Thunderstruck by Steve'n'Seagulls (LIVE)

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Felipe Rodrigues Nascimento : The meaning of globalization is a finnish band playing an Australian song, driving a British tractor, worn American rednecks clothes and I watching this on a South Korean computer assembled in China connected by a mexican company in Brazil, writing this in English.

charles stiesmeyer : ..........and knocking it clean out of the park......a great reinterpretation......holding the hook all the while, the second half gets it done.....!

Ivan Ivanov : AC/DC в сердце на всегда

Rohnny99 : If this doesn't make you happy, there is a big chance nothing will.

Robert Markoš : When the Finns outredneck the Americans...

David Hendrix : Banjo player is all gas no brake

mike hoage : im 60 years old i have been playing string intsraments for 45 yrs these guys are very seasoned musions

Daniel Moore : Who’s going to Farmers bash 2019? 🇮🇪 🤠

James Nourse : These guys are awesome

Emma Harrington : I think #ACDC would be proud

old guy : Doesn't matter what you think of these guy's they are great musicians

B Trading Warehouse : ...damn...redneck or not...but this is a masterpiece...bravo boys...what a sound...

David Barbour : The young man picking that bango is on point. Never heard better and I'm hailing from the southern US. Top notch fellas

John Pirie : How big is your smile watchin this vid?

Peter Nicholson : These guys are Finns? Only people i will not get involved with in a drinking contest with. Even Finnish grandma's are better than me- and i lived 16 years in Russia. Kitos.

Becky P : I expected a joke when I clicked on this, but these guys made a great cover! 👍 The weasel hat made me laugh. More people need weasel hats in this world. ;)

Sean Wilson : 4 years and I still enjoy watching this video.

Brandon Farmer : Not sorry, this is leaps and bounds the best version of this song. That goddamn banjo

Lucky Luke : ACDC covered this song I heard.

Katherine Wolfe : The guy on the tractor must have just finished raking the forest. :-)

Your Aweful : Why can’t guys like these go mainstream. This is fire

Koptev Clava : дизлайки олени только могут поставить

Shane Von Harten : Growing up in Australia listening to ACDC i can honestly say this is a worthy version, well done.

Peter Peter : -I bet you cant play thunderstruck on a benjo- Redneck: "Hold my beer"

welcome to America : They are more county than CORN!

plague66x : Mine and my cousins favourite song, we played it at our wedding.

Nomen est omen : Sehr sehr gut... der Banjo Player ist hammergut

DOCPERLE : You guys are the definition of awesome! And so skilled musicians! thumbs up for you guys

Nudelpudding : I'm replaying this since 2 hours now. Help me.

Not.American.Cuber : The instruments were good. But the voices. Were something else. To much cowboy.

Peter Moreno : The Finns, tactors? anvils? Banjo's, wtf?

Ricardo Torres : Desde Argentina son lo mejor

Zenish Khumujam : Not a fan of country style music, I am more into the rock genre but this killed it.

Mr Bill : I've been thunderstruck after seeing this, my rooster was dancing with the chickens.

Anonymous Maximus : The lawnmower was the perfect tone for what was about to happen lol.

Richard Dekker : long live the Trump

yougivemeoneOK : That was pretty cool. The guy on the mandolin could probably play the role of Seymour Hoffman when they make a movie about him. Just saying.

Jacob Martin : I love country music, rock and roll, pop music, and everything in between. Seeing this bluegrass cover of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" shows how music can transcend genres. I'm blown away!

KAILOONE : Studying all my life in the best music institutions around the world, playing piano, violin, viola, flute and guitar. Then out of nowhere these dirty hicks with a banjo an anvil and a spoon make better music than all my teachers put together

Crow King : This is strangely fascinating

Rijacki Ledum : I still can't believe how good this sounds on these instruments usually used for Bluegrass. Simply amazing.

rednecklife 1 : hell of a job, boys really really enjoyed it.

bc b : The banjo is a very under used in rock music ...

Steven White : "You can't do that on a banjo...." "Hold my beer."

Recon from the shadows : Yeeeaaaahhh haaawww boys!! Good ol boys👏👏👞🎩😄😄

SNATCHYDBS : Why i was expecting to hate this i dont know... but it made me tap my feet and made me smile... gotta love the FINNS... !!!!💯👍💯

Jim Fisher : Badass spoons

#Angel🤓 : My trumpet teacher recommended this version of Thunderstruck. You guys should watch the original version of Thunderstruck and 2Cellos play Thunderstruck on there cellos!!!!! They so good!!!!

rjcass33 : Thumbs up for banjo nips.

ЕВГЕНИЙ БОРДАНОВ : классно жарят деревенские челы