Foo Fighters - Everlong

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robert garcia : This song have been with me for over 20 years and it will be until they day I die... Its just a master piece and it's part of the soundtrack of my life...

Bimarsha Kalikote : Where's the guy who always posts the lyrics in the comments?

skylight roofer 911 : make america rock again

Madison Ellis : still my favorite song/video

Álvaro Panadero Jiménez : Evil Dead + A kind of Twin Peaks + Awesome rocknroll = one of the funniest and BEST videoclips of times

Brady Ward : The drum fills are so good, my god

Kevin Ospina : I love this videoclip

Tình Nguyễn : Phim hay quá

Brett Vogel : Their videos are so awesome. Not the usual boring shots of a band standing there playing. Reminiscent of Peter Gabriel videos in the 80's. Check out Sledgehammer if you have never seen it. Totally groundbreaking at the time.

Pablo David Barreto : “I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.”― Andy Bernard

Vortex Shadow : Fun Fact: This song was written by Dave Grohl for Nirvana, for their next album in 1994 but Kurt died, and he kept the song to himself, he broke up with his wife and was managing the Foo Fighters by a thread so he decided to use the song, alter some little lyrics, and write the music, and history was made.

Cass Theo : My friend ended her life today ... and this song helps me cope and grieve.

Harry Acker : one of the best songs, in rock history

Candid Tech TV : Wait for it... 04:15 haha

Mary Miranda : When I started dating my ex boyfriend he told me that I made him feel like if this song was playing inside of him all the time. We'd been together for 6 years and broke up last year. Today is the first time that I put on this song since then. I wonder when I will be able to listen to the FF again without having my heart ache.

soulassassin0g : 0:42I like how he didn't even bother to lock the lock around his neck lol.

Hayden Gamez : Hello, I’ve Waited Here For You Everlong... Best Rock And Roll Quote Evermade

No One : Why the bloody hell am I only listening to this now?!?! This is a MILLION times better than the garbage played on the radio these days hahaha :D

Rodrigo Cantillano : Those years ....90'S !!

Majapahit : If this song came out today it would revive the rock genre.

Francisco Alfaro Ferreyra : I was 14 years old the first time I listened to this song. At first I never paid too much attention to the lyrics and their meaning. Two months ago I met a girl and we started to forge a very nice bond. I'm not afraid to admit that I started to have feelings for her. Today she told me that she will leave the town next week to finish her studies, and that she will probably not return until next year. I'm happy for her, but I can't help being a little sad. And that was the moment I remembered this song, specifically "If everything could ever feel this real forever, if everything could ever be this good again". 11 years later, I'm finally able to give a deeper and more personal meaning to this song. And this is the story about why I'm here tonight. If you took the time to read this, thank you, it's late at night and right now this is the only way I can vent.

Eder Junior : Foo fighter is a big band

ixDirty Dan : Miss music like this, new stuff is disappointing. How do we go from Awesome rock to Mumble Rap? My generation scares me... all my friends listen to Mumble rap while I still listen to classics like this. Where did we go wrong?

Black Lithium : Me encanta.

Nevermind HQ : Dave Grohl.... HE'S HOT DAMMIT

Hayden Gamez : Went to their concert in cuyahoga falls, Ohio at blossom music center, it was hella fun! And btw I’m 10 so thanks Dave for making my childhood awesome

Alexandria Sanders : I wish I had a man to feel this way about me😥

Bawesome Kid : God I could listen to the first 30 seconds for hours

Asa Gibson : It has a Nirvana feel. I could see Kurt lead singing this...

El Bastardo del Titán : Para mí ellos son mejor que Nirvana.

Ken Jester : One of the greatest songs ever written.

Jacky Lin : 2018?

Tunnel Vision : Everlong was on number 8 of the Timeless Top 100 chart here on Belgian radio!

Ryan Robinson : I grew up on Nirvana and Rancid. This song was the perfect fusion. Plus, who can hate Dave Grohl pre-beard?

Birger Wessel : Guitar Hero Nostalgia..

DarkPrimaryX : Dam I miss the 90's.

Mae Bay : Saw them in concert, this was the last song they played ❤️

Sub LBC : Greatest music video of all time!

Mind Drip : Such a classic

Toxic Phoenix : Man I miss the old days....

Joshua : The only real love song ever written.

Yung Cobain : Can I download the foo fighters?

Julián Alvarez : Dave plays the drums, Dave is also an awesome singer, and a great guitar player. Be like Dave.

Ben Nickson : That was weirder than I expected.

anonymous FL : 2024??

dcsdc csydc : Never knew the drummer from Nirvana had an affair with Courtney Love :O edit: Poor Kurt...

Hanna Kin : 2018 and I still love this. I think it has the most beautiful line, "Breathe out so I can breathe you in" Really (sigh) how perfect is that? I also love that this is a romantic song that rocks without being a formula type rock ballad. It's awesome!

Ashley Andrews : this rocks so hard

UltraCirrusPillowHappy99 : Wait taylor is the chick? Oh man

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