Thunderstruck by Steve'n'Seagulls (LIVE)

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Robert Markoš : When the Finns outredneck the Americans...

1blastman : Two words: Badass bluegrass

jaguar1712 : This might be the single greatest product of globalization. Finns covering an Australian band as redneck Americans

Sparc Mac : This was sick boys. keep rocking on. KKona

Dean Groenewegen : i need a beer.

Big Smoke : That entre on the lawnmover was badass

THE Q : “Now git off m’ property!”

uncleanproduction : Humppastruck

Fenna Cohrs : Wow this is so awesome!

jamosensei : I came in not a big fan of covers, and I left extremely entertained...great job boys!!!

ImAnderZEL : Fin jävlar is the shit! :D

Lolla Garzin : Muito bom...a roça americana representando!!! Hehehe me lembrou a série The Ranch todo esse ar rural

Adam Kallin : Oh, I can actually hear the words he's singing.

Randall Stevens : It's funny at first, then you realize how talented they are.... really cool and unique, thanks for sharing, I loved it!

fish4bugs : I had never heard this song before. After listening to AC/DC's original, this is far better.

Paul Ricalde : These guys are Awesome, I bet they throw some kicking parties!

Green Spirit : Guys, you've made a perfect cover! Greetings form Tallinn!

Sketchers kid4 : This man is rockin the spoons

Catajbr : Play those spoons.

Franck Raschella : Great great great, awesome guys 👍👍👍

Monsieur Vier : Thanks youtube for find this good music 🎶

Greg Smith : we have been programmed to like certain music in a certain way and this blows that out of the water. I love it! Outside the box is the best!

Joe Maggi : I’ve never heard this with coherent lyrics. 😆 awesome cover bruh. 👍🏼

Flat Enough : I've been flat struck. Great cover. Peace !

AdaedA1 : it just gets better and better !

D M D : I fucking love this ! Awesome.

Damian Sińczak : You guys are genius! This is amazing

D. Smith : Seriously jamming band!

Julio Ahumada : I love these guys. Finns who want to hillbilly it

Gustavo Herrera : Impresionante, un abrazo amigos desde Argentina, bravooo !!!

HurryKen Production : You are Awesome People ! IN THE NAME OF MUSIC ! LET's CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MUSIC! Regards #hurrykenproduction

Snack274 : I like this better than the AC/DC version.

Mathieu Boomurt : It's incredible !!!

skankhunt42 : better than the original , no't even kidding , it's way more original.

Purple Cabbage : I didn't know what I was watching to start with but these rednecos are good!

Victor Kellar : God this just made me smile so much

Schwarzi : Greetings from Germany You are the best :)

tapnodyl : Btw, this was done in ONE TAKE...not a single edit.

Shawn B : not everyone can take a song from one genre and completely remake it and have the song sound good. These guys did it right!!

Eric Hunter : You all did dam good

Peter Peter : -I bet you cant play thunderstruck on a benjo- Redneck: "Hold my beer"

Stephen Lutz : One word: BADASS!

Дмитрий Бабин : Это шедевр!

samuel bean : You know everytime I watch this,i come away with the feeling that the Finns are closer to Appalachians than I ever thought possible.And that is totally awesome!

armando eduardo clavel zamora : SO GREAT!!!

James Tessman : ''what do you play?" "oh i play the mandolin and the anvil"

mbeenz : My God Very Cool?!!!,!,la ManyThanx From Costa Mesa Ca Damn Cool!!!a,a,al

sponsored dynamics : FUCKING AWESOME

Tim Leyden : Damn Good, can't stop listening.

Emil vinding Sindberg : This is the Best