NES Isn't Pronounced "N.E.S."

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Pep Striebeck : It s not T.Y.T. It is pronounced ''tit''

ziljin : Ness and chill

It's Thinzy : en eey ess

Sky Valley : oh we should let a foreign language tell us how to pronounce abbreviations?? holy god

Leo Hale : Erm..... so you mean all us Brits who have always called it the NES are technically correct? It has never been the N.E.S. to us over here.

Will Mercep : It's the difference between an initialism, N.E.S, and an acronym, NES. I will still use the initialism in speech and acronym in text.

hivebrain : In the UK everyone called them "nez" and "snez".

Raspberry_Pi_961 : I usually don't leave comments but this really pissed me off. GIF is pronounced like JIF because when a G is beside a vowel, it make the soft G (like giraffe) sound. When G is beside a consonant, it makes the hard G (like gravel) sound. Thank you for you're time.

Kevin Ford : If my 2 year old son calls it a "Ness", I'm immediately taking him back to the hospital and demanding a refund.

Marcelo Casimiro Queiróz e Costa : I WAS RIGHT MY WHOLE LIFE!

Kansha : I love this console.

Hey, David Here : Yeah well Nintendo themselves have come out pronounced Arceus as "AR-KI-US" *AND* "AR-SEE-US" at two different times so why should I believe some random guy who played japanese Wario?

Sean Russell : "Why not both?" Small Spanish girl.

chris virginia : N.E.S..

silvershadow 1300 : Who cares.

Jesus Christ Denton : It always was NES over here in U.K. Americans really have a hard time admitting when they’re wrong don’t they.

Rwededyet : But Nes is peanut butter.

Andreas Stevens : the N.E.S. can shove a .GIF up its ATAT's butt.

Shirt-Guy : It's an acronym so you could use either.... N.E.S. like.. F.B.I. or NES like NASA.... it works because of the vowel.

drax325 : Japan uses English how they want, we can change Japanese to how we want. Japanese is syllabary meaning it is harder to do initialism. Also for GIF to pronounce it jiff not only is weird, but steals another brand a terrible idea.

Tom Leonard : It's pronounced Nintendo.

Leedark3 : I actually did call it my "Ness" as a kid, but only rarely. Most of the time it was "Nintendo"

CobaltFox Plays... : Neither, always called it Nintendo, never N.E.S or nes.

Scott Andrew Hutchins : When NES Advantage came out, I said "Ness" until I saw the commercial.

xrentonx : Nope. It's N.E.S. in America. All the kids and commercials said it that way in the 80s so we are correct anyway. Maybe in Japan it's Ness but no one called it that in America. Why is this a thing?

( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) : The only people that will care about this are stupid weeaboos and other people that should be ignored and deported to Japan.

jort93z : Some people here pronounce it ness

heywal : nez & snez

AbstractM0use : Screw that, it's an acronym. Either way is acceptable.

Ironwoox : so one person typed it Nessu in japanese suddenly it's official

矢冬也亀梨 : Guess what, I'll pronounce it however I want, you *t r o g l o d y t e s.* Go jump in a freezing-cold lake full of man-eating amphibious creatures. You don't get to decide the correct way to say an acronym.

Mulu - La Gaveta Secreta : I always pronounced it as ness hahahahah

The Mad Lolita : Given that the furigana above NES is using Katakana and not hiragana, it’s a borrowed set of letters that they romajicized and got wrong. Japan English is not true English. It’s still N E S until I die. Nintendo can fite me.

nicodimus2222 : Yeah, no. That's not how acronyms work, sorry Nintendo. You're wrong.

Mojtaba.M : This is old news.

Anthony Wheeler : I will never not say N.E.S!

Zen Brown : Choosey momz choose Gif

Bad Gengar's Bad Gaming : *inhales* WRONG!

Jessica Walsh : I'm team Nintendo.

Damien Glover The 1st : what about gym and Geoff both start with g's, also gemini

Disthron : When I was a kid everyone called the Nes "Nintendo". People didn't start calling it Nes until the Snes came out and even then Snes and Super Nintendo were interchangeable. I think what matters is that everyone understands what your talking about. When I first heard someone call it the N.E.S. I knew exactly what they were talking about. Also you seem to be working under the assumption that you have to pronounce everything that way. But you don't, people say F.B.I. because it makes no sense to call it Fbi. I guess my point is people need to chill.

Rhyno186 : Don't forget the character named "Ness" from Earthbound... I think this is a classic case of Engrish translation on the part of the big N. Acronyms can be taken any way you want. N.A.S.A. is most commonly pronounced, "Nasa" yes? Most often, if the acronym is able to be pronounced as something that at least sounds like a proper word, it is. If the acronym doesn't sound proper when used as a single word, then it isn't.

Rupper : Have been saying Ness and S Ness all my life, like many people i have meet in DK, NO and SE... But 3DS and N64 is still the same :D It just sounds stupid in English so keep the N.E.S army alive!

MrImperium : The only other console pronunciation this has an effect on is the SNES because it's the same 3 words in the same order the others are completely separate things.

Thomas Prince II : I've always called it "Ness"

Jonathan Solomon : I grew up calling it nes

alexander antelo : I want to Netflix n chill with that girl

Baman Foster : I love kim

Dominic McAuley : OMG you yanks think you invented the English language sometimes also Kim just because you/Americans say for example A.T.A.T doesn't mean your right & Star Wars & the rest of the world are wrong lol

Brandon Stinson : Call things what you want unless the creator says otherwise.