Gordon Ramsay - Christmas Turkey with Gravy
Gordon Ramsay Christmas Turkey with Gravy

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Hunt3r Haw3s : That turkey must be honored to be cooked by gordon 😂

Narcisse Yvancy : Hi vegans

Ayush Bhargava : It’s May 2019...and I don’t know how I reached here, but man this turkey looks delicious 😛

breadiie : look at all those chickens

Aone : It's 6 AM, middle of year... wtf am i doing here

Norbert Soltész : Gordon Ramsay the guy to add salt and pepper and touch of olive of oil to his cereal

Manash Kundu : This bird feeds 8 people & One Matt Stonie

dqbetts05 gaming : Imagine having Ramsey as ur dad Full steak meals everyday xD

skippy skipmcgee : send this video to your vegan enemies

Pedro Gonzalez : Who else is watching this because thanksgiving is almost here. (Happy thanksgiving to everyone)

Fernando Avila : *Who’s here on Christmas Day?*

1000 Subscribers With No Videos? : I imagine Gordon Ramsey narrating his life the same way he does cooking. Door, open. Close, behind you. Incredible.

UNCONTROLLABLE : Whene you eating shomthing good remember that Gordon ramsay's son eat alot better *ALOT BETTER*

Ayako Urashima : I tried this recipe 😍😍😍the best turkey i ever tasted😍

Soumil Sahu : this guy's wife gets a shitload of professional treatment...

Ndim Lo : It's like listening to Trump in the kitchen.... Such an amazing gravy, it's unbelievable hmmmm

rainbowbutt21 : Went to watch Gordon Ramsey cook a turkey, but ended up watching the entire LEGO movie.

Harrison Shao : So the solution to not dry out a turkey is to add butter (fat). Haha.

AC81 : It’s ready for a moist maker

Ram Blake : LoL! I can't believe that I've been using Gordon's Turkey recipe for 3 years now. My bird is always juicy and my family and friends thinks that I'm a Roast Turkey genius. Never ever told them my secret (this episode), I want them praises to keep coming.

nicy cools : He is seducing the turkey

SYED MOHAMMAD RAZA HUSSAIN : The background score “Silent night...” childhood recalled amidst the heat of all that cooking Was feeling Christmas 🎄

Faye Barnes : I like Gordon but why does he jump around like a frog in a box?

daito : Lol, look at the description is says Category: Comedy

Mariposa : When he talks I feel like I need to exercise or something lol

Samira Palacios : Thank you so much, for sharing with us your knowledge. I did it and the turkey was amazing, everyone was so pleased with the food. Thanks.

A Coul : "They're best young and plump" Chef Gordon Ramsay

Aanya Mittal : 3hrs bakng n rest 3hrs restng sm1 wl die out of hunger

Trader 100% : Cooked my turkey for 1 hour at 180° F before I realised it was supposed to be C°.

lvl 100 boss needs sUbS : That turkey will only feed one person comfortably Me

harsh Singh : when he add salt in grevy 😂

Luiz Carlos Alborghetti : I was just waiting for the moment to be able to speak: IT'S RAW!!!

Jude Clownwelt : Hats off to Gordon Ramsey, the GOAT! 🐐

christopher : hello this was very interesting thank you so much for sharing GOD bless !

Dontaskmeanyquestions : That Turkey must be nervous to get cooked by Gordon.

Pinoy Stays-Unpredictable : IMPORTANT NOTE: He’s cooking at Celsius!!! Your oven is Fahrenheit!!! If you’re in the US!!!!


Flxws : It's so beautiful it legit made me cry lol I'm hungry now

Brenda J : 2-1/2 hours rest? Wow. What about the giblets, heart and liver? Where is the bread stuffing, the best part?

Kenny Tee : Expectation: Gordon Ramsay's version of roast Turkey for Christmas Reality: Mr Bean's version of roast Turkey for Christmas

robert smith : am i trippin? where tf did the sushi come from at the end?

Dharaneeswar Reddy : Now i know how to pack my luggage.... Thank you

Chief Taraki : Keeping that bird incredibly moist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Leah Mae Calan : Gordon Ramsey is always so hype 😂😂😂 Just saying 😂😂

Taekgukk : He seems happy that he gets to cook you can tell by the way he's jumping

Tistricky8 : This bird was amazing! It turned out beautiful looking, and packed with flavor. This is how I'll make it from here on out. Thank you Chef.


William Wert : My wife puts butter under the skin also it's a really nice flavor

Joshua O'Neill : Ramsay knows all about how to keep those birds incredibly moist.