Leakaveli- "Let The White Kids Say Ni**a" (Shot By @Ganktowndurt)

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Leakaveli in his new visual for the single "Let The White Kids Say Ni**a" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/let-the-white-kids-say-n-a/1337229522?i=1337230646 Artist: @Leakaveli Shot by:@ganktowndurt for video inquires email ganktowndurt@gmail.com or search ganktowndurt on social media.

Comments from Youtube

RADAL : Kendrick Lamar left the server.

Basic Tiger : My man's just gonna give away the n-word pass to everyone?

Jacob Graves : This is a trap I said it and got jumped by a pack of sjw's

BadBoyBrilo46 : I like that moonwalk on the confederate flag

voodooburrito : This sounds like something straight from The Boondocks/Thugnificent 😂

Nehmtallah Haddad : Boy just gave out 1.4 million N Word Passes Edit: They're 1.6 million passes now.

cade Hambright : “I forgive y’all ancestors can’t let it tear us apart” this is a silly song but there is so much power in some of these words though bro

deadwhitespace : Just wait till a bunch of white CNN reporters get ahold of this... Jokes aside, song's got some powerful messages and it's more than just about one word.

Xan Bnn : jokes aside , i think this song actually has a really good massages

imlee888 : Lmao came for the title, stayed for the song 🔥

Versaucey : Never knew Martin King Luther was still alive.

Row Blanka : the media will probably try to act like this never happened to further divide folk :/ great content though.

Pur3Zzz EZ CLAPS : Ight time to get jumped at my school! #Theyaintthatwoke

NolanOnTheRiver : That moon walk on the Confederate flag was a baller move

Sqammer Fn : Opens video and immediately reads the comments

O.M.G MIR : He ended racism

Kyushio : How to end racism in three minutes an forty two seconds

Imboch Neras : Ok Im going to take this as a signed permission slip, right after Im done blasting this in the car my life will change, you'll all see!! Edit: nah my life ended. Cool song though!

looseidmusic : "Demo-crips and Re-blood-icans" goes so fucking hard. Love this song and video bro keep it up

Preston Garvey : Mans really moon walking on the confederate flag lmao

Thomas Conboy : Good concept. Dudes got balls. I respect it . I still aint saying it

Black Owl : I love this men for breaking this stupid tabu what pushes racism even more. Props mait.

no : "bust 2 nuts, one, two." thank you leakaveli, very cool

Scoopity Woop : "buss 2 nuts 1 2" probably wouldve been better not say literally in front of 2 kids.

The Busta : My black friends let me say it... Now a days it mean homeboy basically.

*qatorade* : *WoahVickyy has joined the chat.*

Dank Meme : The bad thing about America is that we all focus on the little things, he’s right. Imagine if we all focus on something that is way more important and world changing like World hunger or World peace.

meowzerz and me : "I forgive ya'lls ancestors, we can't let it tear us apart" that's truly one the steongest bars I've ever heard.

Tim Jagoda : Love his bigger message in this. We're all the same.

Olee _ : this guy gets it :) I still wont say it but its refreshing to see a man spreading love

Lil Cornbread : Mrs.obama I've done it, I've ended racism

Xavier Laflamme : This man right here is doing a better at race relations than anybody right now. More of him and less of smollet

oh yeah yeah : Press like if u want a n word pass

meme X-TREME : don't think i've heard "Pangaea" in a verse before. hell yeah


DAYONE : Racism rate drops to 0%

Flare Guy : Now this is a message I can stand behind

irolden : We're living in a weird funhouse mirror reflection. Everything is kinda off, but you can still see reality.

Selerie Sticks : Spoke more truth in one song than any politician ever has in their entire career.

Murdu : 2:52 wave check ✅

*qatorade* : *BREAKING NEWS* _Racism Rates Drop To 0%_

Lil Tumor : He has currently given the n word pass to almost 2 million people. Now that’s true power

Dat Boii : *That's it I'm gonna say the N word* Ninja

M3DA Clan : I believe anyone can say the n word as long as its not used in a racial way for example making a racial comment to someone black.

Case Laviolette : when you realize 90 percent of tickets to shows are bought by white teens

The King turtle : Who's going to the comments trying to find triggered people?

iisMisclick : Underrated song . YouTube should’ve recommended this last year

Rafael Trivino : This isn't my type of music but this is well spoken and true. Respect.

InAmish : Exactly my point. The n word isnt bad