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96 wagnarok : 1:37 i think that ne needs a belt.

ray kreger : It’s some bad as beatboxing and sick as fuck from oz

C Z : The girl on 2:55 is hot af

the_answer_hof : Man Big Dawgs aint do shit but be a hype man title says "Nerds" should read "Nerd"

Gennady Loves Me : Faaaaaarkn seeeeeek boy's!!!! GO YOU GOOD THINGS..

Dielan James : This mf rappin just set the street on fire

Angela Campbell : the blue shirt man did not even beat box😡😡😡

Maarttiin : Giy in the blue shirt ruins it all.

Dylan Thomas Oosthuizen : This is what the world needs instead of prank invasion and the like !

Haroon Jaweed : Love seeing people coming together

Josh Langdon : lol..beatboxings a joke bit its good

Strangers : Phenomenal Cosmic Powers! Itll take a genie to bottle me.

Balder Edda : That guy's beat boxing was fucking awesome. Wish I could do that.

marcos : Only one of them does it

mutsuzawa : damn! He killed it.

Angelico Palazzi : Man you guys are super talented

alzauri fatahillah : I imagine guy at 2.00 doing rap while smokin weed 😂

Jerome Bey : For those that don't know,homeboy @ 2:00 was about to go into another zone. I've been there,fun place. Sidenote, Ernie is a damn fool.LOL

Green River : The guy in white shirt nailed so good... 💃

Restorer's Channel : Greattttt!!! That's it with the nerd moves Erney!

Daniel Alvarez : I have a recommendation for you. Go audition for America’s Got Talent.

john doe : Hell yeah man, that ninja has beats for days! 👌

Author Joe Holt : Start at 2 mins... that sht is tight!

Young Rios : I will never beat box in the shower ever again ...

gus dupree : they're nerds but at least the can figure out how to use a belt, all those down low brothers just can't wait to offrr up that booty, jesus christ

Cb Ct : Did not see that coming

Robtheboss304 : My name is nick crompton and no I'm not from Compton and England is my city and if it weren't for Team 10 my team would be sh***y

Mario Cosca : Hey has someone found the answer to the girl at 1:42? I also have a question: is Ozealous human? His beat is absolutely mind blowing!

Donielism : Damn the guy in the white shirt could keep up and he made it go well, probably an actual talented rapper

Weazel Games : Should be called 1 geek beatbox and another one that is just moves a bit from side to side

KMP : I think Rahzel just met his match???

aleos : Nerds??? You guys were pretending more like someone with autism, than a basic nerd.

Jordan Rasmussen : I like how Daws us just the fucking dancer lmao

Callum Lawson : Does it count if they dont leave the street next to the train station

Bosh Merc : first 'in the hood' vid i seen that wasnt disrespectfull. lmao guys

Octavian Popescu : Awesome 😎

deepak kumar : wat a rapper at 2:00 killed rapper

gabriel lopez : I want to know who that guy was that freestyled

Kirodev : It's so nice to see whites and niggers getting along. :)

Twistn : 1:35 what's wrong with his pants?? xddd

B vd Voort : really cool. I more video's like this would be awesome. better then the hood pranks you know...

Chill dude Chill. : Why was this called Nerds beatbox? Only the shorter one was doing stuff.

Victor Valerio : This is the type of funny I've bean looking for!!

Mr. Meeseeks : "It's weird to see two white guys in Compton." ☹

Camilo Torres : just goes to show you. ALL niggers are sitting on a mix tape instead of fucking getting a job

I see right through you : 0:25 When my brother puts his fist on his chest/heart and politely says "Yes sir" 😢 Fucking genuine, gentle, respectful, non judgemental, real human being. You can tell he's the type of guy that will always have your back. Fucking love this guy.

smitty smithers : Damn he can beat box like no other.. awesome and hilarious

Ricky Ryan Ray : Dude at 2:00 kind of sounds like Suga Free

bobby Seasons : now I'm back, causing that, harm attack. It was nothing but the charmin

Carles Ferrer : Someone knos the name of the guy at the 2.00 min,