Thunderstruck by Steve'n'Seagulls (LIVE)

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Felipe Rodrigues Nascimento : The meaning of globalization is a finnish band playing an Australian song, driving a British tractor, worn American rednecks clothes and I watching this on a South Korean computer assembled in China connected by a mexican company in Brazil, writing this in English.

Pascal Bouric : Trop top👍🔝

Arsen Lubura : Let me get this straight.....Finns doing cover of Australian band song in American "redneck style"?

Mac McRae : there is more musical virtuosity in this hillbilly music than every single song in the pop top 50 on Spotify combined. whichever moron decided that rap is the most popular music in the world should be smacked.

Robert Markoš : When the Finns outredneck the Americans...

Rohnny99 : If this doesn't make you happy, there is a big chance nothing will.

matt bigr : The dude on spoons kills it!

Max : Not enough anvil. More anvil next time boys.

RR67890 : I know someone says this in every video ever made, but for the first time I honestly can't understand how anyone would give this group a thumbs down on any song they have out. That is talent. Perhaps you don't care for that style of music, but no one can question talent and skill, and it should be respected. That's like a vegan going to a steak house and giving it a bad review because they had meat on the menu.

John Pirie : How big is your smile watchin this vid?

Магсум Нигамадьянов : Клёва малады

Jeffrey B Norman : Good stuff byes! Awesum! I love the spoons and accordion and banjo of course! From a Newfoundlander

David Barbour : The young man picking that bango is on point. Never heard better and I'm hailing from the southern US. Top notch fellas

Иван Голиков : Классные ребята. Молодцы.

Lucky Luke : ACDC covered this song I heard.

Tim Clark : Wish my cousins were that cool

Ivan Ivanov : AC/DC в сердце на всегда

FlatlandMando : Goddamn nice work on the anvil. By which I mean...this is exceptionally good rock & roll oriented song. All instruments well- played & discernable from one another. Big energy ,& big drive through the whole piece. This is not " out- rednecking" it is excellent performance by skilled musicians, ( including the anvil player)!

sasha alexander : I bet angus young can't play the anvil!

Jaime Tumbas : Finnish guys pretending to be American Southerners playing a song by Australian rockers playing music based on American Southern blues.


akasha Queen of the damned : That dude playing the banjo is amazing!!!!

ItzMikeOmg : Holy crap that was soooo much better than i had assumed it would be.

Federico Naray : Los putos amos😎 hace falta estudios ni ayuditas si eres músico de verdad...increíble como tocan ...los amish rockeros estos😂

Bradley Bengtson : The amount of talent is unreal

Зенык Украинец : супер.

Christopher Hadin : Bass player's smile at 2:34 sums up what I miss about my youth.

saddleninja h : going to watch these guys again in Cardiff in December, last gig at the globe was awesome, small venue, met the band and took photos, great band live

Sean Water life : 4 years and I still enjoy watching this video.

Julian Gastelum : at first I thought this was a joke.... but I was so wrong... these guys a very good

ЕВГЕНИЙ БОРДАНОВ : классно жарят деревенские челы

Brian Kirkman : That riff was meant to be played on a banjo 👍👍

The Bicycle Chronicles : I heard this rolling down a river I'd be a fearing fer my life.

arsikV8 : И опять смотрю и опять МЕГАЗАЧОТ!!!

Whovisions : This is what you call real fancy effects....raw, bags of fun....and a shit load of talent! Just Wow!

MsMoriac : Лучше оригинала.))

Robert Michael : Way better than the original, no Amplifiers & distortions, moreover, long trousers!

trevor aldrich : 67 million views!? I remember watching this a few years ago and just being awestruck. One of my favorite songs of all time and they absolutely ANNIHILATE IT in a cover. Love these guys :D

Marco Thomas : Einfach nur geil. 😁😁😁

Jimme Quax : bet you cant play thunderstruck on a banjo Redneck: "Hold my beer"

Иван Иванов : Нормальные русские парни играют старую добрую русскую музыку. Это круто! Спасибо! :)

Jake L : In a time of endless super hero movies and countless reproductions. This gives me hope...

Peter Nicholson : These guys are Finns? Only people i will not get involved with in a drinking contest with. Even Finnish grandma's are better than me- and i lived 16 years in Russia. Kitos.

Zenish Khumujam : Not a fan of country style music, I am more into the rock genre but this killed it.

dilof : When your cousin says she likes AC/DC.

Kursat Cakar : North will rise again?

SUM BEAR : Actually sounds better than original

Dan Lee : The incest is strong here

Charles : big ac/dc fan own all of thier work just added this to my collection,it doesn,t get better than that .absolutly love it

KAILOONE : Studying all my life in the best music institutions around the world, playing piano, violin, viola, flute and guitar. Then out of nowhere these dirty hicks with a banjo an anvil and a spoon make better music than all my teachers put together