Gordon Ramsay - Christmas Turkey with Gravy

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Daniel W : He always dances around like he has to go pee really bad

Richard Koon : After watching this video 22+ times, I made it this morning for Thanksgiving 2018. Dear Chef, Thank you. As you say, it really was AMAZING. Exploding with flavor. I made two turkeys and for the first time ever, No Leftovers. Gone!!!!

KLM M : Just watched the TASTY video on which celebrity has the best turkey recipe and unfortunately Ramsay wasn't in it. Had to swing back to this video and remind myself how BEAST this man is.

Joseph Guasco : He should do cooking for a living.

Fernando Avila : *Who’s here on Christmas Day?*

Soumil Sahu : this guy's wife gets a shitload of professional treatment...

Hunt3r Haw3s : That turkey must be honored to be cooked by gordon 😂

Noel Johnbosco : Did anyone see him smell his hands after he shoved his hand in the turkeys butt.

breadiie : look at all those chickens

Karen Swift : Ha ha... All of you guys saying he's high, it is obvious to me that none of you have ever had a true passion for doing ANYTHING? When you have a career that you absolutely love, this is the result... Not to mention the fast paced lifestyle that he is used to in the kitchen... I worked with a chef who was exactly this way, and he was far from being on drugs, he was a dedicated church going guy that just simply loved his job... So, unless you have proof that chef Ramsay is a "coke head" as you guys call him, then do everyone here a favor and keep your opinions to yourself... ((And say what ya want, I will not be responding to your childish, stupid comments, I don't have time for the likes of people like you)) for everyone else, I hope you have an awesome day...

Leon Hui : Watching this after thanksgiving realizing you need to do better for Christmas LOL

The Real Papahex : That looks like a lot of dishes to wash

Jasper Pitrello : 3.2K dislikes?? Haters gonna Hate! WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE!!!!!!!

NFARED ViSiON : Where does chef Ramsay get his energy from⁉️😆🤣

skippy skipmcgee : send this video to your vegan enemies

Kenny Tee : Expectation: Gordon Ramsay's version of roast Turkey for Christmas Reality: Mr Bean's version of roast Turkey for Christmas

Narcisse Yvancy : Hi vegans

rainbowbutt21 : Went to watch Gordon Ramsey cook a turkey, but ended up watching the entire LEGO movie.

Matthew Wright : any triggered vegans watching in 2018!!!

Buffy Evans/cruz : All AMERICANS plz remember he's cooking in Celsius & his turkey weight is in klm so do the transfer math to Far. And pounds

Pedro Gonzalez : Who else is watching this because thanksgiving is almost here. (Happy thanksgiving to everyone)

Abhinav Abhi001 : OMG he's a god

Celesto Science : 4000 turkeys disliked the video....

BlueStyle : 2:20 thats what i do to my girlfriend

Faye Barnes : I like Gordon but why does he jump around like a frog in a box?

Aone : It's 6 AM, middle of year... wtf am i doing here

Ares Ortega Vlogs : Wow that smells incredibly light lol

Dharaneeswar Reddy : Now i know how to pack my luggage.... Thank you

can sıkıntısı : Türk diye hindiye diyormuş koyduğum domuzu


Ram Blake : LoL! I can't believe that I've been using Gordon's Turkey recipe for 3 years now. My bird is always juicy and my family and friends thinks that I'm a Roast Turkey genius. Never ever told them my secret (this episode), I want them praises to keep coming.

OoF McGloof : I love it when it’s incredibly moist ;)

ghostdasquarian : ham is better. paid for by Turkeys United

Mike Schulte : Try to not to cum on that turkey......way too excited

J C : Made this for Christmas dinner it came out amazing

Tumßレεωεεd 420 : Gordon is on some good shit! lol

Ndim Lo : It's like listening to Trump in the kitchen.... Such an amazing gravy, it's unbelievable hmmmm

100 subs without no content? Shamrock : Description:Category....Comedy :/ ???

Er Jo : No rosemary in the butter mixture?????

PLANET PLUTO : Wow the cholesterol

bob jones : This guy could make cow shit taste good.

Willi & Evi Meier : nervous ,nervous

Neil Bahl : whErE's ThE SeAsOnINg?!?

K N A C K : And very carefully, *TEAR OPEN THE RECTUM AND FINGER ITS ARSE TO GROW IT* really brings out the flavors

Alex Swan : That was amazing!

Dontaskmeanyquestions : That Turkey must be nervous to get cooked by Gordon.

Isaac Rumley : Gordan Ramsay's children are the most blessed people on this planet change my mind

jhjhjh : mark lee can't relate

the _infinit : i wish I could cook as good as you

Rose P : Why is this man jumping around?