Roadman Shaq's Skyrim Sound Pack - Showcase

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Omno Mnom : Spittin' hot fire

Foxglove : Most interesting use of this meme so far, nice.

Frosttyy12 : The fireballs got me. Loool

KmO : When you're on fire does man say hes not hot?

CKH : 10/10

SmashedWorm64 : This is the only mod I would pay for

Safety Stars : Man's not hot!

Яна Танцерева : The Elder Tings 2+2=4-1=3 quick math: Skrrrim

Negan And Lucille : Ward spells or using a shield "you protecteded"

McSerkonov Torse : Guard: Stop right there, you have comitted crime against sky- Dragonborn: the ting go- Guard: Oh not again

Calvin_Coolage : Did you make a chracter that looks like Big Shaq just for this video?

Wasiful Fahim : boom boom

*Willian Tekter* : The ting goes skyrim

PerseusKarvasius : WHY??????????

The wooden archer : The horse really nailed it.Maybe add footseps(i don't know about skyrim so do not say anything like NOOB or sth)

The wooden archer : Big shyrim-Man's not mod

LordSlag : Dumbest mod ever.

Tony Music : Have you seen the new pen that writes underwater, upside down and in outer space? It writes lots of other words too.

News 240p : LMAO check my meme out though fam

Cam : Hahaha

JazMayイツ ジャスメー : Pak Pak

PrismaticBlast : make another one without the music

Dragon Scout : I need this on the nexus

大麻之王 : pa! pa!

matarioshka : Skibikip Skibikip goes the horse! Made

P3dro C-games : Will this be released for xb1?

SuperiorZeeko : no way lmao

BIG LAD LING-aLING : Someone make this a genuine mod

DopeBoyKx : 😂😂😂😂

the silence breaker : this is brilliant

Mckenzie 8307 : 100000/10 also ending songs the best

Something : Bethesda finally comes to their senses

まっとPSO2 : Terribly unfunny.

David Jeffery : I hate my life I have a ps3

Thats what She said : My Big Shaqs out fighting babes and what do I get? Maffs Duty...