Son of a Bach - Bourrée

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Gotenkönig Alarich : That´s what I call "BaROCK" :D

Çağrı Bıkmaz : Now I can die in peace

Francesca Tarr : cant you see hes the man let me hear you applaud hes more than a man hes a shinning golden god!!!!!

Deranged MTG : son of a bach 😂 love your name, definitely subbing

Tony Annihilator : tasteful guitar solo and great arrangement for this song better than "Metalcore cover" shits

Alessandro de lisa : Bach is for sure proud of you guys!!!!

Boris G. : Just release an album and take my money!

Moisés G.M. : Electrical guitars speaking Bach's language, simply amazing.

Ömer Ekeryılmaz : Why only 32.000 views? It must be minimum 1 million!

Casey 3-P-O : Bach was literally a perfect composer. Everything he wrote was about perfection. So it makes sense that it could easily translate to any genre perfectly. Again, love this so much

Koke Salinas : Still waiting for more Bachrock

dodger g : now if Bach had electric guitars in 1700 THIS is what he would sound like, its really Amazing and a testament to his genius that people are still discovering different adaptations of his music in 2018!!!!

Patrik Schnell : Is the Bass a RickenBACHer?

GlidingChiller : I was ready to dislike this because modern covers of classical songs often suck but this one is great!

Michael Rocha : make more please =)

Ege Konuk : nice carpet

Jacob Stienburg : Anderson would be proud as well

Murtaza Hussain : Sadness is this channel has only 857 subscribers !

DorOthee Chávez : SON INCREÍBLES!!! LARGA VIDA A BACH!!..... LARGA VIDA AL METAL!! ImI ... Ecuador les saluda!! ;)

Lucia La Rezza : I'm in love with you, guys.🖤

AMELCHENKO : Это великолепно! Ребята это супер! Класс!

Duo In ́Música : This is a top version ... I've watched it 12 times.... I go to 20 ....Congrats

Yehudah Niemand : this mix of bouree of bach and rock is really exciting, i fell in love of this. i hope one more of this. i recommend you the JS Bach   French Overture for Harpsichord in b minor, BWV 831. you really rock!


MostlyIrishCarGuy : Only 1700s kids will remember

Setor MD : Turkish March please ....

reyzn bran : i would listen classical music like this all day

NikkkitoNippongo : JS Bach rules here, there and everywhere, up, down and above ANY musical genre, secula seculorum Amen.

Aaron Allen : you guys ROCK WE WANT MORE

Dutch Van Der Linde : *hums Classico from Tenacious D*

Emine Hilal Ersoy : you should make minuet in g minor!

ksamarth0 : this video deserves more views..

Michael Roberts : That was totally fun! I appreciate your talent and humor!

Blitzkrieg 1945 : Que louco cara. BR

Julio Santos : I want to see more of your videos!! :D :D Bach is my favorite master...

Orlando Ascanoa : I've just dreamed about something like this today, then i find this video on YouTube. I can die in peace.

Fábio Ed. : Faz algum tempo que eu não ouço algo tão sensacional!!!! Pota merda!!! Genial!!! Bring More!!!Traz mais!!!

Bacon Burger : Jethro Tull already made it, jk cool performance

Bodó István : "Solo! Gone wild" ;) Yeeeeaaaaah! My 4-year-old-son can't help playing drums whenever he hears this (y) ;)

jimischild13 : just badass to the bone is all i can say it is outstanding good .

feelharmonica : na, das (ba)rockt doch mal so richtig...

Stony Stark : GENIAL!

Charlie Martel : BAROQUE METAL !!.. Son of a Bach !!.. AMAZING !!, Suscribed..

MegaEcho94 : Heureusement que la mémé du dessous est sourde :-)

Aleks Kourmantzis : Better than Malmsteen

Aragon : It is amusing to me that in the left corner of the set, there is a Warwick bass cabinet turned upside down. For some reason, that makes me grin.

Pb 207.2 : Son of a Bach, eh? Which one? If you can trace your lineage through P. D. Q. Bach I’ll like this even more!

TeasingSafe3 : I first thought the drummer is absolutely off beat at 2:13 now I love that part <3

Ian Duran : impresionante,.. un gusto ver y escuchar...

Tauntalus : For every bad Bach Street Boys joke, there is something like this. Instantly added to my favorites and shared to every single person I know, twice. 300 years has not hurt this piece in the slightest!