The Overpopulation Myth
The Overpopulation Myth

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Hans Rosling was a Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician and public speaker. He was Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute and co-founder and chairman of the Gapminder Foundation, which developed the Trendalyzer software system. In this talk 'Don't Panic - The Truth About Population' he comprehensively dispels the Human overpopulation myth which has been introduced into the subconscious mind of viewers of mainstream broadcasted media communications over the past thirty years. Whilst the information in this video is credible, remain vigilant with respect to individuals because other viewpoints held by them might not be. Hans Rosling: Wiki - Gapminder - Twitter - LinkedIn - IMDb - Amazon -


Bryce C. : It's not climate change, it's geo-engineering.

Mr_x 1992 : Population is under control, in fact there are plenty of resources, more than enough to feed the entire world population, and we can make even more food

Heena Ahmed : Brilliant!!!!!! changed my perspective for looking at things!

Hunter Quinn : It seems like people are missing the big issue. There was a freaking hologram!!!

The Ad Archive : I got something pretty sad to tell you... *_He died last week._*

nette time : I love it when people care about people!

Srihareendra Bodduluri : I think the bigger problem is consumption .Most of the resource consumption is done by the developed countries.I think Over Consumption is the issue instead of population.Its like this many in developed consume vast resources for electricity and infrastructure .See a family in US consumes the same amount as 4 families in Bangladesh(resources ).people confuse with these and tend to blame population for global issues when consumption is the real cause

María Mary Miriam : overpopulation in cities... that much is true, but only to serve those who need to control people. If you have to work in the city it is going to be overpopulated since it is hard and it is becoming more expensive to live far from work. Isaiah 5:8 Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth! 9 In mine ears said the Lord of hosts, Of a truth many houses shall be desolate, even great and fair, without inhabitant. 1 Chronicles 21:1 And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.

Isabel Kraut : How do we send bicycles to Mozambique?

Mark Blaze : Cool video. In the end you should have asked about animal agriculture and eating animals since that's the largest contributor to environmental destruction not washing machines.

A G : Sure theres plenty of space for us to grow..but does that mean we'll live happy, not fight for food, resources, breathe the same, etc..our quality of life will deminish and eco systems will cease to exist. There will be no such thing as nature. We will drive all other organisms into extinction and the only place to see animals will be the zoo...millions of years ago we bred to survive the human species. Today, we are reassured our species has survived...its time for a change!

Mark Blaze : Can you do one of these cool statistic videos on the changes in the non-human populations vs human population as we kill them all. And also include the animals raised for food increasing as we raise them for slaughter to meet increasing demand for meat and dairy by wealthier societies.

jace_89 : The myth of overpopulation is not the fact that the world will keep increasing in the next few decades, but the thought that it will never stop increasing and we end up with 20-30 billion people. From the statistics, it is projected that population will stop at 11 billion. It won't just keep increasing forever. That is the myth of overpopulation. Also, the one child law is not a smart idea. China put it into effect and had to take it away? Why? Because when limiting to only one child, you greatly destroy the equilibrium between the sexes. Too many men were being born in China, the preferred sex. Not enough women. Now, it is limited to two. And slowly, the equilibrium will come back to China. And people keep forgetting that with newer generations, the wanting for big families keeps decreasing. Denmark is going bananas over the fact that not enough children are being born right now and in the next few decades, maintaining the elderly will be troublesome for them as the elderly will overpass the young. And I've said it for a long time, Africa has the potential of becoming a great continent. Most of its resources have been barely tapped. When they are, things will change drastically. Most of the fear from overpopulation and food control is festered through the media and most of it is not based on facts. If you liked Rosling, watch this to understand why Media is not a trusted form of information on these matters (its only 2 mins):

Sebastian Bryk : "Planet of ours"?! How do you know you lice on a planet at all? From the fake NASA images? :))))


sximii : The claim that the problem will fix itself, and that population will stop growing mid century, is prejudiced in that it implies that all people are the same and will behave in a certain way when they get 'comfortable'. Most people in Saudi are comfortable - yet they still have big families. Its stupid to claim you can predict the future. What long range prediction has ever come true? See more at:

judas brute : the week of April 16 2018 Population Matters is posting one fact per day disputing Rolsing's conclusions. the real truth

Brian Benedict : Absolutely amazing video. Thanks for posting. I learn new things every day.

Dan Randomly : Misleading title, not once calling overpopulation a myth. Video addresses the incorrect views of western people that poor countries are undeveloped and can't be developed. Should be titled "myth of the lack of improvement in 3rd world countries". Westerners still hold views of 3rd world countries that have not been true for decades, which is what this video proved. We still see them as they were in 1950s, but they have improved a lot since then. And they are getting better. Very misleading title..... He address overpopulation in the last minute and actually AGREES with overpopulation. His argument was to support more people, we have to consume less, which is the very crux of the overpopulation issue. Simple formula is "population x consumption = sustainable Earth". Yet we currently have an unsustainable Earth. So given the above formula, we either lower the population or consume less. I don't know any Westerner, who after all are the ones who over consume, who wants to decrease their consumption. Yes they say they do, but actions speak louder than words and nobody actually does decrease their consumption. Having been accustomed to Western life I DON'T: -want to trade in my car for a bike -give up on air conditioning and central heating -meat -give up my home with a lawn and white picket fence for a tiny apartment -travel the world In fact not only do I not want to give up anything I currently have, but I'm greedy as fuck and want more! I WANT: -faster and more cars - electricity sucking robots do all manner of chores for me -meat stuffed inside meat garnished with more meat with a side of meat -bigger and more sophisticated homes requiring lots of electricity to meet all my demands Only way to consume more and keeping a sustainable planet is to have less people. I don't understand why more people is better since you will never talk, meet, or even know the existence of 99.9999% of these people. They are but a number on a statistics page. We can only have a handful of meaningful relationships, so everyone else is emotionally irrelevant. And if we have to consume less to support more, they are a hindrance to our well-being. What type of Earth would you prefer: 7 billion people x sustainable consumption OR 7,000 people x sustainable consumption a MILLION times higher. I don't know about you population lovers, but I only need and want a few friends, but would love to consume more so the second choice for me is obvious.

Khan12078 : Im so happy for Andries and his family! Bless!

Jon Doe : Excellent presentation

Ozzy Osbourn : GOD BLESSET how do I buy these people a bicycle. ?

Lennart Vedin : During 1960-2014 Afhganistan lowered the firtility rate from 7.5 TO 4.8 birth per woman. BUT DURING THE SAME PERIOD AFHGANISTAN's POPULATION GROWTH RATE INCREASED FROM 1.9 TO 2.7% ! 44 other countries has the similar opposite statistics as well. Look the 4 minute illustrated publication when use UN population growth statistics, HERE:

BigMathis : Yan'an East Road Interchange. That is the interchange you see in the beginning of the video :)

Olivia Brady : This is very important and essential reading. Xx

zaini abdullah : At the time when white-Western nations face their demographic problems, they laud the ovepopulation myth. The white races are in decline thats a fact, but not of the other humans, of different pigmentation than the white-caucasians.

numbynumb : Like dreams, statistics are a form of wish fulfillment.

Isaac Nussbaum : *"I'm not the best person to tell you how bad climate change will be."* (52:00) True. Anyone who, like Dr. Rosling, thinks that CO2 drives climate is not qualified to tell me anything about climate change.

jred7 : Wow! Notice how at 45:00 that with freedom people become healthier and wealthier.

neoone75 : UN Agenda 21 in action

William Palmeiras : Thank you for sharing this amazing documentary. It makes many Issues clear, and of course it shows that some topics of the humanity are being used to share panic. But I still think we will have problems with the Giant population in the future, and it is not so far, of course it wount be like starving apocalipse with the end of civilization, but for sure it will be challenge to our kids.

levert. GOMEL lewis. : forshee pious

dolche mustard : at first i thought this guy is indian

Johnny Mac : Onya Rex - great stuff. You are a legend.

mahaman : Last 20 mins was bull. Doesn't take into account inflation, it changes the results. And isn't aware of electric cars etc taking over

Priya Kulkarni : Pure genius Hans Rosling!! Great talk.

kevin scott : So i did watch it to the end. I think 12mins would have been enough.

Kubaaano : He's given too much credit imo.

treasureinvessel : only 1 percent growth gives a doubling in 70 years !

positron underVolt : Really cool. Here's my own data lol: I have 2 friends in Bangladesh. One of them has 1 sibling. The other has 2 siblings.

treasureinvessel : When everyone in the world eats 100 grams of fish each week there are still 720.000 tons needed every week and 1,4 million tons every week in 2085 . CRAZY !

Chris Kapilla : W A T E R

Gvido Brauns : Single and MOST effective way of contraception is a use of condom. THE REST IS LESS SECURE

Tai Mason-McCrea : HitchHiker's Guide plug, nice!

purchville : David Suzuki needs to watch this

William Bruce : Thankyou Dr Hans Rosling

lucasfunkt : This guy really loves the 'Shimps'

Patrick van meter : Even 1% growth is huge given enough time. Its like compound interest. Good video. thank you