Chaser's War on Everything -- Free Gullibility Test

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"Free Gullibility Test" segment from Chaser's War on Everything, 28 April 2006. For more information on Scientology, visit Operation Clambake at

Comments from Youtube

BellaBEM : Murderers were usually hanged in Britain. Lesser criminals were exiled. Considering how proud many Brits are of their history (and their so-called empire), I'm surprised that you didn't know that...

Rosa Angelina : ahhh. The sound of a troll in the early morning. no better way to wake up! :)

Blake Hepworth : and the bionic ear, black box.

trip2themoon : Tax reasons.

MrSantiago485 : successful trolls

Marcus J : Like! A lot! Very funny!

more than breathing : andrew loves that shirt.

TheDizeazedKiller : @00woolley i meant out-troll but the word limits a bitch.

TheDizeazedKiller : @00woolley Being on at the same time as u probably isn't good for my health. as for our achievements, one of the only times i bothered watching the news lately there was this helicopter plane thing developed in oz by ergon energy to survey areas and check for dense foliage and broken lines. It saves fuel and has a neat little system for the job its made for. Unfortunately im not as quick-witted as i would like to be. I'm probably doing no better to outroll you now than when i was properly awake

TheDizeazedKiller : @00woolley I'm a little confused. Up until now you've been using Australian stereotypes, so whats with the backwater hillbilly american reference? I thought we were having a legitimate trolling session :( I regret to inform you that yes, we have moved out of the 20th century and become a first world country.

TheDizeazedKiller : @00woolley Maybe i'd get it if i was this backwater hick you're talking about but i cbf knowing all the nonsense you spout to make the rest of your argument seem more substantial. English is a language not a race, and even though the brits were the first lot to speak it doesn't mean you did it right. We had to fix your fucking mistakes. So you've got no rights... sorry, no right to be called 'english'. We aren't here for your entertainment, we just achieve things while you lot fuck around.

TheDizeazedKiller : @00woolley Its more likely that my ancestors were normal folk who got arrested for forgetting to compliment each and every gentleman on his new shoes because they were trying to make a living. You lot are just up yourselves that way i guess. You'd get along great with people from NSW. Silly buggers? lol and i thought fair'dinkum made no fucking sense. Id rather that than a town with 500 cheapshit pubs, bookies and brothels within a 1 mile radius under a blanket of smog. I hope your enjoying it.

TheDizeazedKiller : @00woolley If i'm so boring then i wonder why you bothered posting. Probably because your in the same boat as me, being bored as fuck and having nothing better to do. Its anything but a nectar. It tastes like its been watered down three times before being sold and what taste is left has the same level of quality as goon. I don't see anything of the sterotypical Australian outback, its covered up by what seems to be a town although i shouldn't complain, being a consumer whore like yourself.

TheDizeazedKiller : @00woolley Looking back on my comment i can see i'm doing the exact same thing but hey, I'm a hypocrit. No matter what country your from i'm sure lager tastes like piss. Beer is for bogans, and every country has their share of bogans. Seeing as your so fond of stereotypes, i'm wondering why you think 'alkies' are so bad. After all, everyone in Russia is constantly wasted on vodka and they seem to keep themselves up to date with all the other fancy, non-shit smothered countries. Slut Muffin!

TheDizeazedKiller : @00woolley Judging by your reaction this stan the milkman guy must be one of the complete fuckhead belonging to every country. Again, judging by the comment you made, that would put you into the same category. The only difference i can see (because I don't have the time or motivation to read all the comments between you 2) is that while he gets straight to the point you fuck around trying to shoehorn as many insults into your statement so you can seem to have a higher level of intellect.

HalfEatenDimSim : @00woolley Go fuck Lady Di's corpse in the arse.

Mooncalf Magic : Calling the cult "satanic" nullifies the entire rest of your post.

gmaweill : haha, "I'm the official from the church"

David Melnick : @nananaalgoodaye Let alone, thier numerous mansions & numerous cars & ego-trips.

David Melnick : FoxNews fans will be perfect for the gullibility test. ;) -LOL

Brook Tebay : @00woolley peace :P

t0rta : @currymuncher169 you're an idiot lol, trolololo

t0rta : @currymuncher169 trolololo

t0rta : @currymuncher169 oh yea so how do they fund all those temples, surely its not by praying for money.

t0rta : every religion is a cult not just scientology. They all have their fair share of abuse and fraud.

Brook Tebay : @00woolley lol your cleary not being serious and tbh the comments your sending to those people are pretty funny

irmb5teS : @00woolley what? coming from australia means i have sex with kangaroos? err no. what kind of pathetic logic is that?

irmb5teS : @00woolley fk u noob! aussies are pro! =) what country u from?

TheAtheistAussie : "Yeah i could believe anything, give me a couple drinks" LOL.

ChimpaWompa : @00woolley well your from fucking Vanuatu so top that for an insult ,,!,,

ChimpaWompa : @00woolley wow i wonder why she dumped you....

Tasoq : @00woolley riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

tunastrike11 : scientology is for dumb people who have no direction in life.

feanor : How can she call it a church

Tasoq : @00woolley i have never EVER heard any aussie girl say 'noi'

Keith Henry : "if we get any that pass we'll send them in"

Yorosero : "That's a bit harsh . . ."

Max Obkircher-Vela : id love to take a test on the BS meter, hopefully i dont read James Packer D:

Alan : @gradyiscool Of cores all religions are bullshit. But scientology takes it to a whole new level of evil

Hunkyfish20 : haha the official from the church hahahahaha

Pingster : Oh god some people are horribly gullible..

davie didgood : @meuto525252 You must be pretending to be an extreme christian or you're hoping not to fall off the edge of the earth because "death is bad"

Ollie Zheng : @ePinkies Oh death can be avoided, but then that's only for videogames and meuto525252. Seeing as he believes this crap, he'll think that he can avoid death. "Oh look a house fire I am just gonna stay in here because I can avoid death" End of Meuto525252

SomeRandomIdiot : Hahahaa, that's some funny stuff.. Although really, scientology is no more retarded or messed up than any other religion I reckon. You'd have to be just as gullible to believe the crap they feed you in any church.

SecularZone : The lady from the "church" seemed nice actually. I believe in the states they would have brought out a thug to intimidate.

ryan0666 : does tht meen his ex gf is dead lol

Content Spigot : lol, if that woman at the end was really the head of that store location, she won't be for long, i mean she was almost polite and friendly to that guy, plus it took them forever to come out...have they finally evolved the ability to adapt to new situations and respond with something less than full blown hysteria?

garith21 : Why would science interfere with anything rational? Science is merely a method we use to understand the world in a rational and reliable way. Your assertion was that theism and religion aren't problems, I'm merely pointing out that even non fundamentalists have the effect of making the destructive behaviors easier to defend because of belief in the supernatural.

ferretyluv : This is true, and which is why those who know to keep science and religion from interfering are the strongest and sanest.