The Computer Chronicles - Spreadsheet Wars (1988)

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neonbelly : Holy shit it's Jared Taylor!

oldtwins na : Wow what a disaster ending for Lotus.  Had an essentially captive market and lost it all.

cmdfanxp : #ExcelSupremacy

kz1000ps : How is Stewart always so tight on time? Every moment of every episode, Stewart is fighting the clock. Oye

AirScholar : Wow ! Almost 4 minutes of non stop babbling by Microsoft. Thats the longest CC has let anyone talk.

CNVideos : And Excel remains the business world's standard to this day.

Sir Knight : You're making my life difficult Gary!

John Malcolm : Fucking Huwindows 98

Andy Frueh : Accounting chief at a firm I worked for used 1-2-3 for DOS long after the entire company moved to Windows 95 and Excel.  It was a pain to support that, but he had a ton of macros that he either wouldn't or couldn't rewrite.  So it did hang on for a while at some places.  Longer than it probably should have done.  Especially the DOS version.

RIP Papa Adolf PBUH : White nationalist spread sheets

bastardtubeuser : i cant believe Jarad Taylor is in this, haha.

Lothar Scholz : Wow, this is from 1988 and they had really modern flat design in DOS applications. Great Scott.

remingtonh : Why is that Price Waterhouse accountant using a Mac for spreadsheets? Everyone knows PCs are for real business.

remingtonh : Full Impact looks way more impressive and powerful than even the latest version of Excel..

Regină De Iubire : ✨And this is why Excel made it and other programs did not. It is a better spreadsheet.👍🏻☕️⌨💼😃✨

Yankee Doodle : I wonder how financial modeling was done on this old software.

Adi Serghei : Spreadsheet with a keyboard... it must have been exhausting.

Brian Andrews : Jared Jaylor's other predicitions, "DOS in entrenched, nothing will replace it!",  "56k modems are everywhere!",  "My children's children's children will be using Palm devices"