Making a Cannon

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Get-The-Lead-Out.45 : Finally....instead of the many videos where people are just pretty much motioning their hands to describe the process of cannon making, here's a video that actually gives a bit of details and shows some of the tools and methods used to making a cannon

doggonemess : Thank you so much for uploading this. It's exactly what I was looking for.

melostmo : Thanks. Making all that back in the old days , without electricity, AMAZING !

Marc Normandin : Videos like these are amazing! Thank you.

John V : Really interesting video, thank you. Particularly since I have just finished making a model 24 pounder (see Yours would be a 32 pounder? I am reposting your video to my blog. Hope that you are agreeable.

doug broomhall : I used to have all my birthday parties there in the 80s! it was so awesome. there was a boat ride with animatronics and you could fire canons. It had a makeover in the last 10 years so i'm not sure what is different now but i remember it well

keeleeng : Is the mill still there?

GEZZA1 : Curiosity show brings back fond memories of Australian childhood in 1970's/ 80's. Cheers