Leakaveli- "Let The White Kids Say Ni**a" (Shot By @Ganktowndurt)

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5burowz : O.k., so here's the deal, you are sorta kinda getting lit up on Twitter a little bit right now on Jan. 9th, 2019, by some schmuck named Tariq Nasheed who is for all intents and purposes a Twitter troll, but, he thinks he's a voice of black reason or something. He's not. Malcolm X told black people in the early 60's pretty much what the white liberal agenda was, but I don't think Tariq ever caught on. He's fighting for the white liberal Twitter machine. That's what it is. What you are doing is esoteric, and you are doing it independently of anyone. You don't have a label backing you or anything of the sort, so, the most publicity your music has probably ever gotten online is all of the negative bullshit because of Tariq's Twitter post basically inferring that you are destroying rap music because the impression is that you are condoning white kids using the word nigga, but, that's not really why people are complaining and I don't even think that was your intent when you made the song. I think it's about getting us passed the point of our sensitivities to the word. We haven't gotten over that hump. We still let it brew and fester and with the advent of social media, racism (and fascism) is surging in popularity in the U.S. again. You are actually trying to help us defeat it in an artistic way but people like Tariq and white liberals believe what you are saying is poison and that you probably don't even deserve the right to be able to say such a thing because it creates more racism (even though that is not true). The white liberal political machine is dependent on the black vote, and have been for a really long time. They don't want that to go away. The truth is, they don't want black people to have empowerment. How many blacks sit in C Suites of all of the so-called "progressive" companies like Google, Amazon, etc.? VERY few. Why do you think that is? These are the same Silicon Valley people who champion inclusion and diversity but it is still by and large white men running these companies. If Migos did Smells Like Trap Spirit, people would be saying it's the hottest shit ever. They might've even won a Grammy. I think it's slick as fuck and it takes BALLS to cover a Nirvana song like that--especially their most well-known song. You have to remember that if you aren't easily palatable in life, you won't often be consumed. Heretics hang. Tyrants don't like revolutionaries. Can you imagine if Kanye West came out with the "Let the white kids say nigga" song? The internet would have a meltdown. My long-winded point is, you are ahead of your time in history. You are too creative for your own good. But well behaved people rarely make history. More than anything else, I believe in the Freedom of Speech. And so did our Founding Fathers. Talk how you feel, Leak, and never compromise your beliefs for anyone. Stay up my nigga. P.S. *Shame On A Nigga* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eGO2U5VlCw

lilbpack1 : Hey hun - Lil b

*qatorade* : *WoahVickyy has joined the chat.*

*qatorade* : *BREAKING NEWS* _Racism Rates Drop To 0%_

*qatorade* : *y'all don't trust him this is how he gets white kids to take off their blindfolds smh*

FrzyGaming : I AM GOING TO SAY THE N WORD. Nudes.

Tony Ranard : This song is actually really good.....dude has valid points.

*qatorade* : *why tf is this in my recomend* _he deadass got valid points tho_

Radian : *_Kendrick Lamar has left the chat...._*

diondrove : If you can't feel what he's saying it's cuz you got a little brain Check out Lenny Bruce

Radian : *Posted 5 months ago* YouTube: *LeTs ReCcOmEnDeD ThIs To EvErYoNe*

3XTENDO : White folks excited asf

2 Tears : *Donald Trump Has Joined The Chat*

MASTERG : notorious big and 2pac would be proud of these guys use ya rap skills for the greater good.!

C Dubs : This dude chill af and I don’t even say the word.

rockmanpunkman : Maybe it's just an American thing more than anything. Because I'm aussie and I have no real desire to say it tbh. Even I had a "pass" I probably wouldn't just because I don't really care not because I'm scared. Honestly didn't realise how much of a debate it was over there. Cool video tho, catchy song.

Lil Cornbread : Mrs.obama I've done it, I've ended racism

Robert Begin : Ur helping to stop racism and helping society overcome hateful words by taking the words power away

John Donovan : More people should think like this, if u let a word bother u then the word owns u.....

neenahskater : Just like that it lost all of its power....well done. This would be the end of racism if everyone thought like this. St hit me on a deeper level....

Big Jakqo : Only the white ppl liked this video lol 😂

Generic White Male : Telling my kids to say it as soon as i get home

Aum : Nah white women ain't getting a pass. Has nothing to do with the word itself. More so the fact that when a white woman says it it sounds like one of the cringiest things to come out a human mouth.

AJ : Anyone else go straight to the comments?

Donald Trump : I cant allow this ,sorry guys

dw the baller 35 : He got me shot

Mike Maratta : "they prolly gon say it anyway" LMAOOO

The_ Fa1lureSquad : I'mma say the N word Necrophilia

EmmanuelTorresVlogs : And the noble peace prize goes too...

Nocturnal Pulse : He would make Martin Luther King proud.

Avtpec : Now i can say that this guy gave me the black card...

Nathan Smith : Did he just... solve racism?

Bryan Barraza : we have all finally obtained the n-word pass

Ben Industries : A lot of people can learn a great deal from this guy. He makes very good points. ☮️🌍

The Real Craig Sutton : Speak the truth brother!! Keep it real!!

IApproveTheBeef : It’s my time to shine at the barbecue

Christian Dela Rosa : When you stop getting offended by the word, it loses it’s power.

TryHardz Entertainment : Not allowing a certain race to say a certain word totally isn't discrimination.. It is just a word.

Fgfcv ffvhbhccb : I bet most the white ppl here r thinking I already say it when I’m at home😭😭

MOSTLY_GHOSTLY9 : deeper then just the hook

MoLassessss : Could go both ways but i agree with the fact that we shouldn’t let a stupid word separate people or even cause problems.

RIVERSIDE ENTERTAINMENT : Kendrick Lamar has left the chat🔥🔥

Bat Man : I can understand every single word and he has a message 👍 👏 don’t we all shit brown lmao

I Commented : *My whole opinion:* It just shows by saying "No, your race isn't allowed to say that word" that we still have people thinking that racism still lives, letting *everyone* say *any* word they want would show we can all get along and have common sense to forget about what happened in the past, because im not racist and never will be, and what our ancestors did in the past is not at all our faults.

Senju Gold : I'm gonna say.... I don't care that you broke your elbow.

Cyrus Pennebaker : This just came leakaveli hella respect, talking for the white kids born in the hood with low income

Very Average Meme : *RACISM DROPS TO 0%*

Giedrius Playz : LoL im still confused what if im white and wanna rap so can i say the n word or not... somebody can get mad for me saying that

Walking Talking Stephen Hakwing : The chords remind me of the Amalgam music from Undertale.

MatronCity .JockJamJesus : This is the kind of racial unity our country needs right now