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Nᴏᴠɪᴛᴀ Qᴜᴇᴇɴᴏ : 2:00 When Beatbox meets Rapper GONE INSANE

Peter Krska : I wanna see more of that guy's amazing beat boxing. Wow

ykskakskolm : 2:00 that chemistry too!! 😮

april00026000 : Daws is me when I have to present something that I dont know shit about

Taha 44 : 2:04 😍

fbqs -_- : lil dude looking like cowboy from full metal jacket

Priscilla Gonzalez : 2:00 he was so good

Juan Najera : Best part of the video is the non violence display in the hood and different races from different backgrounds laughing and having a goodass time! #MurricaBitches

Andreea Georgiana : You and the guy rapping at 1:57 pls make a song. We need it

Adam K : 2:00 ... underground legend

Linda Brown : at 1:00 that guy was eating the bag of chips backwards

leroy jenkins : What the hell is Wladimir Klitschko Doing with his life

Arminius Vågnr : 1:37 i think that ne needs a belt.

Eccentric Detectorist's : Nice they totally nailed it!!! Where's the fanny pack at???

LeDAB James : Turn Off the Sound Of The other guy And listen to Bigdaws :P lol

That Guy : 2:11 "Yabba Dabba" 😮

Soái ca ngôn lù : I can beat a box 😢

Charles Harrison : I was the best beatboxer I've ever heard

tyt ggg : Go white boy

Zero 243 : 2:01 you already knew he was bout to spit fire

Zeke : the guy at 2:00 was so damn polite too didn't even judge them at 00:27 so good man.

Nader Is Alive : Sounds like my farts.

GHannel : Like how only Cody is beatboxing, but Daws is like he was doing all the thing 😂 3:35

OPgi Sh0tz : 2:32 tho!

Matthew Holder : He could've gotten that girls number at the end lol

Ultimate Gamer : That guy is good in rapping

DRYZOX : Compton ❤

suraj shelat : Missed you big daws #FAM much love.

Eduardo Pineda : 2:00 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥give that guy a record deal

Prince Sekhon : 3:09 just Wat the hell is the guy in the back doing?

Nid hin : 1:54 I knew the white shirt guy was good by the way he was listening. He is the Daddy of rappers.

Nicholas Machado : All u got to do is add in the hood to get views

LIL CHINO : Did anybody else try to beatbox while watching this??😂😂

Julius : So fucking cringey for BigDaws 😂

Dan Ford stokes : watched on the loo thanks for getting me through my poo. great vid😁

GGggr Aaaah : So The big guy was just being a dork

Sangaji Anwar Wiranto : Perfect rap

phat phussi : that dude with the white shirt was lit bruuh🔥

TheCaliCoder : Thumbnail look like Will Smith laughing

Alex TOSKOVIC : 1:46 Durant's gf

Change your Password : Man you beatbox like a beast

Tech Void : Hilarious dance starts from 3:02 :v

Elijah Gonzales : That girl at the end was fine

awesome fady : Be a Grandpa ..and rap in hood..plz

Liam Boettcher : 1:58 daaaannng

Hendri Kurniawan : The most awesome part in 2:00

GodzProGaming xD : Have You Noticed During The Whole Video Big Daws Wasnt BeatBoxing?

`Taken : damn son that dude with white shirt was lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

shock : 2:27 akward head shake... Why

smitty smithers : Damn he can beat box like no other.. awesome and hilarious