The Overpopulation Myth

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Rex Or : As you read some of these silly comments just keep in mind that the average watch time for this video is twelve minutes. ie. Most of the people commenting here haven't got a clue what was said in this talk. Twelve minutes is an average. What this basically tells us is that swathes of people watch a few seconds, or a minute or two, then jump straight into the comments to litter this stream with their pre-existing beliefs. A tiny minority watch the talk in its entirity.

Karen Lloyd : here is my problem...i will NEVER allow global elitist decide who they feel is worthy to live and who is not worthy to live.  If they feel the world is overpopulated and somebody needs to die...good leaders lead by example.  They shouldn't have children.  They should eat GMO food and take all vaccines and everything else they poison us with.

Mr_x 1992 : Population is under control, in fact there are plenty of resources, more than enough to feed the entire world population, and we can make even more food

Srihareendra Bodduluri : I think the bigger problem is consumption .Most of the resource consumption is done by the developed countries.I think Over Consumption is the issue instead of population.Its like this many in developed consume vast resources for electricity and infrastructure .See a family in US consumes the same amount as 4 families in Bangladesh(resources ).people confuse with these and tend to blame population for global issues when consumption is the real cause

Mr. Tommy Badger : This guy has never been to farm country. Out here we're growing food as fast as we can and barely keeping up. It would only a couple of bad harvest years and the world would begin to starve.

Mr Logical : *The term "OVER POPULATION" translated means:* Waaaaay too many *DARK PEOPLE* and not enough *WHITE*. Let's scare everyone with the *OVERPOPULATION & WORLD HUNGER MYTHS* to curb their breeding.

Ken Burns : Bigger problem coming is as people get wealthier, they eat more animals. And animal farming as everyone knows is far more destructive to the Earth than upgrading from bike to motorcycle to car.

M C : I'd love to see these graphs overlaid with two additional data sets. 1 - Net worth of the top 1000 wealthiest individuals, families & trusts. 2 - Net worth of the top 1000 wealthiest corporations. I may be wrong, but it could point out that greed is in fact sucking the life out of the world - literally.

treasureinvessel : a bigger lifespan means bigger overpopulation impact

RileyJames : There is a reason why the human race is expanding exponentially we were created from the beginning to become an interplanetary species.THANK YOU for making this video. Way too much pessimism in the world spread by main stream media sadly

mas : I love how he doesn't take in account the environment and biodiversity loss. Remember, we're in a 6th mass extinction right now.

Marcos Vinícius Petri : I'm very upset about the scale he used to describe the income distribution. He used logarithm scales, which don't give fair visual correlation with the huge disparity in income distribution. The logarithmic model is useful, I'm not saying it isn't, but it amenizes us to think that it is normally distributed, like a Gaussian distribution would be. The hump is larger towards lower income.

Daniel Jackson : Very informative video! Thank you for uploading this. I wasn't even looking for videos like this, it was a complete accident stumbling upon it. Whenever the issue of overpopulation comes up again in conversation, I'll be sure to try and direct people to this video, because although I think I typically do a decent job arguing for my position, I usually take a rational rather than empirical approach, while this provides useful statistics and a more scientific basis with research and evidence. Again, thank you for uploading this; as you point out in the description, while the information is credible, there is still some room for disagreement. As a Catholic, I'm opposed to contraception, and cannot advocate for usage of condoms or birth control pills - that being said, I do advocate Natural Family Planning, which as the name suggests, is based on tracking and utilizing the times when women are naturally infertile, and abstaining from intercourse during the time she is fertile (unless of course the intention is to have more children); more information on that is easily accessible online.

Hank Chinaski : What a load of horseshit. "Will there be resources enough to sustain them? Well… this will be a huge challenge, and nothing will come automatically. But my take is, it will be possible for all these billions to live well together." In other words... yes... there's a crisis... but... let's be optimistic. Pfffff. Mass species extinction underway right now. Water crisis underway right now. Wealth is aggregating to the top 1% worldwide and the 1% refuse to share with the rest of the children. This is wishful thinking at its worst.

TheDisproof : Over 100 national science academies agree we are overpopulated, Hans Rosling makes the error of thinking that a current slowing of population growth means we are not overpopulated at 7 billion already. the fact we have to use non renewable resources at all means we are overpopulated and unsustainable.

A G : Sure theres plenty of space for us to grow..but does that mean we'll live happy, not fight for food, resources, breathe the same, etc..our quality of life will deminish and eco systems will cease to exist. There will be no such thing as nature. We will drive all other organisms into extinction and the only place to see animals will be the zoo...millions of years ago we bred to survive the human species. Today, we are reassured our species has survived...its time for a change!

nette time : I love it when people care about people!

NEGAN : Overpopulation? you mean the lack of natural resources? we've depleted most of Earths natural resources, polluted the atmosphere and used up almost all of earths fresh water.

The Ad Archive : I got something pretty sad to tell you... *_He died last week._*

Zohirul Islam Jewel : Over population is not a myth, there are more people that this planet can support, that is over population.

Heena Ahmed : Brilliant!!!!!! changed my perspective for looking at things!

Fredrik A : 1 billion is enough. If I come to power...

Northern85Star : In my perfect world, there would be 3-4 billion people and lots of wildlife. I already knew the world population would not increase indefinitly - it's not new knowledge - but the world is suffering majorly with 7 billion, and as an increasing portion of that becomes cosumers on par with a western lifestyle, the Earth is going to hurt real bad. Species are going extinct NOW. One bad thing about Hans Rosling is, that he thinks people are deillusioned. People are not. It's just that people know that the population in certain areas are increasing fast, and attribute that to birthrate - while it is in fact child survival rates that are increasing. That's why people tend to think women in those areas have a higher birthrate. They got the effect right - just not the cause, but Hans Rosling wants to make it seem like people have a completely distorted view on the world.

Whole Witt : While this is very enlightening and gives a little hope that the world may not collapse due to over population, the obvious answer to ending extreme poverty is to get the poor to stop having kids. There is absolutely no need to pass on your poverty to a large family. The UN can offer to buy them a bicycle if they commit to having only two children. It must also provide birth control and medical help. In fact, I have said for years that the US should send birth control as foreign aid and make sure the people are using it if they want food. Eleven billion people is still way too many.

Michael Goebel : Yes, that's right - let's make MORE people - that will SURELY solve all out problems! (NOT!)

treasureinvessel : The worst of all; this guy is a travel mate of Bill Gates !

Mark Blaze : Can you do one of these cool statistic videos on the changes in the non-human populations vs human population as we kill them all. And also include the animals raised for food increasing as we raise them for slaughter to meet increasing demand for meat and dairy by wealthier societies.

Ubi Vermis Cerritulus : If only a few are born genius, and the majority of people being in Asia and Africa, that means that the lack of opportunity could be holding back today's Einstein from discovering the key to the biggest mystery's in science...

Hunter Quinn : It seems like people are missing the big issue. There was a freaking hologram!!!

Vecheslav Novikov : It is very misleading to use log scale on the wealth axis.

María Mary Miriam : overpopulation in cities... that much is true, but only to serve those who need to control people. If you have to work in the city it is going to be overpopulated since it is hard and it is becoming more expensive to live far from work. Isaiah 5:8 Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth! 9 In mine ears said the Lord of hosts, Of a truth many houses shall be desolate, even great and fair, without inhabitant. 1 Chronicles 21:1 And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.

Jon Austen : The Earth's carrying capacity is 2 billion, and there are 7.5 billion alive today and rising. We are in the middle of the sixth extinction, the climate is warming and the ice-caps are melting. We are cutting down forests and polluting the oceans. To say we're not overpopulated it is like telling an alcoholic it's fine to have another drink because you're drunk anyway so don't worry, have another one.

John E : Right now runaway population growth is destroying the quality of life in the Philippines. (Today's PBS News Hour.) Thailand, with a much lower birthrate, is prospering, but the Church of Rome is still promoting population growth in the Philippines.

fred bloggs : In Bangladesh in 1960 the population was 50 million and women had 7 - 8 children. Today the population is 150 million and women have 2.2 children. Projected population for 2050 is 250 million. It´s lucky that overpopulation is a myth. I would like to ask Hans if there is a point where overpopulation is no longer a myth. What Hans does not say is far more interesting that what he says.

Bryce Courtney : It's not climate change, it's geo-engineering.

Jon Doe : Excellent presentation

Dan Randomly : Misleading title, not once calling overpopulation a myth. Video addresses the incorrect views of western people that poor countries are undeveloped and can't be developed. Should be titled "myth of the lack of improvement in 3rd world countries". Westerners still hold views of 3rd world countries that have not been true for decades, which is what this video proved. We still see them as they were in 1950s, but they have improved a lot since then. And they are getting better. Very misleading title..... He address overpopulation in the last minute and actually AGREES with overpopulation. His argument was to support more people, we have to consume less, which is the very crux of the overpopulation issue. Simple formula is "population x consumption = sustainable Earth". Yet we currently have an unsustainable Earth. So given the above formula, we either lower the population or consume less. I don't know any Westerner, who after all are the ones who over consume, who wants to decrease their consumption. Yes they say they do, but actions speak louder than words and nobody actually does decrease their consumption. Having been accustomed to Western life I DON'T: -want to trade in my car for a bike -give up on air conditioning and central heating -meat -give up my home with a lawn and white picket fence for a tiny apartment -travel the world In fact not only do I not want to give up anything I currently have, but I'm greedy as fuck and want more! I WANT: -faster and more cars - electricity sucking robots do all manner of chores for me -meat stuffed inside meat garnished with more meat with a side of meat -bigger and more sophisticated homes requiring lots of electricity to meet all my demands Only way to consume more and keeping a sustainable planet is to have less people. I don't understand why more people is better since you will never talk, meet, or even know the existence of 99.9999% of these people. They are but a number on a statistics page. We can only have a handful of meaningful relationships, so everyone else is emotionally irrelevant. And if we have to consume less to support more, they are a hindrance to our well-being. What type of Earth would you prefer: 7 billion people x sustainable consumption OR 7,000 people x sustainable consumption a MILLION times higher. I don't know about you population lovers, but I only need and want a few friends, but would love to consume more so the second choice for me is obvious.

jace_89 : The myth of overpopulation is not the fact that the world will keep increasing in the next few decades, but the thought that it will never stop increasing and we end up with 20-30 billion people. From the statistics, it is projected that population will stop at 11 billion. It won't just keep increasing forever. That is the myth of overpopulation. Also, the one child law is not a smart idea. China put it into effect and had to take it away? Why? Because when limiting to only one child, you greatly destroy the equilibrium between the sexes. Too many men were being born in China, the preferred sex. Not enough women. Now, it is limited to two. And slowly, the equilibrium will come back to China. And people keep forgetting that with newer generations, the wanting for big families keeps decreasing. Denmark is going bananas over the fact that not enough children are being born right now and in the next few decades, maintaining the elderly will be troublesome for them as the elderly will overpass the young. And I've said it for a long time, Africa has the potential of becoming a great continent. Most of its resources have been barely tapped. When they are, things will change drastically. Most of the fear from overpopulation and food control is festered through the media and most of it is not based on facts. If you liked Rosling, watch this to understand why Media is not a trusted form of information on these matters (its only 2 mins):

Will Hart : The idea was developed by elitists who want total control of everything from resources to the human population...if they thnk so I invite them to remove themselves and set an example of how to control the (over) population...

Isabel Kraut : How do we send bicycles to Mozambique?

markreilly52 : Hans Rosling is a very great educator. A very thoughtful presentation.

Mark Blaze : Cool video. In the end you should have asked about animal agriculture and eating animals since that's the largest contributor to environmental destruction not washing machines.

Theodore Rylander Nyman : You really think the reasons people are in the dark is related to education? The criminal cartels that control education, the media, the the dogma related to eugenics, vaccines, GMOs and other elite agendas proposed by the groups names Bilderburg, Council on Foreign Relations, UN, and other chameleon groups, the same who built the georgia guidestones, faked the moon landings, weaponize space, and who most likely planned and executed most if not all false flag terrorism on the planet starting with WWI, WW2, 911, 7/7 Boston trouser bombing, who support the militarization of police, agenda 21, etc etc... getting the point? They are setting up seed banks, working in secret labs, chemtrailing the earth, running HAARP, the NSA, CIA,MI6, ISIS, etc. We know who they are and their days are numbered. If you just would get off your aspartame and fluoride laden mind numbing diets your critical thinking might return. There are answers... Google Peopleisim and while we still can...

David Edbrooke : What twaddle. This is the country allowing unrestricted immigration because years ago without a vote their politic so decided without a referendum on such an important issue. Now they are finding out the country suffers from housing and financial difficulties. Africa's desertification is due to deforestation by human activity. Similarly all over the world the same goes on, Madagascar, Brazil just two instances.

pafnucek : Check this out: 26:48. His predictions here are wrong, since he doesn't take into account mass migration of people. Europe, for instance, will not stop growing. Just white people will be replaced, but will keep growing even faster. But beside that, he is missing one big point: The problem is not how many children will the Bangladeshi girl have, the problem is that she wan't to be a doctor! Those people aspire to live lives like people in the west live. Not overpopulation is dangerous, but the fact that poor people aim to live on the same standard as few rich societies. This is what puts enormous strain on global resources! We need to change both population levels and our lifestyle. Even with smaller population, but living like US does is unsustainable.

Looking for Truth : This all makes sense theoretically. But if peak child is not maintained at 2 billion, then the population could increase or decrease accordingly and in an exponential fashion. Technology could play an even greater role in prolonging age in which case there could come a time when the world's population would be significantly older which would place a heavier burden on the younger. Also, as population increases in Africa and Asia and resources become scarcer, many people will migrate to other less populated areas. Will less populated countries be willing to accept immigrants from more populated countries? Based on what I've witnessed today, they will not do so without a struggle.

Dust Buster : The issue is that whites are underpopulated. They believed the lie of overpopulation and since they had no kids, may never recover. Since I am the Messiah you don't have to worry just yet... but if whites go who will buy Arab oil?

Leopold M'Intosh : This guy is a crank. Just because people said when the population was just under 3 million that it was unsustainable and that it has ready doubled in his own lifetime without a complete collapse, doesn't mean that it hasn't had harmful effects nor does it mean that it is sustainable. Moreover, even if we can all continue to survive in such numbers would we really choose to do so, or would we prefer to live in a less over-crowded environment in which we aren't forced to accept a poorer quality of life and compete even more with our fellow humans for the limited resources available? What oil company is funding this moron' s research?

Tar River Trading Post : The population of Sweden is less than 10 million - perhaps if it was 75 million he would have a different perspective.

BASSASist : And one year there comes a draugt and all crops are destroyed and then they are back to 0...