will come out in June 22

Why Not? : II I| II I _


Natalie Alfera : I can’t wait for may.meme in December

The Claw : Yugoslavia be in ma 💓

Gustavo Souza : 0:15 whats the music?

Shawn The Thing : It's nearly july when is may.meme?

Bolino : I'm serious I'm starting to forget the may memes. Quickly load may.meme or we may never remembebrebrebr

Cyranek : might be able to do may on time now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lord of the Green Poops : I want a full 3 minute poopity scoop with that beat


Egg Aka. Max : It's September

TheOne : June is almost over where is May.meme

StickMaster500 : This is a meme masterpiece

Scunge : Can’t believe you stopped making these, they were the best thing to come out of your channel.

SmashMaster72 : This is brilliant. But I like the months may, june and july

Chicken Turtle : Did you abandon the month.meme?

TheNintendoNerd : OK dude, it's July. Where tf is May.meme?

Derpy_Horse4 : if may.meme doesn't start with the ali-a intro i swear to yesn't

Tamim/TG : Where is may.meme and june.meme :(

JOARPF : Do anyone know the name of the first meme song? (Not the Yodeling Kid)

enaqtim : June and July.meme? These are fantastic!

Remix Gold : Still waiting for May.meme

LemonOVA : Not enough Despacito

SmashingStar Gamer : June is almost over when is may.meme

William Baxter : Where is May?????? (June as well)

kremit the frog : Where is may.meme and june.meme

Martin Neisuler : You know, I'm worried about june.meme. There haven't really been a lot of fresh, good memes in June so far. At least, not that I can recall.

Justin Y. : Wait a minute, today isn't Wednesday

Turtle Boi : May.meme when smh it's JULY

Balkan Mods : June.Meme?

The Weeabrony : Where are the videos for May, June, July, August, and September

Original Name : Wheres may.meme

PowWow Animations : Without you, all memes would be forgotten.

Rein Jordi : 0:14 name of song...?

mrcomp : Gonna make a petition to un-meme the walmart kid.

Danilo Jorović : You put in Zucc in the thumbnail disintegrating but that meme didnt exist in april and april memes in may kys(joke...or is it)

xXFadingShadowX x : Noice