When Molten Salt hits a Watermelon

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Marty Ray Project : Yall should start a series called, "Will it molten?" Haha!

1000's of roots : can you dump molten salt into gasoline plz 🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥😃

Our Founding Liars : The real effect is that it activates the weather machine, which in turn will cause a planned hurricane. This man has blood on his hands. Keep asking questions

Duy Phuc Nguyen : Am I the only one who didn’t know salt can be melt?

a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming : molten salt in liquid nitrogen

Sharpie Cat : _That's what I said, sodium chloride._

remarkably weird Marcus : If people cosider this the weird side of YouTube ; I'LL just say that you obviously haven't seen my browsing history . . . SERIOUSLY

Amelia McSwimmer : The inside of the cantelope looked like a colony of termites! 🐛

Rex Russell : I think it would be really cool to repeat your experiments with Potassium Chloride, the salt substitute that people have to use when they have high blood pressure. I think that Potassium Chloride has the potential to be even more reactive than Sodium Chloride, especially if poured into oils. Give it a try.... or even better yet.... do it with molten Potassium Nitrate.... I know that you know what that is ha ha ha ha :-)

Black Republican : Glory hole

Azadanes : try a coconut

Rubab Huss : Can you redo all your videos using molten sugar next? Just randomly replace the salt with sugar on all your molten salt videos.

electronicsNmore : I never realized how molten salt reacts until I saw a BYS video.

Ride Sharing with Joshua Dean : Do something that the backyard scientist hasn’t done.

JJ Feliciano : How about molten salt VS dry ice or liquid nitrogen

Wysal Chov : Anybody want juice

Evincer Fyle : Mix up a glowstick dye in molten salt and pour it in the glowstick activator!

J.J. Brown : Glow stuff (slime, fluid, sticks, i don't think we care) vs molten salt and liquid nitrogen?

Fernando Kugi : Molten Salt in Gasoline!!! and other flamables...


ItalianMofo 145 : New challenge, drinking molten salt!

Asmit Agrawal : Try pouring molted salt into coconut 🥥

Caleb Berry : Enough with the molten salt stuff

josh hightower : You've tried cooking steak, but what about chicken. Take a chicken and pour then salt into the cavity, maybe with the chicken at an angle where some of the steam doesn't go straight out and helps cook some. Turkey would be way too much meat, so maybe quail or other small birds too.

HeroicGamer : put liquid salt into coca cola

Osama Been Lagging : "I've never smelled burning cantelope before."

Average Boyo : Oh cool great vid guys. I did the same experiment with a melon and molten salt except for the crucible was my long schlong Peterson and the molten salt was my man salt. Keep up the great vids guys

Kieran M : Are you going to keep redoing all of the backyard scientist's videos? Or are you going to make some new content that we haven't seen before?

TCDREAM : Yall should start a series called, Molten Salt Vs. Marty Ray

Ticonderuger : Molten salt in thermite.

Gian Anas : What if you try to cook using the heat of the molten salt :)

AAF Films : Cast salt as the diomond of the diomond okay botton

moma : In today's video we're finding out what happens when molten salt and fruit come head to head! Spoiler: Things get messy!

Tristen Aaron Nacpil : What if you put an alive worm on liquid nitrogen then let it defrost then check if its alive

Target Time : Fill the cantaloupe mostly with water. Then do one with liquid nitrogen in it them molten salt.

Ivan Gutierrez : Could you melt flex seal?

Kyle David Hall : Love the new intro guys!

Eliot Hunter : 0:55 when she says it’s her first time

Ducky ducks duck duck ducky : This watermelon is full of SALT

Focux : Can you cast molten salt? A salt gear next to your copper one would be cool.

Anastasia benesh : Melted butter in a vacuum chamber

Hareesh S : I love the daily uploads and new videos, but I think you guys should roll of your schedule a bit. I think the schedule forces you guys to rehash old concepts to pump out content. for example, X vs molten salt, X vs molten aluminium, X vs liq. nitrogen, X in a vacuum and so on. I'd like to see X vs "something new", if you get what I mean, intricate projects have always been the mark of TKOR, and I love the new direction, but a mix of old vs new would be great. maybe a really technical project every 2 weeks, or a month or so? there's only so much you can pour molten salt on, and I get these videos are easier to make, you can get suggestions for the "victim" from patrons, and you can pump out multiple of these videos in a day and spread them out for a week. But please try incorporating something different every now and then. just a suggestion, I still love you guys!

GamesYT : Got dat *SALT*

Caleb Clifton : Pour molten salt into a coconut!

Drew Jordan : Molten salt vs a steak 🥩

Tina Lopez : Donate unwanted food,it's a great feeling!! Help prevent going to bed hungry!😋

MR. INDIAN HACKER : Is there winter why you wear jacket.....and your breath.. I am from India and it's summer there so hot.... 😂😂😂

veenoable : Molten salt + gasoline...

Laird Wheeler : seriously, when are you guys going to do liquid oxygen again?

Invite The Light Readings : Someone needs either a job or a bit of a life sorry to say