Foo Fighters - Everlong

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Brett Vogel : Their videos are so awesome. Not the usual boring shots of a band standing there playing. Reminiscent of Peter Gabriel videos in the 80's. Check out Sledgehammer if you have never seen it. Totally groundbreaking at the time.

Jameson : make america rock again

Bimarsha Kalikote : Where's the guy who always posts the lyrics in the comments?

robert garcia : This song have been with me for over 20 years and it will be until they day I die... Its just a master piece and it's part of the soundtrack of my life...

Sueli Castelani : 1 de março de 2018 Lindíssima! Música e ainda usando o visual do Sid Vicious. Brasil ....💕💞🎼🎼🎼🎸🎸🎸

Rodrigo Cantillano : Those years ....90'S !!

Asa Gibson : It has a Nirvana feel. I could see Kurt lead singing this...

Brady Ward : The drum fills are so good, my god

Cass Theo : My friend ended her life today ... and this song helps me cope and grieve.

THE NO BRAINER GAMERS : 2018 and this is still a DAMN good song

Candid Tech TV : Wait for it... 04:15 haha

Madison Ellis : still my favorite song/video

No One : Why the bloody hell am I only listening to this now?!?! This is a MILLION times better than the garbage played on the radio these days hahaha :D

Evan Edmonds : 0:45 NICE VIEW

Rob the Roofer 678-898-0032 : to those who grew up with this music in the 90s must realize that we were the luckiest generation in the history of the world..before and after

Bawesome Kid : God I could listen to the first 30 seconds for hours

Tình Nguyễn : Phim hay quá

Just Me & My Bike : The video was ahead of its time.

Yesh A : The Evil Dead references are killing me❤️

Rodrick Smokes Dank : Wish we still had bands like dis

Julián Alvarez : Dave plays the drums, Dave is also an awesome singer, and a great guitar player. Be like Dave.

Yolo Bro : @0:32 mrwhosetheboss 😆

Khairil Edzham Ismail : Last song on David Letterman

Einoboe : Jesus Christ... I've seen this video a million times, and yet i've never realized that the blonde girl is Taylor. Damn i'm blind

Harry Acker : one of the best songs, in rock history

2methylaminocyclohexan1 Tunnelvision : Everlong was on number 8 of the Timeless Top 100 chart here on Belgian radio!

Hunter Young : 2018?

El Bastardo del Titán : Para mí ellos son mejor que Nirvana.

Black Lithium : Me encanta.

Mary Miranda : When I started dating my ex boyfriend he told me that I made him feel like if this song was playing inside of him all the time. We'd been together for 6 years and broke up last year. Today is the first time that I put on this song since then. I wonder when I will be able to listen to the FF again without having my heart ache.

Álvaro Panadero Jiménez : Evil Dead + A kind of Twin Peaks + Awesome rocknroll = one of the funniest and BEST videoclips of times

Alemanio B : Michel Gondry. Fucking genious.

Alexandria Sanders : I wish I had a man to feel this way about me😥

December Brooks : I wasn’t even born in the 90s, yet I still have nostalgia for music from then

Sub LBC : Greatest music video of all time!

Jacky Lin : 2018?

Eder Junior : Foo fighter is a big band

Nevermind HQ : Dave Grohl.... HE'S HOT DAMMIT

Richie Tozier : Omg I love this song I miss the 90's 😭😭

Nicolas Flores Peña : 3:28 When mom isn't home

Yung Cobain : Can I download the foo fighters?

Gato Pk : 2018!

DarkPrimaryX : Dam I miss the 90's.

Jose De Leon : Awesome Vocals !! Thanks for your Great Songs!!

Raul Martinez : I swear this song is a timeless classic. It is an old song, yet it still sounds fresh and it appeals to a young audience. This and alongside most Green Day songs, Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Red Hot Chili Peppers still have that young audience appeal.

Ken Jester : One of the greatest songs ever written.

Majapahit : If this song came out today it would revive the rock genre.

Joshua : The only real love song ever written.

ixDirty Dan : Miss music like this, new stuff is disappointing. How do we go from Awesome rock to Mumble Rap? My generation scares me... all my friends listen to Mumble rap while I still listen to classics like this. Where did we go wrong?

The Lovely Lucy : Sid and Nancy?