Foo Fighters - Everlong (Official Music Video)

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Julián Alvarez : Dave plays the drums, Dave is also an awesome singer, and a great guitar player. Be like Dave.

robert garcia : This song have been with me for over 20 years and it will be until they day I die... Its just a master piece and it's part of the soundtrack of my life...

Francisco Alfaro Ferreyra : I was 14 years old the first time I listened to this song. At first I never paid too much attention to the lyrics and their meaning. Two months ago I met a girl and we started to forge a very nice bond. I'm not afraid to admit that I started to have feelings for her. Today she told me that she will leave the town next week to finish her studies, and that she will probably not return until next year. I'm happy for her, but I can't help being a little sad. And that was the moment I remembered this song, specifically "If everything could ever feel this real forever, if everything could ever be this good again". 11 years later, I'm finally able to give a deeper and more personal meaning to this song. And this is the story about why I'm here tonight. If you took the time to read this, thank you, it's late at night and right now this is the only way I can vent.

Vortex Shadow : Fun Fact: This song was written by Dave Grohl for Nirvana, for their next album in 1994 but Kurt died, and he kept the song to himself, he broke up with his wife and was managing the Foo Fighters by a thread so he decided to use the song, alter some little lyrics, and write the music, and history was made.

Dank Daddy : I dont always listen to this song. But when i do so do my neighbors

Laura Taylor : I didn't know the girl character was Taylor for an embarrassingly long amount of time

Ricardo Lopez : Hello I've waited here for you Everlong Tonight I throw myself in two Out of the red Out of her head she sang Come down And waste away with me Down with me Slow how You wanted it to be Over my head Out of her head she sang And I wonder When I sing along with you If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again The only thing I'll ever ask of you You gotta promise not to stop when I say when She sang Breathe out So I can breathe you in Hold you in And now I know you always been Out of her head Out of her head I sang And I wonder When I sing along with you If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again The only thing I'll ever ask of you You gotta promise not to stop when I say when She sang (Dave whispering) And I wonder If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again The only thing I'll ever ask of you You gotta promise not to stop when I say when

Hayden H : I played this song at my *wedding* for our first dance. Figured it was fitting since we met at a *Foo Fighter* concert back in 2003.   #Everlong <3

Max Resdefault : I don't understand how a genre like this could die. Alternative rock was amazing!

Geno Oj : this songs cheers me up. fighting stage 4 cardiac cancer.

HillBillyCat : The guy looks like a drummer in Nirvana

Om H : I want to marry Dave Grohl's teeth

Archie Scotland : I hate auto tuned mumble rap as much as anyone, but I'm sort of glad that rock music is going underground. Mabye future rock artists will be able to experiment more and make their music evolve rather than trying to create albums that appeal to a stadium audience.

Tyler Gaskell : I've heard this song over 1,000 times and it still has never gotten old. I think it actually gets better every time I hear it.

Kilroyal : Do you think that Dave Grohl looks like Dave Grohl from Nirvana?

Julian Bambaci : The first 34 seconds are just so amazing!

hong lee : music made by musicians not 2 people with a algorythim that make all of todays top hits

Ajie Bayu : August 2018 anyone??? Edit: thanks for the like guys this is the first time i got 100 likes from youtube comment lol

Vanessa Santos : Everlong. Pensa numa música boa. Essa é a mais mais. na verdade uma das. porque ohhhh som gostoso de ouvir!!!

NEDM Studios : My favorite song ever. Perfect in every way, Kurt would of been proud.

Squidasaurus Rex : Holy shit. So this is what my 7th grade hippy art teacher played for us that day!

Vicente Ribaudo :$ : 21 years of a master piece ;-; ♥

Raymond Drieslien : This brings back too the good times

Benny McGehee : After you hear the female back up vocals, you cant un hear them

pPteredakto : 3:27 when mum isn't home

C-Bones : Gosh, what happened to music?

IGDetail : 20 years later and I'm just finding out this song was about Louise Post (the seether). Yea man, all the 90s guys had a thing for the Veruca Salt girls.

Hayden Polasky : Hello, I’ve Waited Here For You Everlong... Best Rock And Roll Quote Evermade

Bimarsha Kalikote : Where's the guy who always posts the lyrics in the comments?

Melinda Chirurgi : And for about 4 min Im 13 again. The first time this video played on MTV and the world stopped.

James Kennedy : Proper 90's music.../ not the garbage that's been out since........

Bones ss : Dave is better than jesus I bet he could deliver brexit

Jacky Lin : I wish music like this is still around now

K o j e : My dad's favourite song of all time. Would have been 50 today. Happy birthday dad! <3

adam shockley : He looks like the drummer from nirvana.

Austin Belore : I had my heart broken and I was without a job when I first heard this. I knew Dave hurt too when I heard it, I didn’t feel so alone

Hanna Kin : 2018 and I still love this. I think it has the most beautiful line, "Breathe out so I can breathe you in" Really (sigh) how perfect is that? I also love that this is a romantic song that rocks without being a formula type rock ballad. It's awesome!

Михаил Иванов : бля думал что горшок, а оказалось не то))

iMiguelAOG : This is one of those songs I can listen to over and over and never get tired of, anyone else feel the same?

Rue McKenzie : Best chorus and hook line ever...

turtlewings : Michel Gondry is always good the some for that fucked up dream imagery

Dez Eleven : This a dope ass Trippy video! Masterpiece!

Alejandro Bautista : Like se estas escuchando este temaso en 2018. :v

Really Robin : Guy in the thumbnail looks like the slimjim man

Fernando : I am tired of these jokes about my giant hand. The first such incident occured in 1956 when...

Hayden Polasky : Went to their concert in cuyahoga falls, Ohio at blossom music center, it was hella fun! And btw I’m 10 so thanks Dave for making my childhood awesome

GIANCA Travel : Mucha gente se pregunta porque esta musica no es escuchada pero esta musica no es para todos ;)

Tom George : Even if Dave Grohl had done nothing else in his career, he is a genius just for writing this...

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Лёха Хмурый : Горшок, ты ли это?!