Son of a Bach - Bourrée

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Tony Annihilator : tasteful guitar solo and great arrangement for this song better than "Metalcore cover" shits

Ömer Ekeryılmaz : Why only 32.000 views? It must be minimum 1 million!

Boris G. : Just release an album and take my money!

Moisés G.M. : Electrical guitars speaking Bach's language, simply amazing.

dodger g : now if Bach had electric guitars in 1700 THIS is what he would sound like, its really Amazing and a testament to his genius that people are still discovering different adaptations of his music in 2018!!!!

Casey 3-P-O : Bach was literally a perfect composer. Everything he wrote was about perfection. So it makes sense that it could easily translate to any genre perfectly. Again, love this so much

GlidingChiller : I was ready to dislike this because modern covers of classical songs often suck but this one is great!

DorOthee Chávez : SON INCREÍBLES!!! LARGA VIDA A BACH!!..... LARGA VIDA AL METAL!! ImI ... Ecuador les saluda!! ;)


Renan Terezan : Fuck, that was awesome! I mean, like, everything: the tone, the arrangement, the video, etc Bravo

Julio Santos : I want to see more of your videos!! :D :D Bach is my favorite master...

jimischild13 : just badass to the bone is all i can say is outstanding good .

Bodó István : "Solo! Gone wild" ;) Yeeeeaaaaah! My 4-year-old-son can't help playing drums whenever he hears this (y) ;)

Charlie Martel : BAROQUE METAL !!.. Son of a Bach !!.. AMAZING !!, Suscribed..

TeasingSafe3 : I first thought the drummer is absolutely off beat at 2:13 now I love that part <3

kingdavidapple : Did you grow up listening to Jethro Tull? Nice to hear a fresh progressive rock take on their most enduring adaptation. Fun riffs!

Ed : Amazing...Epic band, epic everything...I'm such a fan. Favourite you tube video. 

SurruGames : EPIC!

Javo Roma : Oh, nice!, a McDonalds bass amp... eeehm, no wait...

oris Zx : wow!!!! that's the best cover classical to metal!!! i love it!!!!! bravooo!!!!

maria harald : cool...greetings from 2 musicians (sitar & tanpura) from germany........(maria&harald,the nectar of the night)...

ORBIS EXTERIOR: Polish Neofolk Project : Wow, fantastic! Greetings from Poland!

Ulli G. aus D. : Bach würde sich vielleicht am Kopf kratzen, ich finde es jedenfalls genial! Btw, was meinen denn die Nachbarn? :-)

Mark Breton : Please tab!! OMG, I think you are my favorite neo-classical guitarist. Dang, you guys are unbelievable!

Chris Gentry : Bach rock. Rock n roll over Beethoven.

Manutuba Whistling : Fantastic Bach new way playing !!! As for me, I have yet another way to play the music of Bach : by whistling. Congratulations, my friends ! Manu

Suzanna Andrea : cant get nuf of this genius master dope

aregaeth aregar : anyone here because of youcisian

nicolo alexis duran : dayummm nice vid, nice arrangement! Classical rooooocks! Do toccata n fugue!

Alexandr Chernoff : Baсh would be proud of his sons

Marcus Gosling : Can't you seeee, he's the man! let me hear you applaud, he is more than a man, HE'S A SHINY GOLDEN GOD

Nina Vermoesen : * 2 seconds into the song * me: oh I know this

Jon Aegon : You should tune half step down plays the same riffs and no wibrato. That's baroque

Michael smith : this is what i have been looking for when I say I want my classical music with a bit of metal. thank you, most groups really make it into something odd.

Your Favourite Comment : where's the second guitarist we hear, cocksuckers!?

Symbioticism : God this is sad.

Nycolas : tabs!!!!! please

Scarakus : Almost sounded like the beginning of Merciful Fate - Into the Coven, lol.

Scarakus : Bach would of totally got into an electric guitar.

SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder : Old school iron... epic.

Anthony Baladjay : I need to Bach off...

Charles Beau de l'Air : Alles normal on the coast of Bach...

cool music : BachRach. Rauchin the Bach. Back in Bach. Bach and Roll. 👍

akhilleusvhector : He’s playing at my wedding.

AurumSyC : Can't you see he's the man? Lemme hear yo applaudiiii

Danjovi .sagat : I'm sure you guys forgot the instruments in pirates of the Carribbean.

nikita a : Why BWV?

jkloyup : dont talk behind my bach

Борис ГСВГ 35094 : немало вокруг придурков..Испоганят всё что угодно..И великий И.С. Бах им не указ..Дауны грёбанные..Very bad..Dislike

Ichiro Notenki : guitar arrangements hear like as generation of Queen ('70s). I like this.