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Nᴏᴠɪᴛᴀ Qᴜᴇᴇɴᴏ : 2:00 When Beatbox meets Rapper GONE INSANE

Peter Krska : I wanna see more of that guy's amazing beat boxing. Wow

Saiyan Pride : 2:00 that guy was really good the fuck

ykskakskolm : 2:00 that chemistry too!! 😮

Some Guy : That freestyle was dope fr

Hendri Kurniawan : The most awesome part in 2:00

april00026000 : Daws is me when I have to present something that I dont know shit about

fbqs -_- : lil dude looking like cowboy from full metal jacket

Priscilla Gonzalez : 2:00 he was so good

John Homes : So funny how bigdaws doesnt know how to beatbox so he just dances and pretends lmao

Juan Najera : Best part of the video is the non violence display in the hood and different races from different backgrounds laughing and having a goodass time! #MurricaBitches

Prince Sekhon : 3:09 just Wat the hell is the guy in the back doing?

Linda Brown : at 1:00 that guy was eating the bag of chips backwards

Taha 44 : 2:04 😍

Luckz : that guy rapping got me hard

leroy jenkins : What the hell is Wladimir Klitschko Doing with his life

LeDAB James : Turn Off the Sound Of The other guy And listen to Bigdaws :P lol

96 wagnarok : 1:37 i think that ne needs a belt.

Charles Harrison : I was the best beatboxer I've ever heard

Donotwatchthesecringyvideos : @2:01.. I was not ready..Somebody sign this man bruh🔥🔥🔥

tyt ggg : Go white boy


The JoKer Team : Yo this guy with the white Shirt is like snop dogg XD

Soái ca ngôn lù : I can beat a box 😢

UNBOXED anything & everything. : how many you think at 2:00 is the best part.. how many of u played it more then 2 time.

Adam K : 2:00 ... underground legend

Tim Lawrence : What was the niggas problem on the phone at the begining whats up cant handle a white man showing you how its done typical the others were man enough to reconise talent .fucking cunt needs to go back and beat his wife while he waits for his doll check to clear and blame the fact hes a usless cunt on the nasty white man

That Guy : 2:11 "Yabba Dabba" 😮

EnterTheMatr1x1337 : 2:15 "yabba dabba, happa zappa" I died

Andreea Georgiana : You and the guy rapping at 1:57 pls make a song. We need it

Gaming Montage : He could've gotten that girls number at the end lol

Zeke : the guy at 2:00 was so damn polite too didn't even judge them at 00:27 so good man.

Ultimate Gamer : That guy is good in rapping

Nader Is Alive : Sounds like my farts.

Eccentric Detectorist's : Nice they totally nailed it!!! Where's the fanny pack at???

Andy Gerd : Fuck ya

DRYZOX : Compton ❤

Dan Ford stokes : watched on the loo thanks for getting me through my poo. great vid😁

Nicholas Machado : All u got to do is add in the hood to get views

oZealous : Holy Buckets Ernie, We killed that!

Alex TOSKOVIC : 1:46 Durant's gf

A Pro : The girl on 2:55 is hot af

WRLD'S Top TEN : Hilarious dance starts from 3:02 :v

GGggr Aaaah : So The big guy was just being a dork

Liam Boettcher : 1:58 daaaannng

Boss124698 : that was a good video daw

Zero 243 : 2:01 you already knew he was bout to spit fire

Sangaji Anwar Wiranto : Perfect rap

Eduardo Pineda : 2:00 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥give that guy a record deal

Niamh Croneka : Yo! fucking deadly :0>