Game of Thrones - Epic Tyrion speech during trial

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HoopsAndDinoMan : He protec He attac But most importantly He demand a trial by combat

Godot : Tyrion roasted everyone so hard, I was expecting the wildfire beneath the city to explode

OlympianDawn : THIS is acting.

Pink Heart : People always make fun of midgets in tv shows and movies until this guy came.

Lord Gabbe : I did not kill Joffrey. It's not true. It's horsecrap. I didn't kill him. I did not. Oh, hi Shae

Ana Tsulaia : 3:04 Tywin realizing that his “dwarf” son is way smarter than him

Nikodimos Triaridis : Peter Dinklage didn't ask to be badass. Badass asked to be Peter Dinklage

Sally : "I'm guilty of a far more monstrous crime. I'm guilty of being a dwarf!" I swear, I feel as if some of Peter Dinklage was in there. He delivered that line far too well.

Alpha Tests : *"I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you",* Don't worry Tyrion, Arya will have more than enough. Ask the Freys.

MarvelBetrayedUs : I get goosebumps watching this. Every. Time. Peter Dinklage is absolutely amazing.

Avanish Vyas : When I am not paying attention in the class and the teacher points out at me and asks a question. But I answer it correctly. Me: 3:06 Teacher: 3:03

choco cookie : Damn... These intense stares between Tyrion and Tywin give me chills

MrBlobby786 : Tyrion is hands down the best character in the show.

ToyCorner : Tyrion is half my size and twice the man I am

Kenny Zaro : The Rains of Castemere is such a wonderful addition to this powerful scene.

Pure Style : Tywin made 636 accounts to dislike

IIsuperstarII : 00:58 This is exactly what I was thinking when everyone was cheering Ned's beheading. He had literally proved earlier to be the only one to bring justice to the crimes done to the commoners (when he was acting in Robert's place on the throne and had the mountain arrested), but because of some fabricated lie about him trying to take Joffrey's place on the throne, which doesn't even concern the commoners, all of a sudden everyone's against him. These people really are as dumb as shit.

Jordan D. Fleming : Remember when game of thrones was written intelligently

Lisa B : "I demand a trial by combat!" "Wait. That was an option?" - Ned Stark

Pickle Rick : Honestly, do you all want to know who the real villains of this show are? The small folk and common people of Kings Landing. Because no matter what you do, their loyalty will always shift from one faction to another in less then an episode S1: Eddard is executed for “treason” against Joffrey, the people applauded it and claim they love the new king. After that, they instantly revolt against Joffrey since he has done nothing but shit on them since day 1. Finally, they begin to love him once again for “saving them” from Stannis when it was actually Tyrion who did, finally, when Joffrey dies, the people are distraught over loosing a psycho who tortured helpless animals as a sport. Then they bash Tyrion who saved their pathetic and worthless lives. Finally, Cersei preforms the walk of shame and people boo at her and throw anything they have at her. A few days later, she gets elected queen and the people applauded her.

cloudri : I can watch that anytime my God was that's one of the greatest moments in that episode

saquib saqlain : damn he is on an another level

Timothy Edward : "I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you" would love to see that!!!

jfrd072891 : "I should have let Stannis kill you all." Damn right you should have.

Michael Song : Tyrion and Jaime, they're one of my top 3 fav characters: 1. Tyrion Lannister 2. Sandor Clegane 3. Jaime Lannister

Jarl Trippin' : Bruh, it's worth starting the show just for this scene. It's been maybe three years since I first saw it, and it's still the most epic thing I've ever witnessed. You know when you have no control over your body due to chills overload? That's what I get everytime. My nerdgasms drowned a city that day.

Jacob Seed : Be careful, for the comment section is dark and full of spoilers

Alego Legov : The best scene of all time.

Marcelo Meinberg : just give him all the awards...ALL OF THEM!!

giorgi abesadze : 2:15 me entering room full of teachers

skylxone : "I demand a trial by combat" just badass

Lewis Vogels : i did not dewit

R : 1:51 great acting, really great

NeonTime : I wish Tyrion fought the mountain and won

SERGIO BACA : Watching Hillary Clinton lose, gave me more relief, THAN A THOUSAND LIEING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

echolot : 02:46 *nonstop chills*

Mazen99 : I wish I was the monster you think I am “

Katy Dixxon : Charles and Peter are amazing.The best actors in GOT.

Glyn Humphrey : Why does Tywin hate Tyrion so much he’s more of a lion than any Lannister, he cunning, smart and good mind for strategy.

ckeller 89 : 1. Tyrion 2.Jon Snow (aka Aegon Targaryen) 3. Jaime fookin' Lannister

Nikola Vuksanović : This is masterpiece

JR Clement : 0:47 Jaime's like "What are you doing?"

Cunningflop : perhaps the best thing about this scene is tywins realisation that his dwarf son is on his level of intellect

Alex .T : Fuck Shae

Gamers Paradise : Waiting for season 8 😭

Ali Shahid : My favourite character on whole game of thrones!!!!!!

K.M. Karthik : Am I the only one who watches this video quite often?

Wiccan Jesus Cinematic Productions : when tyrion says "I demand a trial by combat" and the dramatic music hits does anyone else get chills?

dazhibernian : I demand a trial by FIFA 2018 on xbox one.

Nikola Mihajlovic : 2nd most satisfying scene in The Game right right after Jofrey's death