Thunderstruck by Steve'n'Seagulls (LIVE)

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Finnish band called Steve'n'Seagulls plays AC/DC's awesome song called Thunderstruck. Recorded by Jaakko Manninen Photography. TOUR DATES HERE: Facebook Music & Merchandise: iTunes: Farm Machine CD: Brothers in Farms CD:

Comments from Youtube

E Küpçük : "a rock solo would sound awful on accordion" "hold my tractor"

Señor Ham : Lmao, I expected this to be funny. The fact it was really good caught me off guard 😂

cmacdhon : Needs more anvil.

Aleksandar Ivanov : Wow, the guys ain't joking! Respect.

Laurence : As an American I make them honorary Southerners

Eddie Torres : How is it possible that Finland of all places out-rednecks america?!

Ben.G Vortex : ...I came into this thinking it was gunna be joke...but, they blew me away...its awesome..

dilof : When your cousin says she likes AC/DC.

Lady AC/DC Fan & Beauty Queen 1998! : These guys did an amazing cover! AC/DC are amazing and it’s true they reach all!

Alejandro Juarez : Accordion: Jack Black Lead: Ed Sheeran Drums: Quentin Tarantino Banjo: Nicholas Hoult Cello: Steve-O

Jojo Videos : Bro I heard ACDC covered this song

Bar Lat : The best redneck-styled version of any song I've ever heard.

Felipe Rodrigues Nascimento : The meaning of globalization is a finnish band playing an Australian song, driving a British tractor, worn American rednecks clothes and I watching this on a South Korean computer assembled in China connected by a mexican company in Brazil, writing this in English.

jessejones1102 : Pardon me, do you sell anvils in D major?

ERIKA PEROZA : Wow 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Dios lo lo máximo increíble fantásticoooos ❤️mi admiración son increíbles 👏👏👏

Josue Duran : I thought this was a joke at first, but they are so good! Glad i watched, so much talent here

Les Launer : I love to see an unlikely band combo take on a song traditionally outside their genre and smoke it. This was the best cover of "Thunderstruck" I've ever heard. That was magnificent.

Lucky Luke : ACDC covered this song I heard.

ron dadoo : Brilliant! No, ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

james hulk : Folks that's hillbilly not redneck lol

1977winny : Guys, hello to you from snowy Russia! You are amazing! After viewing - a smile from ear to ear and a sea of ​​positive!

J : The only version of Thunderstruck i can accept.

James Tessman : ''what do you play?" "oh i play the mandolin and the anvil"

Agapito Metuerzo : Unexpectedly awesom!

John Moore : Australia gromits love this song Australia is all about talented hairy plucking men

David Hermanson : Not my music, but an outrageously polished performance. Thanks.

James Thomas : I was already subscribed, but you guys get bonus points from me for including the old Massey Ferguson 100 series tractor in the vid 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Robert Markoš : When the Finns outredneck the Americans...

Daniel Tone : I cant believe the absolute TALENT that these boys have!! Totally blown away.

Darren A : This is funny as shit and shows such creativity.

Blue Falcons Suck : These here young'uns an their new fangled noise makers... It's the devils work, I tell ya.

TF Stalshek : Props for the slavic accordion instead of the more traditional western "piano" accordion...

John Pirie : How big is your smile watchin this vid?

The Pokéman : Me: Country music, instruments and stuff suck. *sees video* I take it back then.

Adil Daoudi : A M A Z I N G

Vanderlei Martins : Top top top god god god very very very god ♡ Vanderlei - ABC / SÃO PAULO - BRAZIL

Nick Vanderveen : Cut the vocals and this is amazing

Peter Peter : -I bet you cant play thunderstruck on a benjo- Redneck: "Hold my beer"

snoozy hughes : I can't tell you how happy this video has made me. Made me really smile - the guy turning up on the lawnmower; the anvil! The fabulous comments here - a whole evening of entertainment - especially of drunk people inspired to buy spoons and banjos. And, you know what, they are, actually, BRILLIANT! What a feel good video. Pass it on!

acecolin52 : Banjo player is excellent

Anton Ivanov : Tarantino on the drums! Cool)

Calimerosport Zadar : Awesome song and video. Greets from Croatia.

timmybmn : I think it's been mentioned before in comments, but these bad asses appear to do this in one take. Including the mower ride up and everything.

the chicken fried redneck : You can't play thunder struck on a banjo ;) hold my beer

suprayo : yeah, thatamerica i always imagined ^

PauliusIV : this sounds way better than the original

leokimvideo : Cause and effect of being in a Eurovision zone, you either get a band like ABBA or this.

Julian Gastelum : at first I thought this was a joke.... but I was so wrong... these guys a very good

Mickk500 : Ya'll just gave me the biggest smile, and even made my wife giggle! We both needed it today, thanks so much! Please keep making music!