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Panda Parade : Why is this actually a good song

Classified User : People lost millions for this to be created. Your donations are much appreciated :)

CritiCalSrb : We Are Cumming In Waves

MagicMan1127 : WUT UM UN GUNNA DO!

Superpasi7 : At the end of this Bitconnect was a good thing to have happened just because of all the memes it gave us

Drop Taran : Independentantly financialy independent

加藤みずっち : I listen to this EVERYDAY, yes, EVERYDAY Jeden Tag !

Bufarete Gaming : I don't think I've ever commented on a Non-Gaming video ever in my life... but we listen to this daily in my household... on youtubeRepeat..... Thanks Dylan...

Zaraki Kenpachi : Came looking for copper, but I found GOLD

Indrajith bhoga : videos like this make me realise how i take youtube for granted. 😂😅

ZwiReK Beats : This drop is actually dope :D

DannyS : ... well.. never going to tomorrowland after this

EDM Bot : The video editing makes this song 10 times better, these copycat channels doesn't get it :D

Anesu C : You should add this on Google Play Music etc. I searched it up and couldn't find it! Edit: I just saw you have a soundcloud, although I still would prefer to have it on Google Play etc as it makes it easier for people to add it to their playlists etc!

Tom Johnson : 00:40 most epic moment of my life

Silentc0re : This is actually a tune 😂

It's always sunny in Goa : His wife left him now

Chuck Fresco : Bitconnnnnneeeeectttt #RIP He should have listened to the wife!

Superpasi7 : What’s the name of the music I mean the track in the background it’s dope

Mark Freeman : Where can I buy Bitconnect?

LORD BR : I swear if this doesn't go viral..

Kuri0 : Gaming & More : how did you make this song ?

FrOstbyte : Anomaly ?

Kevin McCarty : wtf I love this song now

Jonas H. : Pitbulls new song sounds great 👍🏼

Rotten Mango : Who came here after watching thr guy who can do this and can toucha your spaghet?

Wx Mixes : I dont know why but I started to love this song, even thou I hate Carlos😂

Arjan Bos : This is fk legend

IVAN3000 : I can pay you in crypto if you can make a song for me based on a sample. Please reply!!

Zewiq : holy shit pewdiepie just shared this, nice

Dr Jake's Very British Reviews : Love it! Sharing it on my channel

JAOS721 : i love the internet

Freediver HD : People lost their life savings - but we got this vid now - so totally worth it!

POVdirtbike 17 : Oof

GamingReviews : *Easter egg* at 0:59 this guy’s head explodes in the background 😂

Wx Mixes : When ur mom says take up the trush Bitconeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect

matizekpl : So good :)

Wx Mixes : Skedadle skedoodle this meme gets a 9 ...... 9.5 cause I respect wamen

Click this for more : When 1 mill viewss

Zewiq : i listen to this unironically on a daily basis


Wx Mixes : Thats what you get if you take people's money, such a savage revange

RoMeLed : Carlos Matos quedo para la historia jaja

sa flawless msp : Why am I listening to this ? And WHY DO I LIKE IT !!!

Birry : *I don’t want this to end ever*

Crypto Azeem : WHERE IS IT ON ITUNES ?? LOL I will really buy from my bitconnect wallet

Chloe Nicole : A R T

Murderface023 : This deserves millions of views.

Matthew Peterson : it hurts

Garo : What a beautiful video, I got teary eyed